Christian Aid – Did You Know?

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Christian Aid – did you know?

Loko’s daily battle to stop her children starving. Loko walks alone for eight hours a day, in shoes so thin that thorns repeatedly pierce through to her feet, to gather and sell firewood so she can feed her children. Loko is frightened of being attacked by hyenas with no one to hear her screams. So she prays as she walks. Her faith pushes her on.

It’s a job she dreads, but she has no choice; she must continue, week after week. If she doesn’t, her children will starve. As it is, Loko can only afford to give them one small meal a day. ‘I pray to God as I walk, asking him to change my life and lead us out of this.’

Loko refuses to give up hope. She dreams of owning a cow one day; its milk would help her children to grow strong, and she could also sell some so she could save enough money to set up a small business buying and selling tea and coffee.

Give Loko hope. With your help, we can provide cows to vulnerable women in Ethiopia – just £150 is enough to buy a female cow and a promising future for someone like Loko.

Christian Aid Week 10-16 May 2015 will focus on our transformative work in Ethiopia. Carnoustie Christian Aid Committee is organising a Coffee Morning on Saturday 14th March in the Philip Hall.

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