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News from Missionary Partners – James and Linda Pender.

The latest letter was dated November 2009 and written before the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Prior to writing James had spent some time travelling round the south western part of Bangladesh.

Everywhere he went he saw evidence of the impact on the lives of those living in this part of the country of the change in the climate during the last 10 years.

Examples of this were too much rain when it’s not wanted and too little rain for the rice fields when it was needed. Mango trees which have not fruited for four years. Consideration now being given to changing the months of planting to help overcome the changing seasons.

Another change which has taken place is that the fields are now so saline (salty) that crops will not grow. This is the result of the storm surges from the cyclones of 1998 and 2009 which drove a wall of water inland and left a permanent legacy.

During a time of discussion with Church members James was told they did not know what they would do as there were no fish in the river, no fruit on the trees and no crops in the fields. James then refers to 1 Corinthians Chapter 12 verses 26 and 27 – All of us are Christ’s body, if one part suffers, all the other parts suffer.

Was the outcome at Copenhagen sufficient to reduce the impact on the earth from our daily lives? Will the measures prevent an increase in suffering?

Copies of the letter from James are available in the Church. It is well worth reading.

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