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Harvest Thanksgiving 2016

November 24th, 2016

What a lovely morning it was. About 130 people gathered for the service at East Scryne. The Barn was lined with bales and two bales were used as a “Harvest Table” for the gifts brought for the Food Project.  There were also some inquisitive bullocks looking through the gate! The youngsters excelled in the “Countdown letters game” and made the words HARVEST, STARVE and SHARE.  The sun came out and the soup and tray bakes were enjoyed in the Café, outside at the picnic tables (one couple even enjoyed tray bakes swinging on the Garden Swing for Two!) and inside the barn. £304 was raised for Christian Aid and the Harvest to Christmas Project was launched to raise funds to improve a church/school in Senhati Bangladesh. Thanks to the Porter family for all their help in making this event possible, and to the staff in the Café who managed to work round us while serving their own customers at the same time.  Yes, indeed, a lovely morning. MSB

Harvest Thanksgiving 2016

August 30th, 2016

On Sunday 25th September 2016, we will be holding our Harvest Thanksgiving Service. However, the service will not be in church. Instead we will gather at 11.00am in a barn on East Scryne as we did a few years ago. Chairs will be available (but you can bring your own picnic chairs) – and the fitter among you (!) can choose to sit on top of the straw bales which will be around the barn. When we return to Newton Church there will be lists for names of people who are willing to offer lifts to the Scryne and people who require lifts, although you can arrange your own transport with friends.  If you do require a lift, you can also contact Lyn Ross (859905)


The service will follow a similar pattern to previous years, but this year it is planned to introduce a “Harvest to Christmas” appeal for a project in Bangladesh.  This project is to support a small village on the edge of the Sundarbans area of Bangladesh which would benefit from some repairs to their Church/School building at Senhati, Khulna (See photograph).  The situation is such that during the Monsoon season it is not a good environment for either worshippers or schoolchildren, due to the building not being watertight, and they plan other improvements to make the building better. We are also planning a “Manse Decluttering Sale and Cupcakes for Bangladesh” afternoon on Saturday 22nd October in the Panbride Hall. Sale will include, books, bric-a-brac and a few small items of occasional furniture. If you wish to “declutter” too, bring your items along and raise money for a good cause.

Updates will be announced on Sunday mornings and on the Church Facebook Page. The project will run from 25th September to 25th December 2016. You are encouraged to decide an amount of money to set aside each day, and place that amount in a jar. You can then bring your donations along to church on Sundays or whenever convenient, or hand it to your Elder.

At the Harvest service we will also be accepting non-perishable food which will be gifted to the Food Project in Arbroath. Following the service there will be the opportunity for hot soup and traybakes and any donations will go to Christian Aid.  While I am sure the weather will be mild, please come prepared for the weather. It will be wonderful to take Harvest back to where it starts – on a farm – and to share harvest thanksgiving with our farming friends in their own back yard.