Letter from the Manse April 2013

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Dear Friends,

Last year is referred to as “The Year of the Olympics” and next year will probably be referred to as “The Year of the Commonwealth Games” and the Year of Homecoming, at least in Scotland. However, this year, 2013 can be referred to as the Year of the Stewardship of Talents, at least by the congregation of Carnoustie Panbride.

As has been reported previously, there is a National Stewardship Campaign which has to be undertaken by all congregations in the Church of Scotland. Last year was our Stewardship of Time in which people were invited to commit themselves to giving an hour of their time each week to attend morning worship. However, you can commit yourselves to doing that at any time, and as I mentioned in my remarks at the Stated Annual Meeting, in light recent events we should remind ourselves of the saying “Use it or lose it” – “it” being the Church.

This year we are looking at the Stewardship of Talents. As part of my contribution, I am embarking on a Piano Playing Marathon on Saturday 8th June from 9am-5pm in the Panbride Hall.

There will be a 5 minute break just before each hour, and a 15 minute break for lunch at 12.45pm. Tea, coffee and “eats” will be available for anyone who wants to come along and show their support and listen to a wide variety of music. There will also be sponsor sheets at the door of the Church from the beginning of May, and there will be baskets in the hall on the day for donations. All money raised will go towards the kitchen appeal.

A wide variety of music will be played ranging from Beethoven to Mozart and Schubert and Chopin, music from the Shows, light classics and The Beatles and many other well-known tunes. I hope you will come along and enjoy the music and the hospitality – I just hope the fingers last out!

What talents would you be willing to offer? A number of people have been asking if there are plans to start the Lunch Club again now that we have the new kitchen up and running. The answer would need to be a qualified “yes” – but we need people to be willing to offer to help – preparing food, setting tables. Doing something like this would be combining two years of stewardship – your talents and also your time. Would you be willing to read the Scripture passages on a Sunday? Many have commented on the variety of accents which enhance the listening experience. Can you help? Do you have a talent for arranging flowers? Are you willing to offer that talent on a Sunday, or at Harvest Thanksgiving?

The Banner group has been on hold in recent years because of other commitments by those who made many of the banners we use in church. However, it would be good if we had some additional banners – we do not have one on the theme of “Pentecost”. It would be good to have banners on the theme of Lent – we have one for Palm Sunday and Easter Day. The runner on the Communion Table could do with some attention. Do you have a talent with needle and thread or a talent in designing banners?

These are just a few examples – I am sure you can think of more. If you have some talent you feel can be used in the Church, let me know, or leave a note in my pigeon hole in the Office, or drop me an email. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

I remember my own minister in Glasgow once saying “It’s not what you do that matters. It’s not what you have that matters. It’s what you do with what you have that matters”. In this Year of the Stewardship of Talents, let us all think about that – but more than just thinking about it – let’s do something about it!


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