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May 6th, 2017

Mrs Betty Lowe BEM

Betty Lowe was involved in many of the social aspects of the life of Carnoustie Panbride. She was Flower Convener and enthusiastically embraced the Harvest themes which started in 1990. She was also the Convener of the Social Committee and it was Betty who arranged the first Ceilidhs held in the new Panbride Hall, bringing people together for entertaining evenings with Dance Bands, Ron Gonella and many more. When she was no longer able to attend Sunday services she came along to the monthly services in Condor Court and latterly to the afternoon Communion services in the Panbride Hall, where she enjoyed chatting to others over a cup of tea. Her death at the age of 98 is a sore loss to her family, but also to her wider family in Carnoustie and the Church.

Mr Syd Robb

The death of Syd Robb came less than 10 months after the death of his wife Ena. Syd had been ordained an Elder in Carnoustie Panbride on 13th January 1980 and was presented with a Long Service Certificate signed by the Moderator of the General Assembly in 2014. During these years he served as a District Elder and also as Session Clerk for 6 years. He rang the Church bell on a Sunday morning until relatively recently and for the last 15 or so years, made sure the Communion Silver was collected from the bank and ready for Communion Services. He was also involved in the local community through the Gala Committee. We extend our sympathy to Olive, Kevin and Karen and other family members at this time, remembering all that he did for his family, his church family and in the wider community.

Mr Lindsay Martin

The sudden death of Lindsay Martin came as a great shock to his family and his many friends. There can be very few families in Carnoustie who have not experienced the kindness and professionalism Lindsay displayed at times of bereavement. It was testimony to this that Carnoustie Church was full to overflowing with more than 650 people for his funeral service in January. Dougal Edwards, Kevin Golden and I were privileged to be invited by Lindsay’s family to lead his funeral service. The service to the community which Lindsay established will continue through his family and other members of the firm and the same high standards which Lindsay held, will also continue. We have all lost a valued and loyal friend, and we extend our sympathy to his wife Norma, Nikki and Duncan and their families.


Diary Dates

May 6th, 2017


6 Big Day Out, Forfar

7 Service in Condor Court

14 BB Service (Newton)

16 Finance Committee

17 Fairlogie Cafe

18 Congregational Board



3 FOG Squad picnic

4 Service in Condor Court

10 Strawberry Tea & Banner Display

15 Kirk Session 21 Fairlogie Café

25 Minister’s Last Service as our Minister 29 Carlogie end of term service Newton Church 10.00am 30 Minister retires



2 Election of Nominating Committee

Social Events

May 6th, 2017

The Coffee/Pancake Morning held on 25th February and the Coffee Morning held on 8th April raised £448.24 and£271.20 respectively for Church funds. Thanks to all who supported these two events.

A Strawberry Tea and Banner Display is to be held on Saturday 10th June 2017 in the Panbride Hall from 2.30 until 4.00 pm. Tickets to cost £3.00.

Other diary dates: Safari Supper 26th August.


Friendship Circle

May 6th, 2017

Friendship Circle

Our first speaker in February was Louise Myles, from Isabella’s Preserves, who told us how it has expanded from small beginnings in a garage to modern kitchens in Edzell. We all had a fun time enjoying the tastings of unusual jams and chutneys. Our next meeting was Gair Forbes, a full-time policeman, who is a volunteer speaker for the air ambulance at Perth Aerodrome, which is one of three in Scotland. All rely on many volunteers, donations and fundraising to keep the service running. Smuggling in the area, by Margaret Copland from the Monifieth Local History Society, was our first subject in March which was very interesting and intriguing and raised a lot of questions. Martin Allan, an archivist with Dundee City Council was our next speaker, who gave a talk about the history of the Poor houses in Dundee. The earliest records, from 1579, show that each parish was responsible for the relief of the poor and over the years and centuries it evolved until, in 1948, the Poor Law system was abolished and replaced by the Welfare State and Social Work combined. Our final indoor meeting was Rev. Matthew Bicket, who treated us to a great afternoon of a piano concert. Starting with an overture from The Boyfriend and taking us through a journey of Beethoven, Schumann, music from the shows, a touch of Vera Lynn nostalgia and Scottish melodies. By the time you receive this newsletter we will have been to Glendoick Garden Centre on April 18, our closing outing. This year’s Friendship Circle programme has been varied and interesting and we resume again in the autumn and we look forward to meeting up again with our present members and extend a warm welcome to new members.

