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July 8th, 2021

Update  4 July 2021 



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Dear friends 

In the February edition of UPDATE, Gillian Cook told us a little of her involvement with “The Listening Project” *, an initiative from the Church of Scotland to allow people to share their experiences of faith during the pandemic. 

The full results of the Listening Project have now been published with members reflecting on a wide range of issues including the future of the Church as well as the challenges and opportunities that continuing to be Church through a pandemic brought. 

As I read the report I was encouraged and challenged in equal measure. 

Many people across all generations spoke of how their faith had been a source of strength for them as Covid restrictions changed life as we knew it. 

Most participants said that they valued the opportunity to be included using technology for worship services and to be able to share and study God’s word. 

One contributor said—“A Bible study on Zoom works – parents don’t need babysitters.” 

And although many churches say they reached more people with online worship, other people felt that they had been “cut off” or felt “detached” due to their church focussing too much on online worship and fellowship especially if they did not have access to the internet. 

In a bid to ensure that no one in our congregation or community feels “cut off” or “detached”, Carnoustie Panbride Church is continuing to provide “blended” worship. We have in person services in our church (where we can now sing!) and online services. It is also possible to get a printed transcript of the service. 

We did have a dedicated “Dial a Service” ‘phone number but it was never used despite being widely advertised. 

One of the most difficult things during the months of Lockdown was keeping in contact with people especially those who had no internet access, and this is where ministers, elders and pastoral care teams came in for most criticism in the Listening Project Report. People complained that elderly relatives had not received any contact at all during the pandemic. Although, I think much of the criticism in the Report is unfair, it has weighed heavily on my mind that there are people that we have not been in touch with – those that we do not have email addresses or ‘phone numbers for – so it has been good that we have been able to publish and distribute UPDATE during the last months. Members of our congregation also volunteered with Voluntary Action Angus delivering shopping or medicine to the housebound or just being available for a chat with those who were lonely. 

I hope soon to restart pastoral visits. The Church of Scotland guidance on pastoral visiting says that these visits should be by invitation so please do let me know if you would like a visit. 

Going forward, we hope to welcome more and more people back to church now that restrictions are being lifted and most people have received two vaccinations. However, I am aware that for various reasons, some might not be ready to come back to church. We hope to continue with the online services in some format and have a group looking at how we can do that in a way that is not as labour intensive as the current pre-recorded service which goes out on YouTube, Facebook, and our website. 

If you have any audio/visual skills and could help with the live streaming or recording of our church services, please do contact me. 

Please also contact me if you would like a printed transcript of the Sunday service. 

Love and Blessings, Annette

*The full report can be found here on the Church of Scotland website 

Key Decisions at the General Assembly 

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland was held online in May. Decisions were made which will affect every parish in the Church of Scotland. 

Rev Rosie Frew, Convenor of the Faith Nurture Forum speaking about the Church’s plan to reduce ministries to 600 said that the Church had shied away for years and years from making hard decisions but these decisions had now been made and she hoped that people would get behind them in prayer and action “so that we can go forward as a stronger, healthier church with a future instead of the dying institution that we are because people will not make hard decisions.” 

Very Rev Dr John Chalmers said, “There is no doubt that we are asking the Church to undertake the most far reaching and difficult planning task since 1929”. 

Here are some of the key decisions: 

Moratorium on increasing Ministry & Mission contributions lifted 

New Ministries & Mission allocation model – “Giving to Grow” 

National Gift Day around Harvest to support the work of the local church 

New Mission Plan Act 

Reduce ministries to 600 (480 Full time ministers of Word & Sacrament) 

Current Presbytery Plans suspended (vacant charges not given permission to call and for those currently vacant, the permission to call lapses on 31 December 2021 unless a sole nominee has preached) 

Disinvestment from fossil fuel companies 

Overture on Legislation to allow ministers to conduct same sex marriages 

Joint Declaration with Scottish Episcopal Church 


This article is an abridged version of the reflection presented at the morning service on 6th June by Walter Ruark a member of the Worship Team. 

If you were asked to come up with 5 things that make you thankful, what these would be? 

As we get nearer and nearer the end of this pandemic, there are perhaps more and more things that we should be thankful for – all our nurses and doctors who have fought long and hard in our hospitals, all the care-home staff, our very dedicated scientists who have developed the vaccines which will enable us to emerge from the Covid 19 nightmare, all those essential workers who have kept our country running from 23rd March 2020, and continue to do so – and perhaps too, our often maligned politicians, who have had to deal with a worldwide crisis, which they could not, in any realistic sense have been prepared for. 

Are we therefore now MORE thankful for some things, because of what we have experienced in the months and year just past? There would undoubtedly be a wide range in your five choices but I would suggest the answer would be YES. 

It is very likely that family, friends and love will feature in many choices. A family unit, irrespective of how it is made up, changes over time, and is a blessing to all those who are cared for in it. In Mark’s gospel Jesus reminds us that ‘ whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother. Our family is the Church, whether here in Panbride or Newton or wherever and whenever, we meet together. 

There is a short verse from Mark Twain which I think encapsulates the essence of friendship where he says ;- 

I cannot promise you a life of sunshine; 

I cannot promise riches, wealth or gold; 

I cannot promise you an easy pathway 

That leads away from change or growing old. 

But I can promise all my heart’s devotion; 

A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow; 

A love that’s ever true and ever growing; 

A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow. 

However, should we as Christians not always BE THANKFUL for all the good gifts that our bible tells us come from God. None of us know what tomorrow may bring, but with good friends and particularly with the FRIEND we have in Jesus, we will have the strength to carry on 

1st Corinthians Chapter 13 at verse 13, is one of the most well known and most Loved passages in the Bible. Human love is not a given, but God’s Love is. It is unconditional, unwavering, cannot be earned, but is there every second, every minute, every hour of every day. Our prayer of thanksgiving, our BE THANKFUL prayer, to our Father in Heaven, is not merely the acknowledgement of his gifts to us, but an acknowledgement of His Love for us. 

Walter’s other choices were music and nature. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR 5 CHOICES? 


“When is it coming?” “Where is it?” “Can you see it yet?” I’m waiting to cross the railway at the station. Gazing idly at the sea’s expanse stretching out before me. Above, on the bridge excitement is mounting. “It’s coming!” “It’s coming!”. Little feet stomp in excitement. The train approaches signalling its arrival with the familiar two note toot that can be heard everywhere. The driver takes time to wave making his bridge audience shriek. The train speeds by in a blur and the little feet charge down the steps. Shout so of laughter echo. I can remember Carnoustie in the 60s and the trains were a regular feature. Chugging their way up and down the line with steam clouds billowing in their wake. Long toots as they approached the station. Dashing up the steps of the bridge to be enveloped in a cloud of stinky smoke. Such excitement. 

Some things never change 

I went to Kinloch Primary as did both my parents. When the school was being demolished there were still ten people who had all started Primary 1 same time as my Mum still living locally and still in touch. One of the “classmates told a workman how sad they all were to see the building go. The workman went to the bother of splitting up bricks so each of them could have a part of “their” school. 

Some things have to change 

When I was at Kinloch our class had a day out- all the way to Aberdeen. It was a grand day out! Aberdeen! A whole day AND on the train! Such a novelty as we sat in our compartments with their sliding doors. Strict instructions, “No heads out of the window!” It was a mixture of educational and fun. 

We visited: 

The Fish Market -very smelly – still there; 

The Ice Factory – very cold-long gone; 

The Lighthouse – very tall- now unmanned; 

Rubislaw Quarry – very busy – now an empty hole. 

Later, it was down to the Beach. Aberdeen Beach was long and flat and it had a prom and a walkway! I remember being bemused because it was so different to “our” beach. Back then, our beach was an undulating mass of dunes and hollows and spikey marram grass. 

Some things change 

These past long months we have all been through changing times. Change was forced upon us. Sudden changes over which we had very little control. Our old familiar ways and routines were disrupted. Having to find a new way as a pandemic rose in waves around us. This was a virus which knew no boundaries yet out of necessity our horizons were narrowed. Yet we have adapted and changed our ways. Now, at the time of writing we are in Level 2 still with restrictions but no longer in lockdown. Change has been happening. More change is still to come. 

Change happens 

Gillian Cook 


This article is an abridged version of a prayer presented at the morning service on 13th June by Archie Leiper a member of the Worship Team. 

We have so much to be thankful for. The fact that we can come to worship you freely this day is a freedom and privilege that many do not have. 

We also give thanks, Lord, for our lives and health, we thank you for the honour and privilege of being called to be your ambassadors, your representatives, your Church, and members of the Kingdom of God on earth. 

Lord, we thank you for eyes to see the beauty of your creation, the changing colours of each season, the laughter of both children and adults, and the wonders of love. Help us also to see you in the eyes of not only all who are filled with your Spirit but also in the eyes and faces of those who are in need, crying to you for help. 

We thank you for ears to hear your voice in the music, laughter, and joy of our world. Help us also to hear your voice in the cries of the poor and needy, the sick and hurt, the lonely and depressed. Lord speak through us your words of comfort and hope. 

We thank you for the wonderful food you have supplied to us, even though we often take it for granted. Help us also to remember those mouths that cry for food for there is hunger in the world around us. There are those who cannot find food or afford to choose what to eat, and those whose appetite or illness does not allow them to eat. 

As we long to sing praises to you we give thanks for voices to speak, laugh, and pray. 

We ask your blessing on our members, especially those we may not have been able to be with in these past months. Grant that we may always remember each other. 

Be very near to any of our number who are facing anxiety and heartache and who feel they cannot cope. Loving Father, support them and grant them your strength and peace. 

We pray for the young families in our midst. The pressures at this time upon them are so great. Help them to know that you care for them, and help them to deal with all the demands placed upon them. 

We bring to you our minister and her family. We thank you for them and for all they do for us. Bless them and help us to encourage them in their work for you. 

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers and touch these situations with your grace and love, as we pray in Jesus’ name. 



You have to listen to the One who calls you Beloved, 

That has to be affirmed over and over again 

That is prayer – listening to the voice of the One who calls you “The Beloved” 

Henri Nouwen 


Was held virtually from Saturday 22nd May until Thursday 27th May 2021. Our Presbytery Elder Joyce Brown was one of the Angus commissioners to participate and the article below reflects on her experiences of the event. 

This year the General Assembly was once again held via zoom. The first day, Sat 22nd May ran from 10am until 16.10pm, with a break of about 45 min. After worship, which was conducted by the Right Rev Martin Fair, James R Wallace, of Tankerness was appointed Moderator. On this day we had read out to us a letter from Her Majesty the Queen. We also had Her Majesty’s Commission to H.R.H Duke of Cambridge, to be her representative, at the General Assembly. 

The Duke of Cambridge spoke to the Assembly; it was a very warm and passionate speech talking of his love of Scotland and what Scotland means to him. An address from the retiring Moderator, The Very Rev Dr Martin Fair, where he stated that the church still has a lot to do in Scotland and elsewhere. After a short break business started. I sat at my desk with three devices on, one to watch the proceedings and one to read the reports as they were being brought up for discussion and voting, and one to vote on. At the end of the day my head was buzzing but in a good way. 

There is no General Assembly on Sunday. 

On the Monday and until Thursday the time frame was 1pm until 6pm give or take an hour or so, with a wee break. The topics and discussions were great, although some days we did not finish until later than expected. It was interesting to get an insight into some of the things that the different committees deal with. 

Some of the topics were about how the church will survive the pandemic, and at what cost. There are no answers to these questions, yet. How many ministers the church can afford to have? How are presbyteries progressing with reorganisation? Our own presbytery is involved in change. And many more topics 

Not everything went smoothly, as on the Monday there were technical problems and we had to wait 45 minutes to have it sorted out, and the experts did just that. 

On the run up to the General Assembly, the reports started to come in, some were more like a mini book than a report. I have to admit, when I saw the length of some of them, I wondered what had I got myself involved in. It is a long time to sit on a zoom meeting, so I had to get up and move about in my work area, have plenty to drink and some little treats. Having someone in the house to keep me fed and watered was great. Each morning there was worship to start the day, and it seemed strange singing out loud a hymn with no one else there. (My neighbours are still talking to me.) 

When it comes down to it, I really enjoyed my time as a zoom commissioner. I gained a little insight to what goes on. I am so blessed that I had the opportunity to be a commissioner. 

Joyce Brown 


20202021MAY 2021
Weekly FWO Envelopes 4,637 3,845 2,209 1,636 
Standing Orders 43,774 41,830 20,370 21,460 
Plate # 3,126 4,000 410 3,590 
Gift Aid 11,365 11,000 5,334 5,666 
Use of Premises # 3,681 3,000 3,000 
Fundraising 722 400 99 301 
TOTAL 67,305 64,075 28,422 35,653 

The year 2021 is a difficult one in terms of managing the finances of the Church and trying to estimate what the final picture will be at the end of December. 

We agreed the budget for the year at a deficit of £1,500 which included a one- off reduction in Ministry & Mission costs of about £8,000 plus a provision of £2,000 to cover any reduction in income due to members of the congregation no longer being with us. 

However, items of concern include the plate and use of premises (see above marked #). The final figure at year end will depend on fully opening the Church and premises. Another item of concern is the fabric expenditure which is now facing a large bill in relation to the Manse which arose earlier this year and was not covered in the budget. It is a case of wait and see as the months pass; the outcome will become much clearer around September. 



I have nothing to report as we are still in the same position as far as restrictions are concerned. In the meantime, take care and stay safe HH. 


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