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August 23rd, 2020

Update  23 August 2020

This is edition has information about the impact of Covid 19


The impact of Covid-19 has resulted in Church closure 

The photographs below are not our Church but a church which re-opened recently. They are included to give an example of what to expect when Newton re-opens


Solitude and silence are ways to get to the heart because the heart is the place where God speaks to us, where we hear the voice which calls us Beloved.  (Henri Nouwen) 


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Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 

Musings from the Manse 

Here we are almost at the end of the August – how did that happen? 

What happened to spring and summer? 

I hope that with the easing of Lockdown and the pause in shielding that you have been able to get out more and see friends and family. 

Perhaps you have even been able to have a staycation. Although I am sure it was a different kind of holiday from usual. 

Of course, living in such a beautiful part of the world we don’t need to go far to enjoy lovely scenery – it’s right here on our doorstep. 

We begin to look forward cautiously to autumn. This is usually such an exciting time for us as a congregation and for me as a minister. 

Usually, I would be thinking about visiting the children and teachers at Carlogie Primary. We would be welcoming our own children and young people back from the FOG Squad and JAFFA, and we would be planning all sorts of events such as our Harvest Thanksgiving Service and Remembrance Sunday and beginning to forward plan for all the Advent and Christmas Services. 

Our halls would be busy with all the organisations restarting for their autumn sessions. 

And, oh, how I miss the sound of the pipe band and the brass band as they rehearse in our halls. 

Life is not normal. 

And this might be as good as it gets for a while. 

Phase 4 of the Route Map might still be a way off and we should all be treading carefully afraid of a spike or a second wave. 

And maybe you long for the things that give you life. The things that energize you and bring you joy. 

For nights out at the theatre; mornings at the gym; afternoons at the football or the rugby; returning to all your clubs and looking forward to social events. 

Maybe you miss your work – being part of something; doing something constructive; using your God-given gifts. 

Or perhaps you are drained of all energy and enthusiasm for anything right now. 

Like most of us, I look forward to the day when we can all be back in church together. Our online worship is well supported, and I am so grateful for all the encouragement that kept me going while I struggled with the technology that make these services possible. I intend to continue these services in some format even when we return to church so that those in the most vulnerable categories who may choose not to return to church for the time being are provided for and that they are still able to participate in church life. 

But I do miss coming to church on a Sunday morning. I miss singing the hymns and listening to the music; having a wee laugh with the choir; the excitement and giggles of the children; I miss hearing everyone’s stories; I miss the handshakes and hugs at the door. 

I miss you! 

Yes, we can still be the Body of Christ wherever we are and we can love and care for one another from a distance (and by keeping our distance) but I can’t pretend that recording the service in an empty church is something that gives me life and fills me with joy. 

I miss the eye contact; the warmth; the humour; the spontaneity. 

I miss the move of the Spirit among us when the Word stirs our hearts and the music reaches our souls. 

And no matter how much I try – it is difficult to replicate that sense of spiritual connection alone in an empty church. 

But I have learned not to trust my feelings or even circumstances where God’s power is concerned. God is present with us in our worship wherever we are worshiping. In the empty church; in our homes in front of the iPad or tv; through the ‘phone line, despite our feelings, despite our circumstances, as Paul the Apostle tells us, “God does not live in temples built by human hands. He is never far from anyone of us …reach out for Him and find Him” (Acts 17: 24 – 27). 



It will not be possible to provide Creche facilities until approval for these is given. When that is received the facility will be provided on an as and when required basis. At that stage it would be helpful if parents who would like to make use of this facility contact June Black (Tel 410196) no later than the day before the service.

June Black 


We hope you have had a lovely Summer and we are looking forward to meeting with the children again when guidance states that it is safe to do so. 

At the end of the last FOG Squad session we did not get the opportunity to thank Fiona Gray and Helen Waggott for their hard work and dedication. Both ladies are retiring from FOG Squad after many years and we wish them all the best. 

Until we can meet again, we are offering a Virtual FOG Squad starting on 6th September. If your child is interested in this experience contact me on with your email details. It is planned to email a link to a bible story, song and suggested activities that your child could take part in at home, older children will also have links to a passage in the Good News Bible. 

Alison Stuart 


A New Year for JAFFA! 

JAFFA look forward to restarting meetings, in some way, in the Autumn and welcoming our new members as they move from FOG and primary into S1. 

We also welcome Mrs Fiona Gray who is joining Mrs Susan Hamill and myself in delivering our fun sessions. 

We hope to begin a block of New Communicant classes for those young people who wish to take part. 

Joanna Stout 

TREASURERS REPORT as at 31 July 2020 

Year End2019202020202020
Items of Concern££££
Weekly FWO Envelopes5045447934301049
Gift Aid1250512400112001200
Use of Premises **126121200036818319
Fundraising **28161500552948
Tea/Coffee/Soup Donations **258324006271773
Panbride Hall ##00010700
Job Retention Scheme(2400)
Other Donations(1700)
Standing Orders(1400)
Other Fabric Heat & Light etc(2400)

## The reflooring of the Panbride Hall and the Hallway had resulted in a deficit for the year of £10,700. 

This report will focus on what the result on the Church’s finances will be at the end of the year given that the Church may reopen sometime in September and trying to estimate the impact this will have on the finances, no easy task with restricted numbers due to guidelines in relation to social distancing. Allied to that is the talk of a second wave of Covid -19 infections as well as seasonal flu. Therefore, the best estimate at this moment in time is about £21,000 loss. 

Since the last update there has been some changes in the anticipated shortfall and these are as follows: 

FWO Envelopes 

I have now received a number of envelopes and these are reflected in the figure of £3,430 above. The budget of £4,479 is based on what was received in 2019 and since shutdown there are about 8 who have envelopes and have not managed to get them to me so it is difficult to predict the outcome at year end. If you are one of these 8 and intend to pass these envelopes at some point before year end could you please contact me and let me know. I would appreciate it as it would allow me to gauge the year end in relation to the envelopes a lot better. 


This heading continues to be a concern; I have received about £325 in cash on which I can claim gift aid and another £450 in cheques (included in Savings- Other Donations figure of £1,500) that would normally go in the plate as cash (Gift Aid cannot be claimed on cheques). 

As a rough guide of the sum uncollected this year (end of March to end of July) the sum placed in the plate during this time last year was about £3,200. 

Gift Aid 

The shortfall of £1,200 is mainly due to the shortfall in the plate. 

The items marked ** 

Difficult to see anything changing in the remainder of this year in relation to Fundraising & Tea/Coffee/Soup donations but perhaps the Use of Premises may in which case the shortfall will be less on this heading. 

To confirm the current arrangements in force for the collection of income: 

Put cash in an envelope or bag (or any suitable container) that you would normally put in the plate and pass these along with the FWO envelopes to me at 31 Newton Crescent

This can be done if you are out on a daily walk or a family member or friend can do it for you or post any cheques if that suits you. 

Wherever possible for the cash please use notes as it will make it easier for me when banking with RBS. This is not essential but would help. It has to be cash because I claim 25% gift aid on the cash normally put in the plate. 

FWO envelopes should contain, wherever possible, notes or cheques but again not essential. 

Those members who pay annually by cheque and are reminded by letter could you please remember that the staff are not in and no reminders will be sent out. Again please send these to me at the above address. 

Those members considering making a donation to help the finances of the Church please send these to me as well. 

I am nearly always in even when there is no car on the drive so please knock on the door and step back to a safe distance while I answer the door or just put the items through the letterbox. 

W J Winterton 




This will take place between the 

From Monifieth to Montrose 

18-20 September 2020 

To find out how you can get involved 

visit local social media sites 


Look up 


Before we re-open our buildings much work has to be done to ensure that we properly implement the published guidelines which at the time of writing are in their 4th edition and run to 58 pages. 

There are all sorts of questions to be answered and systems to be put in place so that we can keep all the people who enter our buildings as safe as we possibly can. 

The virus has not gone away. It is still here and still as easily transmitted. 

So here is what you can expect our church services to look like when we do open our buildings: 

With current physical distancing measurements only 24 people will be able to attend a service of worship 

Protect and Trace – we are required to keep a temporary register of those who attend worship as such you will be asked to provide your name and a contact number on entering the building 

You will be expected to sanitize your hands on entering and leaving the building 

Face mask or face covering must be worn (mandatory from 7 August) 

You will be directed to a seat 

There will be a one-way system in place 

The doors of the church will remain open during the service 

Physical distancing of 2metres must be observed at all times and in all areas of the church buildings 

Bibles and hymn books will be removed 

All soft furnishings including cushions; pulpit falls; lectern falls will be removed 

No singing – to avoid the spreading of aerosol particles 

No shaking hands or offering any other form of a physical welcome or farewell to other members of the congregation 

No tea/coffee or fellowship after the service 

No doubt, going to church will be strange for a while but all these things are necessary to keep us safe. So please do bear with us as we work through all these challenges. 

Blessings  Annette 

Congregational Register


Gillian Bennett and Lindsay Cook on 4th July in Manse Garden of Newton Church 


Mrs Violet Agnes Elizabeth MacNaughton* 6 August 2020  * Member of congregation

Church Directory

Minister  Rev Annette Gordon 
Session Clerk  Mrs Lyn Ross 
Clerk to Board  Mr Walter Ruark 
Treasurer  Mr W John Winterton 
Gift Aid  Mr Stan Beattie 
Magazine Convener  Mr David Taylor 
Flower Convener  Mrs Eleanor Whamond 
FOG Squad—Team Leader  Mrs Alison Stuart 
Youth Group JAFFA  Mrs Joanna Stout 
Creche  Mrs June Black 


Everyday, everywhere are glimpses of Your glory, Lord. Creation basks in the warmth of the sun’s rays and I know that You hold me. Clouds throw their cover over the earth and I know that You enfold me. 

Today, Lord God, scatter Your grace around me that I might haul it in and marvel at its beauty. And may I be ready to let it go so others may catch sight of You. Amen. 

(Pray Now – Word of Life – The Church of Scotland Mission and Discipleship Council) 


(subject to KS and Presbytery approval of re-opening ) 

September 2020 

20th Mrs A. Brown 

27th Mrs E. Watson 

October 2020 

4th Mrs J. Sturrock / Mrs S. Devanay 

11th Mrs D. Booth 

18th Mrs K. Fulton 

25th Mrs M. Easton / Mrs J. Jones 

November 2020 

1st Mrs A. Clark / Mrs D. Smith 

8th Mrs P. Geekie 

15th Mrs M. Low / Mrs N. Reid 

22nd Mrs A. Scott 

29th Mrs G. Cook 


In one article in the August issue of Life and Work the Moderator the Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair has made an appeal for Christians to play their part in the Black Lives Matter campaign. 

In another article entitled “Our Wake up moment?” he says that while all congregations have sung the hymn ‘The church is not a building’ but in 2020 we’ve been forced to work out what this actually means. After mentioning many of the changes and initiatives that have taken place during lockdown he asks have the circumstances caused us to hear the cry ‘Wake up, O sleeper?’ Are we being roused from our slumbers, being caused to embrace the radical change required of us? 

Is this our wake up moment? 


Unfortunately due to the current situation the Friendship Circle has been cancelled for the next few months at least. We hope to meet again after Christmas and any news will be published in the magazine. 

Susan Wilson 


I will be placing another order for cards within the next few weeks if anyone would like to place an order. So far approx £20 has been raised. 10% of all sales go towards much needed church funds. If you would like a brochure, please phone me on 853919, and I can deliver one to you. Thank you to all those who continue to support this. The Christmas brochure should be available late September. 

Pat Taylor 


Unfortunately there have been no fundraising or social events held due to the Covid restrictions but hopefully the coffee morning and concert which were planned for later in the year will be able to go ahead, but who knows. There are still bills to be paid by the Church so we hope we can raise some money this year. 

Helen Harley