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Bible Study Group. It is hoped that this will start in 2014. If anyone else is interested in this, please contact Frances Bicket (854478)

Christmas Offerings 2013

This Watchnight Service offering will be in support of Carnoustie Helpline which provides transport to hospitals and clinics. Requests for their services have greatly increased in recent years, and we are pleased to support the efforts of this worthwhile organisation.

The Offerings from the Christingle Service and the Christmas Day service will be for the RAF Benevolent Fund. The Fund provides assistance to RAF families, when they are in need and supports the morale and wellbeing of the serving RAF.  A serving member of the RAF was badly injured in Afghanistan in September 2012 and is now confined to a wheelchair. The Fund was the charity that stepped in to help both the young man and his parents during their darkest moments and they will continue to support him and his family for life. He was recently married and continues to make a remarkable recovery. Due to his hard work and determination he is now driving again, learning to sail and wants to water ski. Kevin was baptised by me in Carnoustie Panbride in 1990 and we hope to have up-to-date news of him at the Christmas services. Meantime, we wish him and his family well. MSB

Banner Group. It is hoped to restart the Banner Group in 2014 and anyone who is interested in this should contact Frances Bicket (854478). It is hoped to make some new banners – one for Pentecost – and to repair some of the older ones, including the runner for the Communion Table at Newton.

Summer 2014!

One of the things I noticed during our summer holiday in Ardnamurchan were the number of events which were arranged in churches and halls of an afternoon, events which cater for the community. One which struck me as something we could look at is afternoon tea in the hall with a music “recital” as part of it. Having played for 8 hours, I am willing to play for an hour, and we could look at the possibility of having small groups of other musicians at other times. This could be once a month in June, July and August. Anyone willing to offer their services with catering? These events could be advertised in local shops so that visitors could be informed. If you can help, have a word with me. MSB

Service for the Bereaved

This service will take place on Sunday afternoon, 8th December at 4.00pm in Newton Church, Arbroath Road. Those who have been bereaved since the last service will receive a personal invitation to this service, but anyone is welcome to come along. Indeed, since the first service of this kind in 2003, a number of people have come along each year. The service lasts about 40 minutes and includes some hymns, prayers, a short reflection and an opportunity for an act of remembrance where candles are lit. You are most welcome to join us. MSB

Calendar 2014

One or two people have sent examples of calendars and the cost of such a venture has been looked at. There are what appears to be “deals” around – one which seemed to give their quote as a Half-Price Offer. However, on closer inspection this did not include VAT, and for a quantity of 100 calendars, the cost would be almost £7 per calendar. Since there is a “use by date” on Calendars (!) and if this venture was to be a fund raiser, the cost would need to be around £8 which is rather a lot.  There are other options which are not “date or time restricted” and these will be looked at – but maybe not this year!


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