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May 5th, 2017

Souper Sunday at the end of January raised £205 for the Church of Scotland HIV Programme. A
letter of thanks has been received from the Administrator of the Programme. She writes,
“Currently we are helping to fund over 25 projects run by our partner churches in Africa and Asia,
as well as a few here in Scotland. These projects focus on education and raising awareness, care
and support and empowerment. Thank you again for your support and donation which is much

Thanks to Jim Clark, one of our members, who took away the benches from the church garden,
repaired them and repainted them. They have been much admired. Thanks, Jim.

Did you know?

November 24th, 2016

We received a letter from Christian Aid thanking us for the donation of £304 from the Harvest Offering and the proceeds from the Lunch. The letter stated “Your gift will help support our work in 46 of the world’s poorest countries. By responding to our appeals and taking action you are part of a movement working alongside people living in the poorest communities to bring about positive change and greater hope. With your continued help, we can make a difference”.

The Moderator Designate for the 2017 General Assembly is Rev Dr Derek Browning, minister of Morningside Parish Church in Edinburgh. Previously Derek had served as minister in Cupar Old, and he is Convener of the Assembly Arrangements Committee. It was he who set up the Heart and Soul events in Princes Street Gardens on the Sunday afternoon of Assembly Week.

At the morning Communion Service on 20th November, 6 elders were presented with Long Service Certificates signed by Dr Russell Bar, the Moderator of the General Assembly. They were Elizabeth Lee-Smith 50 years, Kenneth Ingram 50 years, Dorothy Fyffe 31 years, Mary Bushnell 30 years, Philip Manson 30 years and David Taylor 30 years. We thank these elders for many years of dedicated service to the congregation of Carnoustie Panbride and in the case of Ken and Beth in other congregations before they came to Carnoustie.

Did you know?

August 27th, 2016

Archie Leiper has been working as Church Secretary for a few months and this has been a great help for the printing of Orders of Service and other material and in keeping the database up to date. However, Archie will finish his work as secretary at the end of 2016. If anyone is interested in finding out what is involved, please contact the office at

The Minister has been on a steep learning curve during the production of the last two issues of UPDATE, as he has learned (by trial and error, and a quick training session from a retired professional) how to update the Church website. However, his skills are limited and he is looking for someone to take on this responsibility. It does not require a lot of time – just a few hours whenever UPDATE is published (probably less for someone who really knows what they are doing!).  If anyone is interested, more information is available from the Minister.

There is a Church Library? It is situated in the corridor leading to the Panbride Hall. There are a number of books for adults and children, and anyone is welcome to borrow them. The latest addition is the tribute booklet “The Servant Queen and the King she serves” published by the Bible Society as a tribute to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. It was received by two of our members by the congregation of St Peter’s Church, Zermatt, Switzerland when they attended church on the 12th June 2016, the day we held our Garden Party, and they have passed it on to us. Why not have a look at the books in our library?


Did you know?

July 20th, 2016

There is a small team of people who look after the church grounds, and it has been mentioned on a number of occasions recently how nice the grounds are looking. Recently, new soil has been placed round the border of the grassed area and in due course more plants will appear. Some of the stones beside the church have also been supplemented, kindly donated by a member. Our  thanks are due to everyone involved with the church garden.