Keeping the Steeple in View

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Illustration used in sermon on 15th March 2015

Losing sight of your steeple

There is a story about a little girl who had completed her first month in Nursery School. Having said goodbye to her teacher at the close of the day, she scampered down the hall with her classmates and disappeared from sight.  But in a few minutes, she was back at her teacher’s room, her cheeks wet with tears. “I lost my steeple!” she sobbed.

Puzzled and unable to understand the child’s complaint, her teacher dried her tears and  invited her to sit down and explain. The tearful story came out: On the first day of Nursery, her mother had pointed out a high church steeple near the school. If the little girl would walk toward that cross, she would be walking in the right direction toward her home. But on this particular day, she had left the school by a different door, and as she looked up she found to her utter dismay that she had “lost her steeple” – and with no cross to guide her footsteps she felt lost and frightened!

This story is a modern-day parable of the world in which we live. Isn’t a major cause of the problems people of all ages face today is that they too have “lost their steeple” – they have no sure, strong and enduring landmark by which to guide their “journey through life?”

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