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There are a number of memorial plaques in Panbride Church. One of them is dedicated to the memory of a former schoolmaster of Panbride School. It was unveiled 90 years ago in 1925. It reads:- “In memory of William Young 1791-1875: schoolmaster, session clerk and registrar of Panbride. A man greatly beloved. Erected by parishioners.” He was the last parochial schoolmaster of Panbride and the report in the Panbride Church Supplement of February 1925 continues “he loved this Church, and many can still remember his venerable figure as he sat or stood in the seat above which the tablet has been placed”. Have a look at it the next time you are in Panbride Church.

The Minister has been invited to conduct the annual service for the Fellowship of St Thomas in September. The Fellowship is for people who have worked in Asia – in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The service will follow the Order of Service used in the Church of Bangladesh. The readings and prayers will be led by Jim and Jan Watson who served in the Baptist Mission in Bangladesh while the minister was working there, and who lived 5 minutes along the road when Matthew, Frances and Andrew were in Barisal.

At a service on June 7th 2015, 300 young people in the Church of Bangladesh were confirmed. The Service was held at St. Barnabas’s Church, Rajshahi where Matthew and the group had celebrated New Year’s Day 2011.

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