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Dear Friends,

In the middle of May, the result of a number of years of hard work by some youngsters, ably supported by others in the Community, resulted in the opening of the new Skate Park facility in Carnoustie. Our own Youth Group gave a donation and the name of “Panbride Youth Group” appears on one of the “bricks”. It goes to show what can be achieved with a group of people working together in a common cause.

Earlier in May, about 100 folk from the Presbytery of Angus gathered in Arbroath for the “Big Day Out”. This was a great day, with the tone being set by an inspirational address by Lorna Hood, Moderator of the 2013 General Assembly. A number of people said that they had been inspired by what took place that day. The hard work put in by the planning committee certainly paid off, and the “footprints” helped to remind us about stepping out into the community and the world.

The theme of the General Assembly 2015, was “Living Stones”. The Moderator, Angus Morrison said it was not true that the church was in decline, as the “Heart and Soul” event on Assembly Sunday showed that the church was very much alive and doing some wonderful work in congregations throughout the land and overseas.

You will read elsewhere about the real possibility of the Youth Group finishing after 33 years, and although this is a disappointment we have much to be thankful for in the leaders over the years, and the youngsters who have come along, many with whom we are still in contact. If they have been helped along the road to adulthood, we are delighted.

We are fortunate in our congregation in that there are a significant number of people involved in the work which goes on. If you take into consideration the Office bearers, the cleaning teams, those who are involved in work with our young people in FOG Squad and Youth Group, the delivery of newsletters (and the production of the newsletter), the crèche, the teas and coffees after the service, the Soup and Sweet Lunches, the music making, those who read the Scripture lessons, the Banner group, those who donate flowers, those who look after the gardens, the other organisations of the congregation, and many others who do things quietly, we arrive at a significant number. Thank you to everyone who gives of their time and talents to our congregation.

Of course there are also those who support by their attendance at Sunday Worship and also the many who are unable to be at worship because of infirmity but who still support us by their giving and their prayers. One of the most moving things which was said to me by an elderly housebound member a number of years ago was this – “I would love to be able to come to church on a Sunday, but I can’t. However, just remember that you will be in my prayers each day”.

Churches are going through significant change, and more than ever the Church needs “Living Stones” to ensure that the work of the national Church and the local Church develops. Everyone is welcome to our services. Each of you has a part to play. Will you join us? Your commitment is needed, more than ever needed, to ensure that Carnoustie Panbride remains a vital part of this parish. The Church, your congregation of which you are members, needs you. You – are the living stones.

Yours Sincerely,


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