Remembrance Sunday

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Remembrance Sunday 9th November 2014.

As everyone is aware 2014 is the centenary of the start of the First World War. For the service at 10.45am in Newton Church, I am planning that there will be a table in the Chancel with candles for those whose names appear either on the War Memorial in Panbride Churchyard, the plaques which are normally in the passageway at Panbride Church or on the WW1 memorial in Newton Church. There are about 140 such names. These candles will be lit prior to the start of the service.

However, there will be others of you who had relatives who served in WW1 and so there will be the opportunity for you to light a candle in their memory prior to the start of the service. If you have a photo, or medal or other memorabilia which you would like to place in the chancel before the service, please bring these along with you, and they will be returned at the close of the service. I plan to bring the medals of my Gran’s brother, Hector Campbell who died on 4th August 1916 and also a photo of Gran’s first husband John Brown who was killed on 26th March 1918, a few months after they were married in Glasgow on 7th September 1917.

We will also be remembering those who have suffered in more recent conflicts and who still suffer today. MSB

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