Changes to the Partner Programme

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Our Mission Partners.

James and Linda Pender and their daughter Sophia have now settled in the UK where James is due to start a new job in Peterborough this month as “Programmes and Advocacy Officer – Asia” with the Leprosy Mission, England and Wales. This means they will no longer be our Mission Partners as they have finished their ecumenical appointment with the Church of Bangladesh. It has been good to have had the opportunity to meet with both James and Linda over the years – we had more opportunity two years ago when they came to the Presbytery of Angus just as the snow fell and they were stranded in the manse for the first week as all their engagements in the Presbytery were cancelled due to the snow!

We wish them well in this new venture. Life for Linda will be very different to her growing up in Bangladesh and I am sure Sophia will adapt well to a new culture and climate! Her mother had never seen snow until she came to Carnoustie – and I am sure that 2 year old Sophia will have seen plenty since she moved to UK.

Thanks also to June Black who has been the correspondent for the last few years and who has kept in touch with them and also had the opportunity to meet them in Bangladesh.

We do not know yet whether there will be replacement Mission Partners but the Presbytery still has the link with the clinic in Panihata which we support each year at Easter.   MSB

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