Memories of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh visit. Those who were making their first visit to Bangladesh were invited to write down the 5 things which they enjoyed about the visit.  In the last issue, Lyn and Helen made their contributions. Here is what Gillian, Ross and Scott wrote:-

Gillian Lawie:- Five things I enjoyed about Bangladesh

1.    The generosity of the people; many of them had very little in the way of possessions, but we came home with many gifts, and always received a warm welcome and a cup of tea.

2.    Our visit to Panihata: after hearing about the clinic in Panihata through the Church and Youth Group, it was really interesting to finally see it and meet the people in the village.  After the elephant rampage last year, it was also really nice to see the re-building of the houses.

3.    Experiencing a different culture and learning about all their customs and traditions was really interesting. Everything from the church services, to the food, to the driving was an experience.

4.    Visiting the River Ganges was a nice way to spend Hogmanay, and we heard a lot about the effects of climate change on the river, particularly how much the water levels have decreased in the last few years.

5.    Matthew’s dancing; he was invited to join in with a traditional dance, see attached photo!

Ross White:- 5 Things I liked about Bangladesh:

1. The people were all very friendly and always made us feel welcome.
2. The experience of finding out how poor some people are, making me more thankful for what is so easily taken for granted.
3. The weather, warm without being humid.
4. Seeing the difference that we can make to people’s lives via the projects.
5. The sense of community, people do not see religion as a barrier between them.

Scott Coull:- 5 things I liked about Bangladesh:-

  1. The hospitality that we received from the people when we arrived and throughout our stay.
  2. The group that went, we had so many laughs and a fantastic trip overall.
  3. The experience of a culture completely different to the one we are all so accustomed to.
  4. The various places we went, great to see all over the country and not just a single place.
  5. The experience of the driving, although at some points deadly!

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