A New Look for Harvest Thanksgiving

July 8th, 2010 by Church Admin Leave a reply »


This service is always a very special one and over the years there have been many themes and variations. Some will remember the year we built an African Hut around the pulpit in Panbride Church; we have had the theme of Carnoustie; an Alphabet theme; projects to raise money for wells in Malawi, to help with repairs at Tabeetha School, churches in Bangladesh which have run from Harvest to Christmas, and countries around the world where people in the congregation had spent holidays in that particular year, and many more.

This year is going to be a little different. For the first time, probably in the history of the congregation, our Harvest Thanksgiving Service is going to be held on a farm – The details are still to be worked out, but it will be in a shed at East Scryne followed by a soup and bread lunch. It will be held on Sunday 26th September and begin at 11.00am as usual. We will make arrangements for those who need transport, but we would hope that those who have cars might offer lifts to friends who might need transport. We will not need to decorate the area as we will have nature doing the decorating for us. We plan to invite people to bring along donations of tins and non-perishable goods which once again will be delivered to the Food Project in Arbroath.

More details will be available in the August issue of UDATE.


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