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Florence Nighingdale was quoted as saying ”To understand God’s thoughts we must study statistics, for these are the measure of his purpose.”

A profile of selected Census data has been prepared by the Statistics for Mission Group of the Church of Scotland for use by Congregations, Presbyteries and Councils of the Church. They are presented by Parish and have comparative information for Presbytery and Scotland.

For the Parish of Panbride 35% of the population was described as Mature Adult(45 to 65) compared to 29% for Angus Presbytery and 27% for Scotland.

For Young Adult (25 to 45) however it was 19% in Parish of Panbride,

24% Angus Presbytery and 20% for Scotland.

If the Parish of Panbride was a village of 100 people there would be 46% saying they belonged to the Church of Scotland whereas in the Presbytery it would be 4 and for Scotland it would be 32.You can find the full set of statistics at

[type in statistics in the box at the top right of the home page, then click on Statistics for Mission then go to church finder and click on right hand marker of the 3 shown for Carnoustie].

The Kirk Session has also been considering the statistical information gathered to help assess the challenge launched last November to try and increase the

numbers attending Sunday worship to show the strength and vibrancy of the

Congregation. Everyone who was able to attend was asked to make a New Year Resolution of a commitment to attend worship regularly and if possible

to invite someone else to come along also.

The initial response was encouraging and there was an appreciable increase in the size of the congregation in December but this has

not continued into the New Year.

The Kirk Session hopes that all members will reconsider their response.

Attendance at worship is important part of Church membership and information about this aspect of Congregation life is requested by Presbytery

as part of their review visits.

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