Bangladesh Visit

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Those who were making their first visit to Bangladesh were invited to write down the 5 things which they enjoyed about the visit.  Here is the list as compiled by Lyn Ross and Helen Bicket.

Lyn’s comments: It’s really hard to condense into 5 things or else I would have to say ALL of it. It was an amazing experience which I wouldn’t have missed for the world. The place, the people I travelled with and the people we met made it a very special 2 weeks.

  • · Meeting the people – they were so friendly and so very kind everywhere we went. The people in the villages who wanted to know all about  us and who had so very little compared to us, the Nuns who were so caring and all the other people connected to the Church of Bangladesh – the priests, the people who helped us (like Jasmine) and all the young people.
  • · The flowers and green trees – I hadn’t expected Bangladesh to have so many flowers or green trees and Jorbarpar was absolutely wonderful.
  • · The welcomes – the singing, dancing and flowers and yes, even the cups of tea!
  • · Travelling with the group – ok sometimes the driving was a bit scary but the laughs far outweighed those times.
  • · The worship – even though we didn’t understand a lot of what was being said it was very special. The confirmation service was very moving and watching the faces of the young people being confirmed was something I will remember for a long time.

Helen Bicket’s comments:

  • · The hospitality and generosity of the people – everywhere we went we were offered food and drink and gifts.
  • · Seeing a different way of life – much more of a community spirit, everyone helps out if something needs to be done.
  • · The weather – nice mid 20’s in winter –  The excitement of travelling – no journey here will be as excitng or interesting – The Bangla Way!

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