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February 22nd, 2018

22 February 2018


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SEVERAL THANK YOU NOTES on pages 2,3,4 and 7






Did You Know

The retiring offering from the Christmas Watchnight Service for Carnoustie Community Helpline raised the sum of £200. The Treasurer of ‘Helpline’ acknowledged the donation expressing how much the money was appreciated and saying that it will be used to help to continue to provide the medical transport service to Carnoustie and the surrounding area. Demand for the service is ever increasing.

Carnoustie Churches Youth Mission, “Sports & Crosses”, meets every second Friday in the BB Hall on Maule Street from 1.45 – 3.30pm. This is a youth initiative which aims to provide sports and social opportunities for S1-S4 students. The next meetings are scheduled for 9th March and 25th March.

The Year of Young People is a special focus for both the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Government in 2018. This is an opportunity for churches to focus attention on children and young people. As a congregation we are encouraged to take steps “to involve our children and young people fully in the life of the Church, forming them in faith and celebrating who they are and what they bring”. There will be a series of presbytery and national events to encourage and equip churches in their work with children and young people. More information on upcoming events and workshops can be found at:

Retiring offerings over the Christmas period of £291 were donated to Carnoustie High School Brass Band to support them in their forthcoming tour of China. Acknowledging the donation, the conductor Michael Robertson said, “It is a great honour to be the first British school band to perform in China and your donation will allow us to buy many of the things we need to take with us”.

An Angus-wide appeal has been launched to collect old tablets and phones and any donations will be accepted at Two Sisters Café at 28 High Street. From there they will be sent to a company called who will reset to factory settings, install educational software, add a projector a teaching tablet and a charging kit. This will then be dispatched to Greece and 20 children in a refugee camp will get a digital classroom and a chance to get an education.

Five Questions

The questions in this issue have been answered by Sheena Reigate one of our members who is also a member of the Congregational Board.

What is your favourite hymn?

Love Divine, all loves excelling. It was one of my wedding hymns and still special. Away from Carnoustie where have you enjoyed worshipping? Denny West church where I was baptised, attended Sunday School and Brownies and made friends I am still in contact with today.

My family moved to Falkirk when I was 12 years old and we attended Erskine Church where I enjoyed Youth Club and 8 of us from that group joined the church at the same time. When I came to Dundee to work I joined Fairmuir Church. I have very happy memories of belonging to this welcoming and friendly church. I was a Sunday School teacher, involved in various groups and my son was baptised there.

Who is your favourite biblical character ?

The Good Samaritan. Luke 10: 25-37 I enjoy reading the parables which Jesus frequently used to make a point and teach a moral or spiritual lesson. This parable teaches us how we should treat other people – with respect, dignity and compassion.

What is your favourite Bible reading ?

Matthew Chapters 5,6,7 The Sermon on the Mount. This is powerful reading and contains some of the best known teachings of Jesus, which continue to influence the way we live our lives today.

Which figure, living or dead do you most admire?

Florence Nightingale. As a child I enjoyed learning about The Lady with the Lamp. She has to be admired for the difference she made when she volunteered to nurse wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. Appalled at the horrendous conditions soldiers were being treated in she made dramatic changes, implementing strict hygiene rules, saving many lives. Back home she used her influence to bring significant changes and radically changed the role of nursing in hospitals and was a key figure in introducing new professional training standards. A remarkable woman who dedicated her life to nursing and truly cared for her suffering patients. She will forever be recognised as the founder of modern nursing.

Musings from the Manse

As I write this letter it is a little over two months since I was ordained and inducted as minister of Carnoustie Panbride Church. They say that moving to a new house and starting a new job come quite high up on the list of most stressful life events. I did both of those within two days! However, it was wonderful for George and me to arrive in Carnoustie and be greeted with such a warm welcome and an outpouring of love. We are indebted to the Fabric Convenor and his team and all the others who worked so hard to ensure the manse was warm and comfortable on our arrival; supplied us with tea and coffee and the means to make them while we were still sorting through our mountain of cardboard boxes; for all those who took time to send us cards, flowers and plants, and came to give us a word of welcome. We really are overwhelmed by the kindness and thoughtfulness of people. It has been the quickest two months or so of my life! Advent, Christmas, and New Year went by in a blur!

