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November 30th, 2021


28 November 2021





Christmas Services Newton Church 2021

1st Sunday in Advent – 28th November – Morning Worship including Adult Baptism, Admission of New Communicants, and Sacrament of Holy Communion

2nd Sunday in Advent – 5th December 11am – Morning Worship

3rd Sunday in Advent – 12th December 11am – Morning Worship including The Nativity

Service of Quiet Reflection – 12th December – 4pm

4th Sunday in Advent – 19th December 11am – Morning Worship

Carols Around the Christmas Tree in church grounds – Wednesday 22nd December 7pm (tbc weather dependent)

Christmas Eve Service – 24th December 7pm

1st Sunday of Christmas – 26th December 11am – Morning Worship

2nd Sunday of Christmas – 2nd January 11am – Morning Worship

Morning Worship Services where possible will be live streamed on Facebook and posted on YouTube later in the day.



E-mail Church Secretary: 


Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 



Dear friends 

So, here we are again in the season of Advent, a time of waiting, preparation, and expectation. Last year, Christmas was quite different from what we were expecting. A sudden rise in Covid infections meant that much longed for Christmas get-togethers with family and friends had to be cancelled or shortened at the very last minute. 

This year, although the infection rate is again rising and there is no room complacency, most of us will be triple vaccinated by Christmas and it is unlikely that we will go into another Lockdown. I hope I don’t have cause to regret saying that! 

At church, we have moved slowly and cautiously, but now have our children back in the sanctuary with us, and tea, coffee, and fellowship after the service. 

We will have the masks and hand sanitizer as well as ventilation and extra cleaning with us for the foreseeable future. 

Although, many of our congregation have returned to church, there are some who are not ready to return. At the beginning of Lockdown in March 2020, we started to prerecord services of worship for Facebook and YouTube so that people at home could still be part of worship and feel very much part of the church family. These services were well received. Recently, with the installation of Wi-Fi in Newton Church, we are now able to live stream the service at 11am and then post the “recorded live” video on YouTube later in the day. Live streaming means that people watching at home can watch the service “as it happens” along with the congregation. 

I have had some feedback from people who say that they feel more included in worship with the live stream. So, although I hope the Christmas services will be well-attended, I am also hoping that as many of the services as possible can be live streamed. 

The “live streaming” also frees up some welcome hours in the week which will become more and more important as we await the Presbytery Mission Plan and the changes to the ministries in Angus that it will bring. 

So, as we journey through Advent together, my prayer is that Christ will be at the heart of your Christmas and that Jesus, the Light of the World, will enrich your Christmas with joy and wonder. 

Love and blessings, 


Retiral of Flower Convenor 

Eleanor Whamond has been the Flower Convenor of Carnoustie Panbride for over 25 years and we are so grateful for all that she has done during that time. 

She has organised Harvest Festivals, Flower Festivals, Christmas arrangements and the Flower Rota for the Sanctuary on a Sunday morning. No small undertaking and done quietly and efficiently. 

The Festivals have taken a lot of organising and although many have helped, Eleanor was always there, arranging her own flowers and helping others as needed. 

The Flower Rota for Sunday mornings is well organised and Eleanor was only too happy to help out if someone felt unable to arrange their own flowers. 

Thank you, Eleanor, for all you have done as Flower Convenor. We are indebted to you for the time and energy you have put in to making our churches look beautiful with the floral displays be it on a Sunday morning or a festival. 

Lyn Ross 

Treasurer’s Report

£  £ 
Weekly  3,737  3,881 
Monthly  38,826  37,670 
Plate  1,894  2,557 
Gift Aid  11,423  11,096 
TOTAL  55,880  55,204 

These headings represent over 80% of our regular income in the current year. The offering in the plate at the service on a Sunday continues to show the effects of the restrictions in force during this year; when in a normal one we would expect this total to be over £9,000. 

Nevertheless, due to a one-off reduction of about £8, 000 in the Ministry & Mission contributions to the Church of Scotland together with members who have reviewed their giving and either, increased it or gave a donation, and as a result has greatly helped the financial position of the Church. We should, therefore, achieve a small surplus at the end of this year. 

I have been warning for some time now about the potential financial outlook of the Church going forward which has not happened yet but it will. The age profile of our congregation will mean, inevitably, that many will leave us and the impact on our finances will be felt unless they are replaced by new members. 

Efforts will also need to concentrate on increasing income by encouraging some members to either start giving financially to support the church or to review what they already give to see if they can afford a little more and to maximise the use of our halls. There is very little in the way of savings in expenditure we can make at this time. Future decisions will very likely be influenced by the revised Presbytery Plan and information on that will be known shortly. 

This is the final Treasurer’s report to be provided by John Winterton. It was reported in UPDATE earlier in the year that he had tendered his resignation as Treasurer. He has held the post for 10 years and was formally thanked at the Finance Committee and Congregational Boards meetings in September. The transition to our new Treasurer John Gray is now almost completed. His contact details now appear in the Church Directory. He is now the person to contact. Stan Beattie will continue to deal with Gift Aid and Pat Hay has joined the Finance Team.


At the time of writing the pandemic that is Covid-19 continues. There is talk of a” bad winter” with experts predicting an increase in both Covid and flu cases. The numbers are expected to rise despite the vaccination programme continuing. It seems impossible to predict how all this will turn out. Living with all this uncertainty is difficult, I think. Dealing with changes which are beyond our control has not been easy. I find myself in a continual state of flux as rules and regulations alter. Nothing seems constant. 

It was January 2020 when the first reports of a new virus began to emerge. Now, as January 2022 approaches who would have thought we would still be unsure and anxious about what might happen next as the virus continues to circulate. The once frequent talk of returning to normal is nearly redundant. The easing of restrictions has made a huge difference but a return to what once was, is unlikely. Much as we may like to, we can’t turn back time. Though we are living through turbulent times there are some constants which I personally find comforting. 

The sea, now as winter approaches, more likely showing its flinty grey rather than a bright blue continues to ebb and flow. The tide meets the shore, goes out, returns in perpetual motion. Some days the grey incoming tide surges in with a relentless thunder. Waves thump the sea wall. Beat it, recede, beat it again. Other days, the grey tide rolls in with a gentle sooch and undulating ripples lap the shore. There is a hidden momentum, a continual rhythm, a constant.

The sun sets, the sun rises. At this time of year these sunsets and sunrises can create majestic scenes. Spectacularly beautiful colours unfold before our eyes. The winter sky is pale. Often grey, it hangs in a misty veil blanketing everything. Within the grey sometimes slivers of light splinter the grey cloud. On days when the sky is blue white streaks of cloud meander across the wide expanse. The evocative cries of the geese can be heard signalling their arrival or departure. Stretching out in their familiar formation they fly overhead. Always, the land or sea meet the sky and a horizon is formed. It is a constant. 

The clocks have gone back and the daylight hours shorten as the darkness lengthens. Within the darkness lies the beauty of the night sky. As or eyes grow accustomed to the dark, shapes become more clearly outlined. Though dark, the night sky has a gentle light. On a clear dark night, the sky is dotted with stars which twinkle like crystal rods. The darkness at night is a constant. 

The moon goes through its phases waxing and waning. Sometimes it’s completely obscured but at other times its translucent light filters across the sky. Dark clouds can scud across the moon’s surface creating magical patterns. Regardless of its visibility we know the moon is there. Sometimes the moonlight plays upon the sea creating a subtle path of light which dances over the waves and that mysterious connection between the moon and the sea becomes more evident. The continual link of the earth, sun, moon and sea is a constant. 

As Christians, our ways of worship may have had to change yet the foundations on which those beliefs are built remain strong and certain. Soon it will be December and Christmas time will arrive. Regardless of how we will celebrate Christmas this year the magic of the season remains. The Christmas story of a baby, born in a stable, born for us and born to save the world can be told and retold time and time again. No matter how often we hear the story it still holds wonder for us all. In these changing times the magic of Christmas remains. Our faith is a constant.

 Gillian Cook

Thank You Very Much 

During the 18 months when the Church Office has been closed we have been able to publish UPDATE thanks to the help and support of Dundee based firm DWK. 

They supplied the church with our first copier more than 30 years ago and we have always looked to them as and when copier had to be replaced. 

During this time their service of machines has been excellent and we had no cause to look to any other company. 

Their help during the pandemic has however been beyond that normally received. We would send the text for UPDATE to them and they would print the magazine and then deliver back to Carnoustie at no extra cost to the Church That is after sales service at its best. 

So to David, Fiona and Ross we say a sincere THANK YOU for helping us to keep Carnoustie Panbride Church members informed of Church news during what has been a difficult time for us all. 


Christmas Post Arrangements

Carnoustie Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association 

will once again be doing their Christmas Post. Post boxes will be in various shops. 

Last day for posting is 18th December 2021. 

Cost is only 20p per card. 

All money raised is for the benefit of all the children in the Company. 

Mary Bushnell

Carnoustie Scout Group

will be running their Christmas card delivery service this year. 

The cost is 25p per card for delivery in Carnoustie and 40p for delivery in Arbroath, Monifieth, Broughty Ferry, Newbigging, Kellas, Wellbank & Monikie.. 

Find our post boxes in a shop

you. Post Boxes open from 25th November until 12pm 17th December 2021.

Last post for Arbroath, Monifieth and Broughty Ferry -Tuesday 14th December. 

Lesley van Niekerk 

Scout Post Group 

Thinking Ahead

Earlier in the year a group of Trustees from the Kirk Session and the Congregational Board were appointed to prepare and present to Trustees a costed plan to 

1. replace the original WEB pages for the church as there were ongoing operational problems with updating the site 

2. install Wi-Fi in Newton Church. The Minister and Trustees were of the view that an online service introduced at the start of Covid lockdown should continue as part of the regular pattern of worship as it met a need for those who cannot or do not come to Church. It would enable the on line service on a Sunday morning to be streamed live rather than the time consuming recording and editing being undertaken by the Minister on a weekly basis. 

At the outset the contract to host the WEB pages was with an American company and the contract was due for renewal in August 2021. This was not renewed and a costed contract with a local company Carnoustie creative to redesign and host our WEB pages was agreed. 

The new WEB pages will be operational in the next few weeks and it is hoped and it is expected the new pages will be more easily navigated and provide links to other social media platforms. Once you have seen the revised pages please let any of the Trustees know what you think of the new version. 

To install Wi-Fi in Newton Church it was necessary to go to one of the main providers and for a number of reason Virgin was selected. At a site visit it was confirmed that installation would be possible and that the standard advertised installation fee would apply. A contract with Virgin was then agreed. Installation was completed at the end of October and the Sunday service in Church is now being live streamed on Facebook and posted on YouTube later in the day. 

The next step is to establish a Wi-Fi signal in the church to improve the internet connection which is currently very slow. Thereafter It is hoped it will be possible to provide a Wi-Filink to Newton and Panbride Halls and this would provide a range of opportunities for those church groups and external organisations who hire the use of the halls. 

The first stage of Thinking Ahead has been successfully completed. The group will continue to meet and consider ways in which new technology could enhance both sound and vision of services. A report on costed options will be prepared for Trustees consideration In due course.


Friendship Circle 

The Friendship Circle will resume meetings in Panbride Hall at 2 p.m. on Tuesday 11 January 2022 with a Meet and Greet Social Afternoon. Please come. 

Dorothy Fyffe 


The scheduled date for the next issue of UPDATE is 27th February 2022 

Large print copies are printed for each issue. If this would be helpful to you please let me know and arrangements will be made to deliver a copy to you. 

If you would like to change to an e-mail copy please send me an e-mail ( and arrange-ments will be made to send future issues by e-mail

Fundraising Report

Unfortunately nothing has changed since the last issue of Update. We are still waiting for the restrictions to be lifted to allow some sort of fundraising. 


The Cleaning Teams 

The Cleaning Teams and the reserves have worked very hard over the past year. 

This amounts to over 40 people who have kept our 2 churches and halls clean and safe to comply with Covid guidelines. A big thank you to them all 

If anyone would like to join a team or be put on the reserve list, please contact me on 853919. 

Pat Taylor 

Flamingo Cards

I know how to make our Treasurer smile – hand over some money! 

And that’s just what I did. I handed over £160 for Church Funds, the proceeds from the sale of Flamingo Cards. Thanks to all my loyal customers and some new ones too for making such a wonderful sum. I’ll have a new brochure in the Spring. Thanks you all for supporting the Church. 

Pat Taylor


JAFFA are pleased to announce they will return to meeting indoors. 

Our first meeting will be 28th November, during the service, and thereafter the last Sunday of each month. JAFFA is open to all Secondary age young people. 

Thank you Joanna and Susan


It has been lovely to have the children back together again in the FOG Squad! 

This session we are exploring Old Testament bible stories. We have introduced a new resource to Primary 3 to Primary 7 called The Lion’s Kids Bible Comic, which the children are enjoying. 

This year we planning to act out a Nativity in the church on 12th December, We hope to see you there. 

Alison Stuart 

Communion Invitation

We changed to an annual Communion Invitation in 2020 but the pandemic meant only the February service was held before the pandemic took hold. No card was delivered to members in 2021. 

Plans are now in place for a card with the dates for 2022 to be delivered to all members before the communion service on 20th February 2022. An illustration of the new style card is below. 

If you do not receive a card before the February communion service this does not prevent you from attending but please contact your Elder, Session Clerk or Minister to let them know.

Newton Church and Panbride Hall                                                     Panbride Church 

Communion Dates for 2022 “Do this in remembrance of me” 

You are warmly invited to share in the Sacrament of Holy Communion on

Sunday 20 February 11 am Newton Church, 3pm Panbride Hall

Retiring Offering for FABRIC

Sunday 15 May 11am Newton Church, 3pm Panbride Hall 

Retiring Offering for BENEVOLENT FUND 

Sunday 28 August 11am Panbride Church, 3pm Panbride Hall 

Retiring offering for F.O.G. SQUAD

Sunday 20 November 11am Newton Church, 3pm Panbride Hall 

Retiring offering for JAFFA 

If you are no longer able to attend worship but would like to receive home communion please speak to your el-der or contact the minister. 

Carnoustie Panbride Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594

Congregational Roll

The Congregational Roll has been transferred on to a new computer programme. 

At the start of Covid, when the Church was closed and pastoral visiting was not permitted, the Minister had difficulty as there were no contact details such as telephone or e-mail address included on the original computer record which had been set up several years ago. 

They have now been included on the new Roll and your Elder will be asking if you would like to provide this information if it is not currently known. 

Holding such information is covered by the GDPR regulations and a copy of the Data Retention Policy for Carnoustie Panbride Church will be found on our WEB site.

Congregational Register


Thanksgiving & Blessing:

Marley Jessica Helen Brennan 19/9/2021 

Axel Scott Thomas McDonald 17/10/2021 


Marriage Blessing: 

Christopher Brian Speirs & Rosemine Isabella Jules-Andrews 4/9/2021 

(married 17/10/2020 in the Manse Garden) 


Stewart Harper 26/8/2021 

Diana Harper* 8/9/2021 

Sheena Hay* 21/9/2021 

Susan Millar* 24/9/2021 

Marion Garland 28/9/2021 

Minnie Soutar 12/10/2021 

Ann Black 18/10/2021 

Jessie Mackie* 21/10/2021 

David Alexander 30/10/2021 

*Member of congregation

A Reminder 

You will have read that the congregational roll has been transferred to a new computer programme. It is important to keep this up to date. 

If you change your address within or outwith Carnoustie please let either the Minister, your Elder or the Church Secretary, who has the task of recording any changes, up to date, know so that the necessary changes can be recorded. 

If you have provided a telephone number – landline or mobile – telling us of changes is just as important. 

Changes to e-mail addresses provided for contact or to receive your copy of UPDATE also need to be reported. 

Thank you

Sponsorship of UPDATE

As you will have observed this is not the usual back page of UPDATE. 

Connelly Yeaman Have told us that they no longer want to continue sponsorship of UPDATE. 

They have provided this for 13 years and we wish to express our thanks and appreciation for their support during this time. 

We would like to continue with sponsorship and if any business would like to take up this opportunity we would be pleased to hear from them. 

For initial contact and/or further information please contact Magazine Convener David Taylor or Minister whose contact details are in the Church Directory.

Moment for Meditation

The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion,

who canasta with us in an hour of grief and bereavement,

who can tolerate not knowing, not healing, not curing,

that is a friend who cares.

Henri Nouwen

Flower Rota

December 2021 

5th Mrs R. Clark 

12th Mrs A. McDonald 

19th Mrs D Booth 

26th Mrs M Gordon / Mr Crozier

January 2022 

2nd Mrs K Porter 

9th Mrs L Miller 

16th Mrs M Rennie 

23rd Mrs P Taylor / Mrs P Johnson 

30th Mrs C McWhirter / Mrs M Jamieson

February 2022 

6th Mrs S Ruark 

13th Mrs J Brown 

20th Annette & / George Gordon 

27th Mrs E Simpson / Mrs J Granger 

March 2022 

6th Mrs M Palmer / Mrs D Grant 

13th Mrs K Penrose 

Church Directory 

Minister Rev Annette Gordon 8 Arbroath Road 01241 854478 

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross 32 Broadlands 01241 859905 

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark

Treasurer Mr John Gray

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie

Church Secretary & Rollkeeper Mrs Nicola Keen

Contact via: 

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie  

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell  

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter

Fund Raising & Social Convener Mrs Helen Harley

Flower Convener Mrs Dorothy Booth

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart  

JAFFA Youth Group Leader Mrs Joanna Stout

Creche Organiser Mrs June Black

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll