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February 25th, 2019

Update                 24 February 2019






E-mail Church Secretary: 


Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 


Did You Know

CrossReach is the current operating name of the Church of Scotland provision of care and support provided in 70 locations throughout Scotland covering 

Children and Families         Learning Disabilities    Mental Health 

Counselling and Support    Criminal Justice            Substance Misuse 

Homeless People                  Elderly People 

This year is the 150th Anniversary of these support services. More information is available on the CrossReach self-directed support You Tube site  and on this Web Site.

If you would like a copy of the free periodic CrossReach news-sheet and/or the free CrossReach prayer diary contact Phyllis Guild or 

Life and work is the monthly magazine of the Church of Scotland. Mary Bushnell acts as co-ordinator and currently has an unallocated copy each month. Please speak to her if you would like to start receiving this. 

Mark Calder of Embrace the Middle East is to complete 14 ultra marathons to raise awareness for their campaign to help Iraqi Christians return home. On Friday 8th March he will undertake the second run which will be St Duthac’s Way – 98.4 miles from Aberdeen to St Andrews. His map indicates he will pass through Carnoustie. He is looking for help along the route – encouragement, prayerful and financial would all be appreciated. More information at

Friendship Circle 

Friendship Circle members were certainly in the Christmas spirit after an afternoon’s entertainment from the D Ukes Ukelele band. Everyone enjoyed singing along to well known songs and Christmas favourites. 

In January we had a visit from Monica Mills who runs Glitter and Sparkle craft shop. Many people make items to be sold in the shop e.g. knitted baby clothes and hats. Monica also encourages people to recycle almost anything and has lots of ideas to suggest. She also sells craft materials and wool. 

At our next meeting Liz Pardoe recounted both poignant and humorous stories written in Doric by her sister Margaret Grant 

Our future meetings are as follows – 

February 26- Dundee Women’s Aid 

March 12- The Isle of May 

March 26 – Travel Logue by Rita Clark 

April 9 – outing to Brechin Castle Garden Centre. All welcome to meetings in the church hall at 2 p.m. SW. 

Five Questions 

The questions in this issue have been answered by Karen Stormont who is a member of the Congregation. 

What is your favourite Hymn? 

That has to be Thine be the glory 

Away from Carnoustie where have you enjoyed worshipping? 

St Andrew’s Arbroath the church I grew up in 

Who is your favourite biblical character? 


What is your favourite Bible reading? 

Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, I will give you rest 

Which figure, living or dead do you most admire? 

Most admired person was my dad, who had so much patience and love for his granddaughter, 

whatever the game she decided they would play. 

Musings from the Manse

At the end of January, I attended the Church of Scotland’s Annual Conference for Ministers in their First Five Years. 

The Conference took place at St Mary’s Monastery in Kinnoull, Perth. It was an opportunity to take some time to reflect on the journey so far. It was also a time to meet up with those who have shared the journey, other ministers in their first five years. So, as well as the seminars from various speakers there was also lots of chat and laughter. 

The Monastery provides an international, multi-cultural, ecumenical space which offers the opportunity for relaxation, renewal and rest. It is also home to a small Redemptorist Community who follow their own programme of worship. 

One of the seminars was given by Kenneth Steven, a Christian poet whose work is inspired by the wild landscape of his native Highland Scotland and his love of the Celtic Christian story. Kenneth talked about his collection of poetry called “Letting in the Light” in which he intimately reflects on bereavement; marital breakdown; the pain of separation from his daughter, and the search for “home”. Through his poetry Kenneth shares his struggle with pain and darkness which tested his faith but what emerged was the way to hope and healing. From the darkness came, not immediate healing, but” the possibility of light”. He told us “it’s when we are broken, we let in the light” 

That theme of “light from darkness” continued through our time at St Mary’s. At one of our worship services we listened to “Anthem”, a song from the poet and writer, Leonard Cohen, which included the refrain: 

Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in. 

Jesus tells us, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house” (Matthew 5: 14-15). 

As we begin to emerge from the cold, dark days of winter and start to think of spring with its “possibility of light” we are still very much surrounded by a world of darkness and chaos. Our own lives are sometimes full of shadow and pain and it’s easy to despair. But if we look for them there are fragments of light shining everywhere around us and within, and it is that light shining through the cracks that we should focus on in the difficult days. 

I have only recently caught up with “Call the Midwife” even though it is in its eighth series. In a recent episode the voice-over by Vanessa Redgrave at the end of the programme summed up for me how we can “ring the bells” and let the light into our lives each day: 

We can decide to be happy, make much out of little, embrace the warmth of our ordinary days. Life unfolds as a mystery, an enterprise whose outcome cannot be foretold. We do not get what we expect; we stumble on crags, are faced with imperfection, bonds are tested and tightened, and our landscapes shift in sunshine and in shade. There is light, there is. Look for it. Look for it shining over your shoulder, on the pass. It was light where you went once, it is light where you are now, it will be light where you will go again.” (Call the Midwife Series 8 Episode 3, 27th January 2019) 

Blessings ~ Annette 

Moment for Meditation 

Whatever you are doing, that which makes you feel the most alive …….that is where God is. (St Ignatius of Loyola).

Church War Memorials

I have been approached by several people over the Christmas period asking what has become of the WW1 display in the Panbride Hall. I am pleased to report that the data and photographs have been transferred into a folder for the church archives. It can be accessed or displayed as required. 

I decided that the folder was incomplete without the names of the men who died in WW2. I have researched these men but would welcome any input from members to ensure that I have found the right people! There are a couple for whom I found very little. They are in bold type below. Please contact me if you can help.

Linda Nicoll 

Panbride Church Memorial 

W. Aikenhead, Black Watch:    P.L. Bell, RAF:                      T. Dalziel, Merchant Navy: 

J. Elrick, Black Watch:              S.D. Jolly, Black Watch:      I.R. Runciman, RAF: 

A.E. Finlayson, Royal Navy:    D. Ramsay, B/Watch:          G.A. Webster, Royal Artillery: 

G. Lyall, Royal Navy. 

Netwon Church Memorial 

William Aikenhead                  Gordon S. Cunningham            Graeme S. Hogg 

Frederick S. Murray          William Ritchie                          Frederick Ritchie 

A Randolph Simpson               James A. Wright

The Radical Plan Requested by General Assembly 2018

The Kirk Session Conference in October which was an instruction from the General Assembly 2018 was the starting point for this congregation preparing for whatever lies ahead.

A Special Commission has been set up to make recommendations designed to ensure the Church’s national structure is ‘lean and fit for purpose to lead reform’ 

The Church of Scotland magazine ‘Life & Work ’is likely to be one of the ways in which church members will start to appreciate the significance of what prompted the Assembly 2018 to call for the Radical Plan for the next 3 years and what it might contain. 

‘Life & Work’ is not however widely read by members of this congregation. The intention behind this article and subsequent articles in future Updates is to give members a flavour of content which is published in the magazine reflecting the thoughts of members throughout Scotland. 

Issues of Life & Work from August to December included the following comments: 

  • The Church of Scotland as we know it today has never developed much beyond the mind-set of a 19th century institution.. 
  • We are still governed through centralised structures and have allowed ourselves to be imprisoned by a committee structure that does not allow for good decision making. We rely too heavily on committee structures to make things happen.. 
  • Maybe we are too slow to admit that many of our ideas and teaching methods need to be updated.. 
  •  Because our ways of thinking and living are not static instead of talking so much about the decline of the Church we should use our energy to change our ways.. 
  •  Why wait? Learn from the past and move on.. 
  •  Congregations will undoubtedly require to begin to think about how their future will look.. 
  •  The ‘one size fits all service’ in one place at a set time, may no longer be tenable.. 
  •  Congregations have potential to reinvest their usefulness by discovering what it means to diversify into smaller groups meeting at different times.. 

The challenge for us will be to embrace change, and learn to let go of what needs to be let go, so that we are free to catch hold of the vision that God will surely send us.


On behalf of the Trustees of your Church I would like to record our appreciation and to say thank you to all those members of the congregation who make a regular donation to the finances of the Church by way of FWO envelopes, monthly standing orders, and annual lump sums or via the open plate. Through those who are able to gift aid their donation an additional £11,800 is added to the income in a year.

Thanks also goes to those members who support the various fundraising or other activities with gifts of various items, their time and attendance at the events and the donations they give. Also, to the cleaning teams who save the church expense and not forgetting those who give their time and expertise in other areas.

All of the above add up to a tremendous support of your Church which is of enormous value.




The JAFFA is looking forward to a spring and summer full of new challenges and adventures.

We will adding articles to the church magazine highlighting our interests particularly as we are now using the Energise website of resources when we meet.

We will also be looking more closely into Panbride Church as a Eco congregation and our Fair trade status. Our café Ministry was such a success we have decided to repeat the event and this time hold it during a time Annette can join us, we do not want her to miss out!

We continue to meet during the Soup and Sweet Sundays so that we can assist, and enjoy all the delicious food!

Fund Raising and Social

The Committee have met to look at various ways of raising funds for the Church and some of them are favourites whilst we have come up with a couple of new ideas. 

The first event to take place will be a Coffee/Pancake morning on Saturday 9th March 2019 from 10.00 until 11.30 am in Panbride Hall. Tickets cost £2.00 and donations for a cake and candy stall would be very much appreciated. 

Future dates for your diary are as follows: 

Strawberry Tea on Saturday 8th June 2019 from 2.30 until 4.00 pm. 

Congregation Supper on Saturday 14th September 2019. 

Coffee Morning on Saturday 2nd November 2019. 

The Arbroath Instrumental have been approached to perform a concert in Newton Church sometime in the Autumn. More information on these events in future issues of Update. 

To help with one of our new ideas, we would ask that instead of throwing out any unwanted bottle bags you hold on to them and for the Coffee Morning in November a bottle or jar of something can be put in and we can have a pound bottle bag. 

The other new event which we intend to hold would hopefully take in place in May. A local auctioneer has agreed to come along and value any items which the congregation may have. There will be a small charge for each item, maximum three items, and we will be selling teas, coffees etc. The date, time and charge are still to be finalised and it is probable that times for valuations will be limited. More information will be in the next issue of Update but in the meantime, look out any small items which you might want valued (sorry but no large items please). HH. 

Creche Rota

March 2019 

3rd Joanna Stout & June Black 

10th Margaret Easton & Tom Black 

17th Annetta Anderson & Marion Palmer 

24th Gillian Sawers & Beth Lee Smith 

31st Dawn Barrowman & June Black 

April 2019 

7th, 14th & 21st No Creche 

28th Joanna Stout & Margaret Easton 

May 2019 

5th Annetta Anderson & Joyce Brown 

12th Marion Palmer & Gillian Sawers 

Dates for your Diary


26th Friendship Circle 2pm Panbride Hall 

28th Sports Quiz Station Hotel 7.30pm 


1st World Day of Prayer 7pm Barry Church 

9th Coffee Morning 10 -11.30am Panbride Hall 

12th Friendship Circle 2pm Panbride Hall 

17th Morning Service followed by Stated Annual Meeting 

19th Finance Committee 7.30pm 

21st Congregational Board 7.30pm Panbride Hall 

26th Friendship Circle 2pm Panbride Hall 


Holy Week Services – Monday 15th – Friday 18th April  Short Services of Reflection in Panbride Hall, Arbroath Road 10.15am   Other Services in Carnoustie will be included in Orders of Service as they become known 

18th Kirk Session 7.30pm Panbride Hall 

Also, there is no Condor Court service in March but the following services are planned: 

Sunday 7th April at 2pm 

Sunday 5th May at 2pm 

Flamingo Cards

Just to let you know the sum of £58.00 was given to the Treasurer for Church funds, being the proceeds of last year’s sale of cards. I now have the latest brochure so if anyone would like a booklet, they can see me at Church or I can deliver one if required. PJT.

Tree of Life Banner

Recently we’ve added some more names to the banner. If anyone else would like to be included, ie. a new member of the congregation , there are template leaves in a basket at the front door of the Church. If you write your name on one, it will then be added on to the banner. Any queries, see Pat Taylor. 

Needles and Pins Group

The group has restarted after the New Year. We meet in the Session Room at Newton Church at 2pm. The next meeting on the 5th March. Thereafter every 2 weeks. We would be delighted to have some new members. We are planning to have a stall at the next Pancake Coffee Morning on the 9th March. Please come and support us as all proceeds go to Church funds. PJT. 

Test Your Bible Knowledge 

1. Who is the patron saint of travellers? 

2. Who baptised Jesus? 

3. What is the name of Moses’s brother? 

4. What did the dove return to Noah’s Ark with? 

5. What was the name of the son of David’ who took over as King? 

6. What are the names of the 12 apostles? 

7. What does the word Amen mean? 

8. Which of these musical instruments is not mentioned in the Bible? Harp, Flute, Violin, Trumpet 

9. Following his first miracle where did Jesus visit and stay for a few days with his mother and brothers? 

10. Which four letters are often placed on a sign above a cross of Jesus and what do they mean? 

Answers at the end.

Congregational Register


Mrs Myra Morton* – 4/11/2018

Mrs Sheila Glen – 20/11/2018

Mrs Sophie Smart* – 30/11/2018

Mrs Dorothy Craven – 2/12/2018

PC Dean Morrison – 16/12/2018

Mrs Elizabeth Bell* – 24/12/2018

Mr Bill McLean* – 29/12/2018

Mrs Jean McMillan* – 2/1/2019

Mrs Dorothy LawCongregational Register son* – 28/1/2019

Mr Gordon Torrie – 28/1/2019

*Member of congregation

Baptism and Thanksgiving:

Lucas John James Gray – Baptised 13/1/2019

Maria Victoria Hebenton – Thanksgiving 13/1/2019

Christmas Post

Carnoustie Scouts and the Boys’ Brigade would like to thank everyone who used their Christmas Card postal service last year. Over £2800 was raised for Scout funds and £2.200 for the Boys’ Brigade.

Flower Calendar 


3rd Mrs Eleanor Simpson 

Mrs Jean Granger 

10th Mrs Marion Palmer 

17th Mrs Karen Penrose 

Mr J. Weir 

24th Mrs Jean Bell 

Mrs Pat Sawers 

31st Mrs Lesley Thomson 


7th Mrs Joan Davidson 

14th Mrs Beth-Lee Smith 

21st Mrs June Black 

28th Mrs Rosanne Porter 


5th Mrs Dorothy Blacklaws 

12th Mrs Val Nicoll 

Church Directory

Minister Rev Annette Gordon

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark

Treasurer Mr W John Winterton

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie

Church Secretary Mrs Nicola Keen

& Rollkeeper Contact via:

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter

Fund Raising & Social Convener Mrs Helen Harley

Flower Convener Mrs Eleanor Whamond

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll

Friendship Circle Mrs Cathie Connor

FOG Squad

Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart

Youth Group JAFFA Mrs Joanna Stout

Creche Mrs June Black


Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll

Bible Knowledge Answers

1. Saint Christopher 2. John. 3. Aaron 

4. An olive leaf. 5. Solomon 

6. Simon (who is called Peter); Andrew; James; John; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew; James and Thaddaeus; Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot 

7. So be it. 8. Violin 9. Capernaum 

10. INRI Iesus Nazarenus Rex Ijdaeorum 

[Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews]