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August 31st, 2021

Update    29 August 2021






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Dear friends 

“A little bit of the twisties” 

During my holiday I was able to watch the “2020” Olympic Games. I confess that quite a few hours were spent watching athletics, swimming, and gymnastics. 

I was looking forward to seeing the American gymnast Simone Biles and was disappointed when she had to withdraw from most events saying that she was “having a little bit of the twisties”. 

This was a term that I hadn’t heard before but understand now that “the twisties” is like having a mental block and can have catastrophic consequences especially for a gymnast. “The twisties” is not confined to gymnastics but can also happen in other sports such as golf where it might result only in a wonky swing of the golf club where you miss putts that any other time would be no problem. The golfer, Ernie Els has talked about his battle with what golfers call “the yips” when they are unable to put the ball in the hole from three feet away. 

Simone Biles describes her experience of the “twisties” as losing the ability to judge where she is in the air, and it can be career ending and life threatening for a gymnast. 

The “twisties” has also been described as a feeling of being completely lost with no sense of where you are, which direction you are going in or where you are going to end up. 

To suddenly forget everything you felt sure of. To have no memory of how to do the things you used to do without even thinking. 

Even if we are not gymnasts or golfers, I think after the last 18 months we can all understand feeling lost and disoriented. 

I think most of us have at some time had “a little bit of the twisties”. 

That moment when there is a “short” in our brain and we feel completely lost. Our hearts become heavy, and the anxiety causes us to doubt and to question what we were once so sure of. 

We have no clue what to do or where to go and wonder what life is all about. 

It paralyses every muscle in our body. 

And it can be absolutely terrifying. 

The Pandemic brought fear and alarm. It is as if we have had months of tumbling through the air not sure where we are or where we are going to land but longing to have both feet safely on the ground. 

However, as we begin to emerge from the Pandemic, we can’t yet quite see the ground beneath our feet. Things still look a bit upside down, a bit topsy turvy. There might yet still be a few aerial cartwheels, leaps, and twists before we dismount from this Pandemic. 

And so, as a congregation we have a duty of care to one another to do all that we can to ensure that we all reach the ground safely.  

We follow the guidance to make our buildings safe places to be and we protect ourselves and each other. Safe ground is beneath our feet, and we are almost there. 

And even if there are still a few double pikes threatening to make us lose our balance, we should not be dismayed because God is there with us giving us strength and upholding us. A safe pair of hands always ready to catch us should we have “a little bit of the twisties”. 

Isaiah 41:10 

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. (Isaiah 41: 10) 

Love and Blessings, Annette 


As stated in the previous Update the year 2021 is a difficult one in terms of managing the finances of the Church and trying to estimate what the final picture will be at the end of December. 

We agreed the budget for the year at a deficit of £1,500 which includes a one- off reduction in Ministry & Mission costs of about £8,000 plus a provision of £2,000 to cover any reduction in income due to members of the congregation no longer being with us. 

However, items of concern include the plate and use of premises (see above marked ##). The final figure at year end will depend on fully opening the Church and premises. Another item of concern is the fabric expenditure which is now facing a large bill in relation to the Manse which arose earlier this year and was not covered in the budget. It is a case of wait and see as the months pass; the outcome will become much clearer around September. 


2020  2021  JULY 2021
£ £ £
Weekly FWO Envelopes 4,637 3,845 2,754 1,091
Standing Orders 43,774 41,830 27,389 14,441
Plate ## 3,126 4,000 916 3,084
Gift Aid 11,365 11,000 8,440 2,560
Use of Premises ## 3,681 3,000 0 3,000
Fundraising 722 400 111 289
TOTAL 67,305 64,075 39,610 24,465


How things change! March 2020 and a lockdown was imposed upon us all. Everything changed then. To me, it felt like the world momentarily stopped, swivelled and started again in a different place. Old familiar routines were ruptured and new ones somehow had to be established. 

One of the changes I found difficult was our changing church. Being able to attend church to worship communally has always been important to me and I really missed that. I was grateful for the online services. I quite enjoyed the freedom of being able to access them whenever I felt the need, not necessarily on Sunday mornings. I also enjoyed being able to view services from other churches. At that stage it was the best it could be. 

As the pandemic altered gradually changes happened. As soon as it was allowed, I returned to “church”. Limited numbers in Panbride Hall gathered. I felt quite nervous and apprehensive on that first Sunday which seemed strange as I was going to a very familiar place. These anxieties disappeared completely as the usual warm welcome was received. Instructed to sanitise our hands then being ushered in and out individually or in household bubbles was just how it had to be. Physically distant chairs were there and we were shown to our seats. I liked that. Despite all these new procedures it still felt like a warm, caring, safe place to be. At that time, it was quiet, very quiet as we nodded to each other behind our masks. There was limited opportunity to interact as we entered and left the hall but that control kept us all safe. We were a small group separated physically yet somehow, I felt that sense of togetherness. For me, it was enough to be able to worship with others. 

More change happened when numbers increased and Newton Panbride opened. Nods and smiles behind masks and cheery waves of the hand happened as folk entered and left the church. The safety procedures were now the norm and we continued to sit well spaced out. I am a creature of habit and tended to sit in the same place but now that was no longer the way. I didn’t mind that at all. Still no singing in this period just listening to the rise and fall off the organ music in the quiet, still, church was a profoundly moving experience. I felt this was a time for reflection and a quiet time in church which seldom happened in the old “normal” way. This quiet time allowed me to leave behind all the anxieties of lockdown. I relished the sense of peace and tranquillity the music evoked. It was a time to enjoy the sanctity of this special place. It was different yet it made me feel good and I appreciated that. 

