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Social Events

May 6th, 2017

The Coffee/Pancake Morning held on 25th February and the Coffee Morning held on 8th April raised £448.24 and£271.20 respectively for Church funds. Thanks to all who supported these two events.

A Strawberry Tea and Banner Display is to be held on Saturday 10th June 2017 in the Panbride Hall from 2.30 until 4.00 pm. Tickets to cost £3.00.

Other diary dates: Safari Supper 26th August.


Social Events

February 9th, 2017

The committee would like to thank everyone who attended any of last year’s events for their support. We have had a meeting to discuss this year’s events and the first one is a Coffee/Pancake Morning on Saturday 25th February 2017 from 10.00 am until 11.30 am in Panbride Hall, Arbroath Road. Tickets to cost £2.00 and donations of tombola and cake and candy would be greatly appreciated. All monies raised to go to Church funds.

Other dates for your diary are as follows;

Saturday 8th April – Coffee and Cake morning

Saturday 10th June – Strawberry Tea in afternoon

Saturday 26th August – Safari Supper

More information on above and other events in future issues of Update.

Social and Fundraising Events

November 25th, 2016

The concert held on 27th October 2016 was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Arbroath Instrumental Band played a varied programme including pieces from films such as The Magnificent Seven and Singing in the Rain, a few classical numbers as well as some modern ones such as Hey Jude, Angels and Baggy Trousers. They also played a beautiful piece of music called A Little Prayer as a tribute to the late Helen Oswald.

Matthew was our compare for the evening and he entertained us on the piano. His choice of music was Fur Elise, Nights of Gladness, Country Gardens, Forgotten Dreams, A Musical Clock and Czardas. The sum of £556.00 was raised for Church funds and our thanks to both our entertainers for a great night.
The Coffee Morning held on 12th November 2016 raised £398.51 which was also for Church funds. Donations of shortbread and mince pies for the refreshments after the Christingle Service on 11th December 2016 would be greatly appreciated. HH

Social Events

August 30th, 2016


The Harvest Buffet Supper mentioned in previous issues of Update will take place on Friday 23rd September 2016 at 7.30 pm in Panbride Hall.  This will take the form of a cold buffet supper with wine included and the tickets will cost £10.00.  The tickets will be available from members of the committee from 4th September and places will be limited due to seating arrangements.  Please do not turn up without a ticket as we are catering only for tickets sold.

The Arbroath Instrumental Band is to perform a concert in Newton Church on Thursday 27th October 2016 at 7.30 pm.  Tickets will cost £8.00 and £4.00 for under 15s. and will be available from committee members or from the Fobel Shop from 1st October.

A Coffee Morning will take place from 10.00 until 11.30 am on Saturday 12th November 2016 in the Panbride Hall.  Tickets will cost £2.00 and donations of tray bakes, cake and candy and tombola would be greatly appreciated.  The hall will be open from 4.15 until 5.30 pm on Friday 11th November to receive any donations.

Money raised from the last two events will be in aid of Church funds.

Garden Party for Queen’s 90th Birthday

June 22nd, 2016

The only thing we couldn’t plan for was the weather! But despite the dampness of the afternoon, the three marquees were full of people enjoying their picnics.  Others set up their picnics in the Panbride Hall. Fresh strawberries were gifted for the event and were much enjoyed by everyone who came along.

As here has to be a cake at a Birthday celebration, and because the Queen was otherwise occupied at another picnic in London, Clarence the Corgi in the shape of a cake was gifted.

There was also a quiz asking for names of the Queen’s four children, dates of birth, spouses, grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as a Treasure Hunt round the Manse garden and church grounds. There was live music featuring brass and woodwind instrument as well as drums and bagpipes from a talented group of members of the Scout movement. Their opening number was appropriate for the day – “Singing in the rain”!!

The afternoon continued with family games in the Panbride Hall – potato and spoon race, “musical” arms, finishing with a sing song featuring songs associated with every decade of the Queen’s life

Sandy McKendrick, one of the Deputy Lord Lieutenants came along with his family and after cuting the cake (!) brought greetings from the Lord Lieutenant, Georgiana Osborne. However the stars of the afternoon were the children who appeared to have a great time, as in fact, did everyone else. Thanks to everyone who was involved with the planning and all who helped to make this special party happen.

