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Message from Interim Moderator

May 6th, 2017

A note from your Interim Moderator

Twenty eight years ago I finished a period of being Interim Moderator when a fresh faced lad from Glasgow was Ordained and Inducted to Carnoustie Panbride. Little did I know that I would be appointed again. I have enjoyed working with Matthew down through the years on various Presbytery Committees and the friendship we share. However, it is now time for a change of scene for Matthew and Frances as they are shortly to retire. I’m sure that you will be joining me in wishing them both every happiness, especially as Matthew makes that transition from the pulpit to a pew – a new experience for any minister! I have already started to work with your Session Clerk and Kirk Session to help manage this period of change. The Kirk Session has appointed Rev Dougal Edwards as Locum for the congregation, to take effect from the 1st July. He will be preaching and working two days a week undertaking pastoral work, while I concentrate on Vacancy Procedure. These days nobody knows how long a vacancy will last, but the congregation of Carnoustie Panbride has a lot to offer to its community and to encourage a new leader.I will do my best over the coming months to help your office-bearers and the congregation through this period of change. I would ask that you support and encourage those who are asked to take on extra responsibility, whether that is serving on a Nominating Committee or in other roles within the congregation.We will keep you informed about what is happening, but I would remind you that there are certain things in this process that will be confidential. If anybody needs to speak to me they will be able to make contact through your Session Clerk.

Alasdair G Graham, Interim Moderator.