As I have started visiting people in the parish, the question I have been asked most often is, “How are you settling in, does it feel like home yet?” And I have to say Carnoustie has very quickly felt like “home”. George and I have now stopped getting lost in the manse and no longer have to call each other on our mobile ‘phones to find one another. The sunrise and sunset are astonishingly beautiful, and my Facebook friends are probably fed up already with all the photographs of Carnoustie on my timeline. We have already managed some walks in the area and are looking forward to better weather when we can get out on our bikes!

But one of the most important things about being able to call somewhere “home” is the comfort and security of being with family. So, thank you for making it so effortless for us to feel as if we are already part of the family at Carnoustie Panbride.

I have had the privilege of getting to know some wonderful people, to hearing some amazing and amusing stories, and sharing conversations about all manner of things. People are so genuinely interested in my journey here and my sense of “call” to Carnoustie. I have told the story to many people already about finding myself in Carnoustie in the autumn of 2016 after a sudden urge to get on the train and get off somewhere between Dundee and Aberdeen. I stood on the beach that day on a cold Friday afternoon watching the waves break onto the shore and wondering why on earth we were in Carnoustie so far from home. Almost a year to the day later I was standing in the pulpit at Carnoustie Panbride Church preaching as sole nominee.

As a family we are so glad to be called to such a beautiful part of the world with warm and welcoming people (although that east wind is not so warm and welcoming!).

As I articulated in a recent sermon we are all called. It is God’s love for us that calls us in the first place. He wants the best for us and so calls us into a relationship with His son Jesus. Our relationship with Jesus, our desire to know Christ and for our love for him to increase daily is what will sustain us as we seek to walk this journey together and to serve him together.

I am so grateful for all the support from the members of both the Kirk Session and Congregational Board as I find my feet and very much appreciate the depth of understanding and passion they have for the people they serve in God’s name.

I ask for your prayers and your continued patience as I get to know you all. I feel so very blessed to be your minister and look forward to walking with you as we explore all that God has for us.

Blessings ~ Annette

HIV Programme

“Souper Sunday” at the end of January raised £525 for the Church of Scotland HIV Programme. We thank God that we were able to bless the HIV Programme with such a generous donation and that, as a congregation, we were blessed with such a lovely time of fellowship. Thank you to all those who donated to “Souper Sunday” in any way – by making a donation; retiring offering; preparing food, and to JAFFA for serving us.

Fund Raising and Social Committee

Thanks to everyone who supported any of the events held last year and now we are getting ready for the coming year.

The first event to be held will be a Coffee Morning on Saturday 3rd March 2018 in the Panbride Hall from 10.00 until 11.30 am. Tickets to cost £2.00 and donations of tray bakes and cake and candy would be greatly appreciated. The hall will be open on Friday 2nd March 2018 from 4.15 until 5.30 pm to receive any donations.

A Strawberry Tea is to be held on Saturday 16th June 2018 from 2.30 until 4.00 pm with tickets costing £3.00.

We are planning a Christmas Evening on Friday 2nd November 2018 and would like to hear from any members of the congregation who do any craft work and would like to donate some items which we could sell for Church funds. If you can donate anything, please telephone Helen on 852640 or speak to any of the Fundraising/Social Committee.

More information in future issues of Update.

Friendship Circle

The friendship circle enjoyed an informative talk on Robert Burns and his links with the local area. We also heard from Tommy Baxter who spoke about his experiences as a London theatre manager.

At our first meeting in February we were entertained by the Accord Singers and on the 27th David Warden will speak about a farmer’s life.

Our final event of the year is the outing on 10th April. The destination is a mystery !!

Thanks for supporting Food Bank projects

A massive thank you to all who donate food, toiletries etc, at the Church. Each week I have a bag full of items to help those in need.

This last year we have been able to support Old Abbey Church, Arbroath Food Bank, who get referrals from different agencies; the Salvation army, who give to anyone in need, and responded to a request from Burnside School, Carnoustie, for some of their families in poor circumstances.

Thank you, thank you. Beth Lee-Smith.

Help with Typing

June Riddoch who has typed the manuscript articles for UPDATE for many years has announced her retirement and it would be good to find a replacement to take over. Most articles are now submitted by email but there are still a few handwritten. Once they are typed they get sent to Karen Craigie. If you could help please contact David Taylor  for more information about what is involved.

Christmas Post Thank You

The officers, parents and boys of the 1st Carnoustie Boys’ Brigade wish to thank everyone who used their Christmas Card service. A total of £2660 was raised which will help all the boys in the Brigade.

Carnoustie Scout Group would like to thank everyone who contributed to the annual Christmas Card Post fundraiser. The sum raised was £2800 pounds which pays for the insurance and the maintenance of the hall.

The F.O.G. Squad

Come and join us at our annual Egg Rolling Service will be on 1st April at 9.30am in Barry. Remember your warm clothes and a hardboiled egg! Rolls, tea and coffee will be served after the service back at Panbride hall. Everyone is welcome to join us. We look forward to seeing you there.

Moment for Meditation

May I live this day compassionate of heart, clear in word, gracious in awareness, courageous in thought, generous in love”. – John O’Donohue


With fear and trepidation JAFFA bravely ventured into the spooky depths of the Crypt at Panbride. Much to our surprise behind the wooden door we found a yett ( big metal gate ), opened it and stayed close as we stumbled down the cold, hard steps into the main chamber. the cold there was a feeling of calmness and the experience was nothing like we thought it was going to be. We are looking forward to our next adventure, JUMP in Aberdeen on the 9th of December which will be our Christmas trip. By Fraser, Cari and Cameron.

Creche Rota


4th     Beth Lee Smith, June Black

11th   Joyce Brown, Margaret Easton

18th  Marion Palmer, Gillian Sawyers

25th  Annetta Anderson, Tom Black


1st     No Creche

8th    No Creche

15th   No Creche

22nd Beth Lee Smith, Joyce Brown

29th Joanna Stout, Margaret Easton


6th     Marion Palmer, Gillian Sawyers

13th   Tom Black, Annetta Anderson

20th  Joanna Stout, Beth Lee Smith

27th  Joyce Brown, Margaret Easton

Dates for Your Diary


27 – Friendship Circle, 2pm, Panbride Hall


3 – Coffee Morning, Panbride Hall, 10-11.30am

4 – Stated Annual Meeting following Morning Service.

10 – Christian Aid Coffee Morning, Philip Hall 10am.

15 – Congregational Board 7.30pm

20 – Friendship Circle, 2pm Panbride Hall

26 to 1 April – Easter Services – see article Holy Week Services for details.


10 – Friendship Circle Outing

19 – Kirk Session, 7.30pm.

Christian Aid Coffee Morning

Christian Aid week is 13-19 May. There is to be a coffee morning in Philip Hall on 10th March, 10am-11.30am. Any donations of baking, bric-a-brac, books, parcels, gratefully received, either to W Ruark or B Lee-Smith.

Jaffa is Behind the Scenes with: Annette

What other jobs have you had?

I have had a whole variety of other jobs. When I was still at school I worked in a car wash to earn some pocket money and was a “Saturday girl” at Fisher’s Department Store in the Saltmarket in Glasgow. When I left school, I worked as clerical assistant in the Advertising Accounts department of “The Glasgow Herald” newspaper. I then worked as an invoice clerk in the University Libraries Department of John Smith & Son Booksellers (Glasgow) Limited. I also had different part time jobs when my children were small. I worked in a biscuit factory; in a bank, and as a booking clerk in the railway. My last job before I became a minister was office manager in a large city centre office in Glasgow.

What made you want to be a minister?

When I was growing up I wanted to be an actress or a singer. By the time I got to high school, I decided perhaps teaching would be a “safer” career and I planned to teach French. It was never in my life plan to be a minister. I planned to retire early, buy a little plot of land somewhere away from the city, grow my own food, and write a bestseller!!!!! I was volunteering with the church youth group and bible class at my home church and the opportunity came up to train as a Worship Leader. I thought the course would give me confidence when I was asked to read the Bible or to speak to the children on a Sunday morning. I really enjoyed the course and was then invited by my own minister to preach one Sunday morning. I was absolutely terrified but something about it just “felt right”. Encouraged by the people in my congregation, I decided to go through a “discernment period” to see if God was calling me into the ministry. I thought nothing would come of it but just had to find out for sure. That was ten years ago! So, although it was never in my plans to become a minister, I feel that it was God’s plan and He has been the one guiding me on every step of this journey!

What do you miss about your old home?

The only thing I really miss about my old home is having my family and friends close by. However, it means that the times that they come to visit me here in Carnoustie are really special! Now that I have been here a few months Carnoustie feels like home and we are meeting lots of new friends and are surrounded by our church family which is really important.

What are your 3 favourite things about Carnoustie?

My three favourite things are: The staggeringly beautiful sunrise and sunset and all the wonderful scenic walks – especially the beach! Creamy coleslaw from the Titanic Pizza Company! The friendliness of the people!

Do you just work one day a week?

No, but Sunday seems to be my shortest working day!

I try to work Sunday to Thursday and have Friday off and do all my last-minute preparation for Sunday on a Saturday. However, sometimes things happen during the week and plans have to change. Most days include some time in the study preparing for Sunday services or dealing with emails and ‘phone calls. In the afternoons I visit people at home or in hospital. Some days there are visits to schools for assembly or just to have coffee and a catch up with the teachers. In the evenings I meet with people to arrange baptisms and weddings or there might be meetings with the Congregational Board; Kirk Session, or Presbytery.

How do you plan services?

I start planning the Sunday Service on Monday morning. I usually start by reading the bible passage for the following Sunday a few times and think about what stands out for me about the passage – it could be one of the characters in the story or something in the passage that relates to what is happening in the world today. I start thinking about the hymns early in the week. Usually by a Thursday I am ready to write the sermon. The talk with the children always requires a lot of imagination trying to find something which is accessible for both a teenager and a toddler as well as keeping the attention of the adults! It is usually a Saturday before I have it all together!

Do you get nervous speaking?

Yes, I get nervous every Sunday! I am sure that is the same for most ministers! It is quite normal to be a little nervous and some nerves are good as they give you a boost of adrenaline! I am glad to say that I no longer have the stomach churning nerves that I used to get when I first started my training.

What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is Purple.

Update on Harvest to Christmas Project 2016

Visit to Senhati, Khulna, Bangladesh by Matthew S Bicket on 1st November 2017.

From 21st October to 1st December 2017, I was in Bangladesh to visit friends and places which had meant a great deal to me over a period of 40 years, including all the places where members of Carnoustie Panbride (and other churches) had accompanied me over the years to undertake practical projects. I visited the site of the new church in Jhinafulbari we had helped build in 2004. The church was packed with villagers and I received the Santali welcome of having my feet washed with oil and water. The villagers are so grateful that they now have a church building and it was moving to hear from members the difference it had made to their lives.

I also visited the new church in Askor (Work camp in 2008) where we had also painted the school and was warmly welcomed there too, and it was great to catch up with some of the local community who had helped us on that project.

In 2015, we had travelled to Idilpur where we built a road. The road is still there and the field from where we took the soil to build the road is full of valuable plants which are sold and then used to make insecticide, and it is still hoped that the clinic and catechist’s house will be built soon.

The most recent project we engaged in was the Harvest to Christmas Project in 2016 to raise some money to help a small community in Khulna be able to improve conditions for the school children. The project raised a wonderful £3790.79p and on 1st November it was my great privilege to travel to Senhati and see the difference your support had made.

The journey started from the Church Compound in Khulna by travelling in an Auto-rickshaw with Daniel, Apu and Ujjol travelling through the streets before turning off into a large Compound housing a gigantic Jute Mill, with almost 1000 looms clattering noisily – and not one worker was wearing any kind of ear protection. If you have seen the films at Verdant Works, you will know what this is like. We eventually reached the river, and changed our transport to a small flat bottomed boat which carried about 40 people (standing!). The crossing took about 5 minutes, before we stepped into a market selling everything from fish to toilet rolls, and walking the remaining 15 minutes to the church at Senhati.

The small church, which doubles as a school, was filled with children and teachers and members of the congregation, and after the welcome, the children gave a little concert, and a number of people spoke about the difference your donation had made. The roof had been replaced with corrugated iron, so the roof does not now leak, they had painted all the shutters, had bought two tables, a metal cupboard and extended the house of the catechist to include a verandah (where the most wonderful lunch was served) and built two new rooms and two toilets. £3800 goes a long way in Bangladesh!

It was lovely to see the children obviously happy and thriving in their newly restored building and hearing from those who work there day by day was a profoundly moving experience as I listened to how beneficial the changes had been.

So, thank you to everyone in Carnoustie Panbride and Carlogie School who had donated to this project. It was wonderful to be able to see it for myself, and it is my pleasure to pass on the grateful thanks of everyone in Senhati. Matthew 

Palm Sunday Pilgrimages

Following a suggestion by Presbytery Moderator it is planned to hold three separate Pilgrimage walks on the afternoon of Palm Sunday – 25th March. Each walk will be between 3.5 and 5 miles and all will begin at 2pm. The walk for this area will begin at Colliston church and proceed along the nature trail to Arbroath: St Vigeans and then on to Arbroath: West Church. It is intended there will be short devotional acts incorporated into the walks. The other walks are around Forfar Loch with a start and finish at St Margarets and the other walk will be from Hillside to Ferryden. It will also be possible to be involved without walking. Refreshments will be provided at start, on route and at the end. There is no charge for participation. Posters with more detailed information will be available shortly. If you require more information please contact our Presbytery Elder Dorothy Booth.

Holy Week Services 25th – 31st March 2018

There will also be short services of reflection in Panbride Hall at 10.15am Monday to Friday

Walk of Witness 11-12 noon from Black Slab on Good Friday

Holyrood Reflective Hour 12 – 1pm on Good Friday

Sunrise Service from 6.40am on Easter morning.

25th Palm Sunday 7.00pm St Anne’s Church

26th Monday 7.00pm Carmyllie Church

27th Tuesday 7.00pm Carnoustie Church

28th Wednesday 7.00pm Carnoustie Baptist Church

29th Thursday (Agape) 7.00pm Newton Church

30th Friday 7.00pm Erskine UF Church

31st Saturday 8.00pm Holy Rood Church

Stated Annual Meeting 4 March

This will be held at the conclusion of the morning service and it is hoped that most of the Congregation will remain.

The Minister will outline her priorities for her first year as our Minister

While the formal approval of the accounts is now the responsibility of the Trustees the Treasurer will be present to answer questions which arise relating to the 2017 accounts.

The fabric convener will present his annual report for the past year which you will see from the accounts resulted in considerable expenditure.

The election of members of the Congregation to the Congregational Board will also take place. The Board consists of an equal number of Elders nominated by the Kirk Session and members of the Congregation elected at this meeting.

Lenten Bible Study

“Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John” – a short Lenten Bible Study will take place in the manse from Sunday 25th February until Sunday 18th March inclusive from 7pm-8pm.

This study will reflect on Jesus’ journey to the cross from “the Clearing of the Temple” to “The Triumphal Entry”.

The weekly studies “stand alone” so you are still very welcome even if you can only make one night.

The aim is to have a relaxed time of fellowship and no preparation is required.

New Members

Rev Annette Gordon District 3

Mr George Gordon District 3

Mrs Mary Byron District 24

Mr Robbie Murray District 13

Congregational Register 


24 November Miss Janette Hamilton

13 December Mrs Isabel Tindale


11 February Charlie Ross Fyffe

Panbride Hall

The Panbride Hall is available to members of the congregation for one off special events or celebrations (subject to certain conditions associated with use) at a discount of 25% against the normal price. There are groups who use the hall regularly so it will be available when not in use which is normally certain days (not nights) during the week and at the weekend. Details and booking form available from the Church Secretary (see Church Directory for contact details).

Flower Calendar


4    Mrs E Simpson, Mrs J Grainger,

11   Mrs A Howlett,

18  Mrs K Penrose,

25 Mrs J Bell,  Mrs P Sawers,


1   Mrs L Thomson,

8   Mrs J Davidson,

15  Mrs B Lee-Smith,

22  Mrs J Black,

29 Mrs R Porter,


6  Mrs D Blacklaws,

13 Mrs V Nicoll,

Church Directory

Minister Rev Annette Gordon

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark

Treasurer Mr W John Winterton

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie

Church Secretary Mrs Nicola Keen & Rollkeeper Contact via:

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter

Fund Raising & Social Convener Mrs Helen Harley

Flower Convener Mrs Eleanor Whamond

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll

Friendship Circle Mrs Cathie Connor

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart

Youth Group JAFFA Mrs Joanna Stout

Creche Mrs June Black

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll


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