M. Bulman

Fog Squad

May 6th, 2017

This year we have been busy finding out about ‘Fun Facts of the Bible’. We look forward to continuing this in May with looking at ‘Who’s Who in the Bible’. As approach the end of our year we celebrate with our annual picnic and prize giving service. Thank you to the primary seven children for taking our annual Egg Rolling service. You did us proud! AS.

Down Memory Lane

May 6th, 2017

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

This is the second instalment and covers the years 1998 to 2007 and was compiled by Charles Brown

Do you remember why the minister was looking for model boats, ships, yachts etc for use in the Harvest Display in 2002?

Who donned a leather outfit to become Carnoustie’s answer to Anne Robinson for an inter church quiz night held in the Panbride Hall in April 2002?

In June 2001, which member of the congregation took part in an unusual sponsored event in which they had to drive seven vehicles ranging from a JCB to a Quad Bike?

How did Panbride Youth Group manage to get thirteen youngsters and three adults from Carnoustie to Glasgow and back on a single bike in 1998?

Which member of the congregation completed a 350KM sponsored bike ride from Jerusalem to Nazareth in 1999?

Who were the ‘Golden Girls’ who graced the Buddon Links in support of the Church’s main funding activity in 2008?

When Panbride School ceased to be a working school in 2007 what was gifted to Carnoustie Panbride Church by Angus Council and which can now be found in the Panbride Church Session Room?

The Christingle Service in 2005 was held in Panbride Country Church for the one and only time. Can you remember why?

Who had a discussion called ‘The Big Blether’? Hidden


May 6th, 2017

Update with Joyce and Gillian

Joyce retired on Friday and on the following Monday she and Gillian set off on their travels

Two women, two rucksacks and 900 bottles of mosquito repellent. We are currently on a 45 day adventure across south east Asia, through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Currently 21 days into our trip, it has been akin to an epilogue of the Steve Martin and John Candy film ‘Trains, planes and automobiles’ – a patchwork of planes, buses, overnight trains, boats and rickshaws through this beautiful region. As Christians, one of the most interesting parts of our trip has been learning about a different religion – Buddhism. Like Christianity, there are many forms of Buddhism and to be honest, we are yet to wrap our heads around all of the differences, but Buddhism is the dominant religion in all of the countries we have visited. We have learnt that becoming a Buddhist monk, even for a short period of time, can allow young boys to receive a free education at the temple and can improve their marriage prospects, as many families seek a future son-in-law who has spent even a short amount of time as a monk. Some people in Vietnam also practice Taoism, which focuses on praying and worshipping ancestors rather that a single deity. Another aspect of this trip that has been very rewarding has been visiting a number of NGOs and locally-run projects in the region. Our tour company, G Adventures, promotes itself as a socially responsible, sustainable, eco-tourism company, which prides itself on hiring local guides and putting money back into the communities we visit. We have been lucky enough to visit a project called STREETS in Hoi An, Vietnam, which is partially funded by G Adventures, and trains former street children in culinary arts – providing them with safe housing, English and computer lessons, and training them as chefs or front of house staff. STREETS aims to provide their trainees with training, a career, self sufficiency and a community. We were also encouraged to visit the Reaching Out tea house in Hoi-An – a cafe which employs hearing impaired persons. You order your drinks and snacks on a pre-made form and communicate with the staff using word blocks on the table. As with the other projects, Reaching Out is designed to provide the staff with a career, self sufficiency and a community. Last but not least we also visited Ock Pop Tok (East meets West), a fair trade company in Laos that trains local women to produce and weave silk, while providing them with good working conditions and wages. All of these projects have seemed that much more meaningful to us given that they are based in countries which are still struggling with multiple economic, political and social constraints. Like in Bangladesh, the rules of the road in south east Asia seem non-existent and even crossing the road can be a challenge. We’ve survived unscathed thus far, and have even ventured into some mountain biking, kayaking and quad biking. We’re having a great adventure and will see you all soon.


