“And all the bells rang”

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“All the Bells” 0812 hrs on Friday 27th July 2012.

Around 90 adults and children turned up for the All the Bells event at 12 minutes past 8 on the morning the Olympic Games began. There was a great atmosphere as we were counted down to the exact time on Chris Evans Breakfast Show and for three minutes we all rang the bells we had brought as well as the church bell. They were rung as loudly and fast as possible for three minutes. There were all manner of bells rung. There were two ship’s bells, crystal bells, porcelain bells, bicycle bells (complete with bicycles!), Christmas bells, the old Sunday School bell and many more. Someone had even spent £1 on a bell from a Charity shop! Many of the children joined a queue and helped to ring the church bell.

I later discovered that quite a number of people who were unable to get to the event, opened their doors, listened for the bells and then rang their own bell in their kitchen or bedroom. Andy Coogan lay in bed and listened to the bells from his home in Lowson Avenue. His daughter Christine came across to the hall and two bacon rolls were delivered to Andy and his wife.

It was great to be part of a national event and sharing the day with the Bells at all the seats of government in the UK, including Big Ben. Our colleagues in Holyrood Church also rung their church bell. An added piece of excitement occurred when the Olympic Torch which had been carried along the Murraygate in Dundee by Andy Coogan was displayed and those present were able to get their photographs taken with the Torch. It was also wonderful to see Andy in Church on Sunday morning with his daughter, Christine Hoy and her husband, and the torch was returned to Andy at the service. Thank you, Andy for allowing us the privilege of seeing the torch.

The bacon rolls served in the hall on Olympic morning were very welcome and what comes across in the photos which were taken is how happy everyone looked! They were used in the Baptismal service the following Sunday. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a very special morning and a once in a lifetime experience. The following week we received a certificate marking our participation in the event and a digitally signed Certificate from Martin Creed, who planned the event. MSB

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