Fundraising/Social Committee

June 22nd, 2016

The final total for the Silent Auction held in April was £1092.82 which was a great amount raised for Church funds.  Thanks to everyone who supported this event in any way.

Our next event in the planning is a Harvest Supper, to be held on Saturday 24th September 2016.  This will be a social evening and places will be limited due to seating arrangements.  The cost of the tickets is still being worked on as we are trying to keep them as low as possible but will be announced later.

Donations of cake and candy and tray bakes for the coffee morning to be held on 12th November 2016 would be greatly appreciated.   We still await a date for the band concert. 

More details on these events in the next issue of Update                                                           

The annual bus outing

September 9th, 2015

Church members’ outing

This year’s members’ outing was to the Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies. We left church at 11 o’clock on a lovely sunny morning ( one of the few this summer!). After a pleasant journey and several sweets from Mary’s tin we arrived at the lunch stop where we all enjoyed the meal.

Then it was on to the Falkirk Wheel which is the world’s first and only rotating boat lift, opened by the Queen in 2002. Most of us decided to go on the boat trip which gave a great view of the surrounding countryside. I certainly didn’t realise how high up we were; the boat is lifted 35 metres which is like 8 double decker buses stacked on top of each other! We sailed along the canal for a short distance before the return journey and the descent to ground level. We had time for a quick look around the visitor centre and an ice cream before leaving for the Kelpies.

The Kelpies are unique stainless steel sculptures which were erected in 90 days in 2013. They are a tribute to the working horses and lost heavy industries of Scotland. Each horse’s head stands up to 30 metres tall and weighs over 300 tonnes. They are really impressive and everyone enjoyed walking around them; there were lots of photos taken!

We arrived back in Carnoustie in the early evening and I think everyone agreed that it was one of the best outings we have had- where are we going next year Mary?

Safari Supper

July 1st, 2015


Start by meeting at Panbride Hall for outline of arrangements for evening

Move to allocated home for starter

Move to another home and meet different people for main course

Return to Panbride Hall for sweets

If past experience is a guide it will be a night full of good friendship, shared experiences and fun. If you are attending for the first time you will make new friendships

Limited places – book early. Contact Pat Taylor Tel 853919

Money Matters and Social Events

July 1st, 2015


The Plant Sale held on Saturday 23rd May 2015 raised in excess of £1500.00 for Church funds.

Thanks to all who helped and supported this event, with special thanks to our plant ladies, Dorothy Fyffe and Rosanne Porter.

The next event taking place is a Safari Supper on Saturday 22nd August 2015. The cost will be £12.50 per head with names to Pat Taylor as soon as possible. For those who have not been to a Safari Supper there is a short explanation of the format on page 7.

A Coffee Morning is planned for Saturday 31st October 2015 with donations of tombola and cake and candy required. More details in the next issue of Update.

There is the possibility of a concert by Arbroath Instrumental Band to be held sometime later this year. More details once confirmed. HH.

Fundraising and Fun

August 22nd, 2013

The Strawberry Tea, which was intimated in the last  issue of Update, raised the magnificent sum of £446.20 for Church funds.  We would like to express our thanks to all who supported this event in any way.

A Safari Supper is to be held on Saturday, 31st August 2013 at a cost of £12.50 per head. Information can be had from Pat Taylor who can be contacted on 853919.

The next fundraising event to be held will be a Coffee Morning on Saturday, 14th September 2013 from 10.00 a.m. until 11.30 a.m. in Panbride Hall.  Tickets will cost £2.00 and donations of cake and candy and prizes for a tombola will be gratefully received.        Panbride Hall will be open on Friday13th September from  3.00 p.m. until 4.30 p.m. to   receive any donations.

A Scottish Progressive Supper is in the planning for  Saturday, 30th November 2013.  It is to be held in the Panbride Hall from 7.00 p.m. and tickets will cost £12.50 per head.  More information and tickets can be had from committee members from the start of October.