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Christian Aid Week from 14th to 20th May

Did you know that this is the 60th anniversary of Christian Aid Week? British churches founded Christian Aid in 1945 to support refugees who had lost their homes and possessions in the Second World War. Twelve years later, Christian Aid Week was launched to help fund this ongoing work. In 2017 there are still refugees needing our help. Nejebar doesn’t have a safe place to call home. Nejebar fled Afghanistan with her family after the Taliban threatened to kill her husband, Noor, who was a teacher. It wasn’t an idle threat – the Taliban first blinded, then murdered, another member of their family. ‘The last days and weeks in Afghanistan were the hardest,’ says Noor. ‘When I went to work, my heart was beating harder. I didn’t know if my family were going to be alive when I got back.’ Nejebar’s family are stuck in Greece When the family arrived at the refugee camp in Greece, they thought they would only stay for 10 days. But they’ve been there six months now and there’s no end in sight. The only protection they have against the wind and rain is their tent. There’s no school for their children. Five-year-old Sudai, their youngest, is ill, but Nejebar and Noor don’t know what’s wrong with him because they can’t communicate with the camp’s doctor, who is Greek. Nejebar’s hope for the future Nejebar is the rock at the centre of her family, holding them together throughout all this uncertainty. She has even welcomed Faraidoon and Farzad into the family, two brothers who don’t know where their parents are, or if they’re even alive. ‘We still have some hope for our children’s future,’ says Nejebar. ‘We only want a peaceful life. We want our children to go to school. The most important thing is our children.’ This year we will be collecting again in some streets in the town. If you feel you can help with collecting then please speak to your Church Christian Aid contact Beth Lee-Smith. You might not get an envelope through your door but there will be envelopes available at the church if you would like to donate OR you can go to the Christian Aid web site to donate and for more information about everything Christian Aid does. Frances Bicket will be retiring from the Christian Aid Committee in June and Carnoustie Panbride Church will need a replacement on the committee. This involves about two meetings a year, two coffee mornings, passing on magazine information and helping with the organisation of Christian Aid week in May. If you would like to help please contact Frances or Beth.

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