Special Service by Youth Group

May 27th, 2010 by Church Admin Leave a reply »

The Morning service on 7th March turned out to be a very special service. The Youth Group had spent a number of weeks planning this service, and it all came together on the day.  There was a PowerPoint presentation about the 10 Commandments and what they might mean for us today, as well as a presentation about the relationship between God, Jesus and ourselves. There were also some pictures of what the church meant to our young people. It was also the first time that a game of musical chairs had been played in church, and the FOG Squad thoroughly enjoyed it (there was also a message to go with this activity!). The choruses from Teen Ranch were well received and gave people some exercise in the church!

So thanks to all who helped with this service, and with the group over the year, and as the Youth Group is now on holiday (after an afternoon of 10 pin Bowling and the Zapp Zone in Dundee followed by tea in Pizza Hut), we wish all the youngsters well in their exams and look forward to seeing them all again in September.

Matthew, June and Lyn.

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