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August 26th, 2019

Update                               25 August 2019 






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Did You Know 

  • At the end of the week at this years General Assembly the moderator the Rev Colin Sinclair urged commissioners “to work tirelessly” to make the reforms agreed a reality. Deciding change is not the same as making change. Making changes will be painful. He concluded by saying when commissioners went back to their parishes they need to be advocates and change makers, willing to make the sacrifices to set an example. 
  • There is a group in Carnoustie called Friends of Carnoustie & District Heritage. Their first public meeting is to be held on Wednesday the !8th of September 2019 in the Braid Hall at the Kinloch Care Centre. There will be another meeting in November and these will let the steering group assess the level of support for thus new venture. 
  • Irene McGugan from Letham is a former moderator of Angus Presbytery and a member of the Social Care Council of the Church of Scotland since 2012. . In what will be her final year she recently completed the Dundee Kilt Walk (25 miles) to raise funds for CrossReach. If you would like to make a donation to this worthwhile cause you can do so on her online fundraising page https://dundeekiltwalk.everydayhero.cpm/uk/irene 
  • The Harvest Thanksgiving service on 22nd Sept will be held at Scryne Farm. Volunteers to provide transport to the farm will be required. If you would like to make use of such transport please let the Minister or your Elder know. There will be the opportunity for tea/coffee after the service. 
  • The Queen has recently appointed one of our members Mrs Pat Sawers as the next Lord-Lieuenant for Angus. The appointment take effect from 24 August 2019


A deliverance at General Assembly this year was ‘to encourage a season of prayer and prepa-ration from Sept to start of Advent when the church focuses on outworking of the Action Plan anticipating a number of significant changes in the church. 

The Minister looks on prayer as a vital and essential part of Christian life. In a recent sermon she said ‘Prayer is what we are wired for; Prayer is what Christians do; Prayer is never ceasing 

A prayer will be included as a regular feature in future issues of UPDATE 

The prayer below was written by Rev Ian J M McDonald. 


“If I say, “Surely the darkness will cover me and the light around me become night around me,” even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day; for darkness is as light with you.” Psalm 139: 11,12 


Surely as night follows day, so day follows night – 

Such is the promise of which the psalmist sings. 

So when darkness presses in and light seems to flee, 

Draw me closer to you, silent and still, embraced, invited 

Again and again to know that you are God! 

Lord, help us to do what can be done in this day. 

You know us completely and understand 

Our broken hearts, our fragile spirits and our anxious, fearful minds. 

You hold and bless our beloved common humanity 

And we are thankful 

Thankful for the small things in life and for the big things too! 

Thankful for your knowledge of us, the scope and the breadth beyond our measure. 

Thankful that no part of life or loss remains untouched, unreached, unknown. 

Guide us Lord, to places where love is found – grief-filled, embodied love 

And – 

Into my anger, I invite the patience of the Father 

Into my numbness, I invite the healing of the Son 

Into my confusion, I invite the wisdom of the Spirit 

And we shall live together 

I, in community with the Three in one. Amen* 

(*words in italics based on an anonymous prayer in the Celtic style) 

Musings from the Manse 

During the summer I enjoyed looking at all the holiday posts from friends on Facebook. There were all the usual ones with photographs on the beach or out in the countryside or eating al fresco. 

There were also a great many pictures of churches. 

Everything from the neo-Gothic St Joseph’s Church in Krakow with its 80-metre clock tower, elaborate masonry and sculptures of saints to quaint little churches in sleepy Italian villages. 

When I go on holiday I am always drawn to church buildings and even if there is not a service of worship, if they are open I have a look inside and I know that this is true for many people holidaying abroad, even people who don’t go to their own local church when they are at home will venture inside a church when on holiday for a look. 

So maybe it is not the architecture, the stained glass or the iconography that fascinates them maybe more a need just to get out of the searing heat into the quiet cool for a while. 

But there is something about a church building, especially an old church, which is very calming and comforting. 

Perhaps it’s the solid stone walls and floors that give us a feeling of security or perhaps the silent echo of people worshiping there down through the years which connects with our spirit. 

Inside the church there is always a sense of peace, a sense that you are inside a holy place, on holy ground and that God is near. 

But, of course, we cannot contain God in a building no matter how opulent or how humble, we cannot limit God to a certain time or place. 

Even King Solomon when he was overseeing the building of the first temple in Jerusalem said: 

“But can, you, oh God, really live on earth? Not even all heaven is large enough to hold you, so how can this temple that I have built be large enough?” (1 Kings 8: 27) 

So, although there is something holy, something evocative about our church buildings, our God is so vast, and so immediate that we can experience him everywhere and anywhere. 

Of course, we experience God in all of his creation every day. 

I have friends who climb hills, or bag munros as they say, and tell me that they never feel closer to God than when they are at the top of a mountain. Whether that is because they are down on their knees thanking God that they made it to the top or whether they are praying for the strength to get back down – I don’t know! 

Some find a real sense of God’s presence beside the sea. A walk on the beach listening to the gentle lapping of the waves or perhaps the powerful roar as the waves crash on to the rocks reminds them that despite everything the creator of the sky and sea is still in control. 

However, wherever I go on holiday, as well as experiencing God as I wander “through the woods and forest glades” or from “lofty mountain grandeur”, I will still seek out a church and I will go in and say a prayer, offer up my worship in whatever “temple” I find myself in knowing that for years prayers and songs of worship have been sent up in that place in languages different from my own – and even though I may be far from home, I will still have a sense of belonging with God’s people in God’s house. 

Blessings, Annette 

Moment for Mediation  

The Peace of Wild Things 

When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night at the least sound in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be, I go and lie down where the wood drake rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds. I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief. I come into the presence of still water. And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light. For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free. 

Wendell Berry 

from New Collected Poems (Counterpoint, 2012) 

Copyright (c) 2012 by Wendell Berry 


Willie Porter, one of our Elders, gave me documents as he thought some of the congregation might be interested as they refer to his grandfather’s induction in the Church of Scotland at Cults, Aberdeenshire. 

This got me thinking about how I could use this in UPDATE 

In recent issues of UPDATE we have had articles about the call for radical change. 

An Induction service in 1900 was clearly very different from our service in 2018 




Treasurers Report 





Weekly  2,838  2,666 
Monthly  25,194  25,671 
Plate  5,689  5,367 
Gift Aid  8,227  7,887 
TOTAL  41,948  41,591 

FOG Squad 

The FOG Squad starts on Sunday 1st September. We look forward to seeing you then. AS. 


JAFFA are looking forward to a new year of fun after our summer break. 

We welcome all young people S1 to S4 to join us for fun games and discussions on the last Sunday of the month. This year we are particularly excited to introduce more cafe visits and to find out how we can support our Fairtrade status. 

Our first meeting is Sunday the 29th September at 11am in the session house. 


Flamingo Cards

YES, it’s that time of year again. It’s only 18 weeks to Christmas!! Get your shopping off to an early start with a browse through the new Flamingo Card brochure. There are lots of Christmas cards, paper, tags and advent calendars, as well as beautiful birthday cards, to choose from. 

The brochures will be available from the beginning of September. As usual, 10% of all sales goes to Church funds. See me after the Sunday service or phone 853919 for a brochure. 


Congregational Outing 

With a full bus and glorious sunshine we travelled to Pitlochry, stopping for a lovely 2 course lunch at the Biba Café. 

Before we left for the House of Bruar some of the party put in a bit of practice at retail therapy to tune up for what lay ahead. Throughout the trip there was a regular opportunity to select a sweet or three from the vast selection on offer from Marion Palmer. They were yummy! 

At House of Bruar some chose a cup of tea/coffee, others had an ice cream and some actually had a look at the retail outlets but your correspondent was not aware of any purchases but he is sure there had to be some. 

And finally what about the gin tasting. Regretfully or fortunately the lack of space for this article prevents including any more about this. Anon 

Dates for your Diary 



Service at Condor Court 2pm. 

4th    Coffee and chat Panbride Hall 10am each Wednesday excluding Fairlogie café dates. 

