Christmas Special

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Christmas 2015

For the second consecutive “summer” newsletter the word Christmas is being mentioned – as well as another Christian Festival. I mentioned in June the plans to have a Chrismon Tree in Church for Christmas this year. The Tree is decorated with Christian symbols in white or gold colours and the lights on the tree are white. There will be craft workshops on Saturdays 28th November and 5th December in the   Panbride Hall where the various symbols will be made. If anyone would like to start now with cross stitch patterns or crochet, please contact me as  templates are available. Just remember all the symbols must be in gold or white colours.

I mentioned in June that after the festivities are over, something is done with the tree and that I would let you know in the next newsletter. What happens is this – the tree is dismantled, the branches are removed leaving the trunk which is then formed into a cross, which is placed in church during Lent. For Easter Day it is decorated with Spring flowers. A powerful reminder that Christmas is only part of the story.


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