A stone plucked from a cairn in a Garden

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“A stone plucked from a cairn in a garden”

These were the words used by David Arnott in the daily worship at the General Assembly 2011. An unnamed stone was brought back from the cairn which was built from stones from all across the world at the “Roll away the Stone” event in Princes Street Gardens, and over the last year in our prayers we have remembered one congregation in one of the Presbyteries each week. On 27th May 2012, just after the end of the 2012 General Assembly, we finished with the Presbytery of Jerusalem.

Each week, I have sent an email to the minister of the congregation prayed for, and in many cases I received an email expressing appreciation for this simple, yet meaningful act. Quite a number of people have asked me why I chose particular congregations. In almost every case (with one exception), I have known the minister or parish whom we prayed for. They were either people I had been to University with, or congregations with whom members of Carnoustie Panbride have been associated, or congregations where I have worshipped.

Rather than just forget about what we have done this last year, there will be a permanent display on one of the window ledges listing the names of ministers and congregations we have prayed for, together with the stone which was brought back and a candle holder which David Arnott presented to the congregation. This will be a reminder that we are part of something which stretches across every part of Scotland, into England, and across to Europe and Jerusalem.

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