14th  Congregational Supper – Panbride Hall 7pm 

17th  Finance Committee – Session Room 7pm 

19th Congregational Board – Panbride Hall 7:30pm 

22nd Harvest Thanksgiving Service 11am Scryne Farm 

26th Concert by Arbroath Instrumental Band and Junior Band – Newton Church 7.30pm 


6th Service Condor Court 2pm 

17th Kirk Session – Panbride Hall 7:30pm 


2nd Coffee Morning – Panbride Hall 10-11:30am 

3rd Service Condor Court 2pm 

17th Holy Communion 11am Newton Church 3 pm Panbride Hall 

21st Congregational Board – Panbride Hall 7:30pm 

Creche Rota


1st Gillian Sawers / Joyce Brown 

8th Tom Black / Dawn Barrowman 

15th Marion Palmer / Joanna Stout 

22nd Beth Lee Smith / Annetta Anderson 

29th Joyce Brown / Tom Black 


6th No Creche 

13th Gillian Sawers / Dawn Barrowman 

20th Marion Palmer / Joanna Stout 

27th Tom Black / Beth Lee Smith 


3rd Joyce Brown / Annetta Anderson 

10th Gillian Sawers / Dawn Barrowman 

17th Marion Palmer / Joanna Stout 

24th Tom Black / Beth Lee Smith 


1st Dawn Barrowman / Joyce Brown 

8th Tom Black / Annetta Anderson 

Needles and Pins

Needles and Pins Group resume on 27th August at 2pm in the Session Room. Thereafter every 2 week

Old and new members will be made very welcome. For more information telephone 853919. PJT. 

Fundraising & Social Committee 

The next event to be held will be a Congregational Supper to be held in Panbride Hall on Saturday 14th September 2019 at 7.00 pm. Cost is £12.50 per head and as spaces are limited, names and money to be given to Barbara Gillespie as soon as possible, telephone 411184. Final numbers and money to Barbara by 8th September. 

A concert by Arbroath Instrumental Band and Junior Band is to be held in Newton Church, Arbroath Road on Thursday, 26th September 2019 starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £5 for adults and £1 for children and you can pay at the door. 

We are holding a Coffee Morning on Saturday, 2nd November 2019 in Panbride Hall, Arbroath Road from 10.00 until 11.30 am and tickets cost £2.00. Donations of tray bakes and cake and candy would be greatly appreciated. 

I mentioned bottle bags in a previous issue of Update and here is more information on their use 

Can we ask that donations of bottles and jars of produce, e.g. sauces, wine, toiletries, jam etc. to the value of a minimum of £1.00 be put in the used bottle bags so we can have a bottle bag stall at the Coffee Morning. More information can be had from Committee members if required. 


Friendship Circle 

Carnoustie Panbride Friendship Circle resumes at 2 p.m. on Tuesday 8 October, in Panbride Hall when Ron Scrimgeour will speak on ‘The Wark o’ the Weavers’ We look forward to welcoming all existing members and new. 

Please come and join us for an afternoon of friendship and a cup of tea and chat. SW. 

Flower Calendar


1st Mrs Jacqueline Beattie 

8th Mrs Mary Taylor / Mrs Moira Cowan 

15th Mrs Brenda Easton 

22nd Harvest /Mrs Ann Brown 

29th Mrs Elizabeth Watson 


6th Mrs J. Sturrock / Mrs S. Devanay 

13th Mrs Dorothy Booth 

20th Mrs Phyllis Scanlow 

27th Mrs Margaret Easton / Mrs June Jones 


3rd Mrs Ann Clark / Mrs D Smith 

10th Mrs Pat Geekie / Mrs Kathleen Fulton 

17th Mrs Maureen Low /Mrs Nan Reid 

24th Mrs Alison Scott 


1st Mrs Gillian Bennett 

8th Mrs Rita Clark 

Congregational Register


Mr Billy Norris 16th June 2019 

Miss Diane Finlayson 25th June 2019 

Mr Jason McCarthy 1st July 2019 

Mr Russell Winter 7th July 2019 

Mrs Helen Tulloch 1st August 2019* 

Mrs Jenny Jeffrey 1st August 2019* 

Mrs Jean Bell 8th August 2019* 

*Member of congregation 


Robert Aird and Jade Sturrock on 6th July at Panbride Church 

Alex Fowlie and Ruth Batchelor on 19th July at Panbride Church 

New Members: 

Mr Brian and Mrs Susan Hamill (District 34 

Church Directory

Minister Rev Annette Gordon

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross  

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark  

Treasurer Mr W John Winterton  

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie  

Church Secretary Mrs Nicola Keen & Rollkeeper Contact via: 

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie  

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell  

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter  

Fund Raising & Social Convener Mrs Helen Harley  

Flower Convener Mrs Eleanor Whamond  

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor  

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll  

Friendship Circle Mrs Cathie Connor  

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart

Youth Group JAFFA Mrs Joanna Stout

Creche Mrs June Black  

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll