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Down Memory Lane

May 6th, 2017

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

This is the second instalment and covers the years 1998 to 2007 and was compiled by Charles Brown

Do you remember why the minister was looking for model boats, ships, yachts etc for use in the Harvest Display in 2002?

Who donned a leather outfit to become Carnoustie’s answer to Anne Robinson for an inter church quiz night held in the Panbride Hall in April 2002?

In June 2001, which member of the congregation took part in an unusual sponsored event in which they had to drive seven vehicles ranging from a JCB to a Quad Bike?

How did Panbride Youth Group manage to get thirteen youngsters and three adults from Carnoustie to Glasgow and back on a single bike in 1998?

Which member of the congregation completed a 350KM sponsored bike ride from Jerusalem to Nazareth in 1999?

Who were the ‘Golden Girls’ who graced the Buddon Links in support of the Church’s main funding activity in 2008?

When Panbride School ceased to be a working school in 2007 what was gifted to Carnoustie Panbride Church by Angus Council and which can now be found in the Panbride Church Session Room?

The Christingle Service in 2005 was held in Panbride Country Church for the one and only time. Can you remember why?

Who had a discussion called ‘The Big Blether’? Hidden

Down Memory Lane

February 8th, 2017

I recently had occasion to look back at old copies of UPDATE and it reminded me of some memorable events recorded in articles over the years of the magazine. A brief reminder about some of these is given below and it is hoped to include some more in future issues of UPDATE.

1. Originally copies were produced on a Gestener Duplicator – black ink everywhere – before we moved into new technology in November 1990

2. Senior member’s Outing – July 1991 – first outing without Willie’s Berry Bus – but still a good day out

3. September 1992 saw the start of Neighbours Lunch Club. Can you name any of the ‘staff’?

4. The concert in 1993 in St Brides Hall – do you remember the Panbride Gnomes and Matthew’s MacNamara Band? Can you name any of the Gnomes or the Band members?

5. Who were the multicoloured Dreamcoaters when they presented Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat in 1996?

6. The debut in 1998 of the Tay City Strollers who entertained at the ceilidh in 1998. Who were the band members and did they make any further appearances?

There are no prizes for answering any of the questions but it is hoped they will trigger memories and will generate discussion as names and events are recalled. It would be good to display photographs of these and other events on the Boards in Panbride Hall. If you have photographs which could be displayed please get in touch with Janis Jackson who will co-ordinate the display. If you have photographs which could be included please ensure your name and address is on the back and every effort will be made to return it to you.

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