May 6th, 2017

Christian Aid Week from 14th to 20th May

Did you know that this is the 60th anniversary of Christian Aid Week? British churches founded Christian Aid in 1945 to support refugees who had lost their homes and possessions in the Second World War. Twelve years later, Christian Aid Week was launched to help fund this ongoing work. In 2017 there are still refugees needing our help. Nejebar doesn’t have a safe place to call home. Nejebar fled Afghanistan with her family after the Taliban threatened to kill her husband, Noor, who was a teacher. It wasn’t an idle threat – the Taliban first blinded, then murdered, another member of their family. ‘The last days and weeks in Afghanistan were the hardest,’ says Noor. ‘When I went to work, my heart was beating harder. I didn’t know if my family were going to be alive when I got back.’ Nejebar’s family are stuck in Greece When the family arrived at the refugee camp in Greece, they thought they would only stay for 10 days. But they’ve been there six months now and there’s no end in sight. The only protection they have against the wind and rain is their tent. There’s no school for their children. Five-year-old Sudai, their youngest, is ill, but Nejebar and Noor don’t know what’s wrong with him because they can’t communicate with the camp’s doctor, who is Greek. Nejebar’s hope for the future Nejebar is the rock at the centre of her family, holding them together throughout all this uncertainty. She has even welcomed Faraidoon and Farzad into the family, two brothers who don’t know where their parents are, or if they’re even alive. ‘We still have some hope for our children’s future,’ says Nejebar. ‘We only want a peaceful life. We want our children to go to school. The most important thing is our children.’ This year we will be collecting again in some streets in the town. If you feel you can help with collecting then please speak to your Church Christian Aid contact Beth Lee-Smith. You might not get an envelope through your door but there will be envelopes available at the church if you would like to donate OR you can go to the Christian Aid web site to donate and for more information about everything Christian Aid does. Frances Bicket will be retiring from the Christian Aid Committee in June and Carnoustie Panbride Church will need a replacement on the committee. This involves about two meetings a year, two coffee mornings, passing on magazine information and helping with the organisation of Christian Aid week in May. If you would like to help please contact Frances or Beth.

Message from Interim Moderator

May 6th, 2017

A note from your Interim Moderator

Twenty eight years ago I finished a period of being Interim Moderator when a fresh faced lad from Glasgow was Ordained and Inducted to Carnoustie Panbride. Little did I know that I would be appointed again. I have enjoyed working with Matthew down through the years on various Presbytery Committees and the friendship we share. However, it is now time for a change of scene for Matthew and Frances as they are shortly to retire. I’m sure that you will be joining me in wishing them both every happiness, especially as Matthew makes that transition from the pulpit to a pew – a new experience for any minister! I have already started to work with your Session Clerk and Kirk Session to help manage this period of change. The Kirk Session has appointed Rev Dougal Edwards as Locum for the congregation, to take effect from the 1st July. He will be preaching and working two days a week undertaking pastoral work, while I concentrate on Vacancy Procedure. These days nobody knows how long a vacancy will last, but the congregation of Carnoustie Panbride has a lot to offer to its community and to encourage a new leader.I will do my best over the coming months to help your office-bearers and the congregation through this period of change. I would ask that you support and encourage those who are asked to take on extra responsibility, whether that is serving on a Nominating Committee or in other roles within the congregation.We will keep you informed about what is happening, but I would remind you that there are certain things in this process that will be confidential. If anybody needs to speak to me they will be able to make contact through your Session Clerk.

Alasdair G Graham, Interim Moderator.

Special Events

May 6th, 2017


6 years ago the Presbytery of Angus held the first Big Day Out in Arbroath with a range of speakers and seminars to give folk the chance to find out more about the church in its widest sense. Over the years the programme has developed and for the third one in 2015 there was a theme of “Pilgrimage” for all the seminars and the Keynote Speaker. This year the event takes place on Saturday 6th May 2017 in the newly refurbished Forfar East & Old Church. The keynote speaker is Rev Jim Stewart from Perth, an inspirational speaker and the theme of the day is “Connecting at the Margins”. Seminars include Prison Chaplaincy, Dementia, Workplace Chaplaincy, the Castlemilk Church Carpentry Project, Mental Health Care with Crossreach and Accessible Worship. The day begins at 10am and Closing Worship is at 4.00pm. It costs £10 for the day (including a sandwich lunch – and mini Forfar Bridies!). Booking forms are in the vestibule. Come along for a Great Day Out at the Big Day Out.