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Harvest  Thanksgiving  Service

This will take place on Sunday 29th September and once again we are requesting donations of non-perishable foodstuffs such as tins (fruit, vegetables, meat for example), pasta, rice, tea and coffee, biscuits and also items such as toothpaste, soap powder and washing-up   liquid. As we have done in recent years, these will be donated to the Arbroath Food Parcel Project which distributes these items to those in need in the area. The Project has seen a dramatic rise in people using their services and all donations will be gratefully received.  Your donation can be handed in on the Saturday morning or before the service on Sunday.

Can you help?  For this service I would like to have  an outline map of the world painted on a board measuring approximately 2ft by 4ft. The map only needs to show the general shape of the continents. Does anyone have the skills to do this? Materials will be supplied. Anyone who can help please contact Matthew.

Fund Raising Stall for Diabetes Tayside

Abbie Low and Emily Cattanach, pupils at    Carlogie School came to see me recently about the possibility of having a Fundraising Stall. This is to raise funds for Diabetes Tayside.  Diabetes is something which has affected    people known to these girls.  The stall will be in Panbride Hall on Sunday 20th October when Tea /Coffee are served after the service.  The stall will have home baking and other items for sale.  I plan to interview the girls at the start of the service that morning.   Abbie and Emily are to be commended for this initiative and Kirk Session has approved a retiring collection that day so that anyone not going to the Hall can make a donation if they so wish.              MSB

Remembrance Sunday – 10th November 2013.

Last year I mentioned some of the names which appear on the War Memorial at Panbride and at Newton. Only the names were mentioned. There was no story behind the names. This year I hope that some more information could be given. Do any of you have information about any of the names which appear on the memorials, either through family connections or through a friend? If you do and are willing to share something of the person’s life and their experiences in the First or Second World War with me, please get in touch with me. It would be good to share some memories of people from our parish area who served their country in time of war.                MSB

Bible Study Group.

A Bible Study has been tried in various formats over the years but it has been decided to look at this again as this was one of the areas for development that the last visit from Presbytery identified. Anyone who might be interested in such a group, probably meeting during the day, please have a word with Frances Bicket.

Calendar 2014

I am not sure whether this is too late to organise, but what about the idea of a Congregational Calendar comprising photos taken locally or from elsewhere in the world?  We would need 12 photos which would then be made into a calendar and sold for Church Funds. We would need to look into the finance involved, but if anyone has photos which would be suitable, have a word with me. If anyone would like to take on responsibility for finding out how we could take this project forward, please contact me.                       MSB

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