With the customary move to Panbride during the summer came more change. More people were allowed and the now usual procedures for entering and leaving remained. Because we had to sit apart, we frequently changed seats. This was a novelty and it seemed like I was in a new church each visit. I enjoyed that. It didn’t matter where I sat the special beauty that the church has hadn’t changed. I was just seeing it from a new perspective. We were now allowed to sing behind our masks. The volume certainly increased. I am “not a singer” yet even I tend to give it laldy from behind my mask. One of the reasons for this is I know there is no one sitting directly in front or next to me who can hear me. Regardless, having the freedom to sing has been great. 

Throughout this period of flux and change the church has adapted but remained a warm, safe place to go. The feeling of safety and security that provides is good. I know that can only have happened because of the hard work and dedication of many people and I am grateful to them. Although church is different now to how it was, I still feel a sense of belonging. The sense of being part of a community hasn’t changed. At the time of writing there are further changes happening. I know the church will adapt and I will too. 

Gillian Cook. August 2021 


Gratitude Glasses 

Love is hidden in everyday little things. It is hidden in the little kindnesses we do for one another.

Love is in the small gestures. It’s in the creation of a meal. It’s in the sewing of a piece of clothing. It’s in the ironing of a shirt.  

Love may be hiding in the washed sheets on a bed made by us. Love is hidden where only the attentive and grateful can see it. 

That’s why so many people say they don’t have love. Because you need your gratitude glasses to see love.

Ana Silvestre 

BE THANKFUL by Anonymous

Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire.

If you did, what would there be to look forward to? 

Be thankful when you don’t know something,

for it gives you the opportunity to learn. 

Be thankful for the difficult times.

During those times you grow. 

Be thankful for your limitations,

because they give you opportunities for improvement. 

Be thankful for each new challenge,

because it will build your strength and character. 

Be thankful for your mistakes.

They will teach you valuable lessons. 

Be thankful when you’re tired and weary,

because it means you’ve made a difference. 

It’s easy to be thankful for the good things.

A life of rich fulfilment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks. 

Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.

Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,

and they can become your blessings. 

Let us all be thankful. 


George Stewart, a member of the Congregation recently provided an article, which is summarised below, about the setting up and development of the Westhaven Bikers Drop-in Centre. George has been an enthusiastic biker for many year and in recent years has sponsored a number of bikers who participate in competitive racing. 

Andy Lawson, a good friend of his, tragically died during the 2015 Ulster GP and George decided to find a way of keeping Andy’s memory alive and put something back into Biking and to keep friendships made during Andy’s life ongoing. Following discussions with Andy’s family & friends and a number of George’s local friends the idea of a drop in centre at Westhaven emerged where people could meet and chat and make friendships old & new 

The first gathering of the new centre took place in the Spring of 2017 and proved to be successful. Meeting times vary to give more people the chance to attend depending on their available free time etc. It started as an outside event so the time & date had to be weather related. George, however, converted his garage to a venue where around 20 people could still attend even when weather was inclement. The garage walls were decorated with biking photos old & new which have proved to be very popular. Also moving into the garage when required allowed the gatherings to be all year round. 

By the time that 2019 came along the name of “Westhaven Bikers Drop in Centre” had been adapted and also due to popularity, had moved to a gathering once a week. As a result of discussion with local friends a decision was made to set out tables & chairs and start coffee’s & teas served with cakes & biscuits. People were only too keen to hand in donations and even the neighbours at Westhaven got involved as the project seemed to be getting their full approval. 

By the start of 2020 the centre was open more or less on a daily basis and the Centre was becoming well known locally and further afield. There have been visitors from Kirkcaldy Motor Club, many of Andy’s family and friends, ex-racer Cliff Lawson and a number of visitors from throughout the UK who had heard about the Centre from family and friends. During 2020 and into 2021 the Centre had to operate within the government Covid guide-lines of numbers able to gather but walkers & cyclists and people passing by would continue to stop for a chat and the feed-back being received was that it was proving to be a good place for people’s well-being. 

Discussions are always ongoing as to how to improve and expand the centre, but certainly they have come a long way since that first day in Spring 2017.The Westhaven Bikers Drop in Centre is also very pleased to say that they have a good association with Panbride Church and many members of its congregation. At the start of the lockdown in 2020 a collection at the Centre resulted in a sizeable donation being made to the Church. 

George Stewart 


This is scheduled for 18th November 2021 but if circumstances change this will be reviewed 

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Mary Beattie 3/7/2021 

Alexander (Les) Robertson 9/7/2021 


As restrictions are easing, we hope to start fundraising in the not too distant future. 

In the meantime, we are still in the same position as far as fund-raising is concerned. 



I will have the new Flamingo Card brochure which will include Christmas cards, paper and the usual mix of the next few weeks. 

If you would like to see a brochure you can see me after the Sunday service or phone me, on 853919, and I will deliver a book to you. 

As usual, 10% of sales go towards Church funds. 

Pat Taylor 

Flower Rota

September 2021 

5th Mrs M. Taylor / Mrs M. Cowan 

12th Mrs A. Scott 

19th Mrs A. Brown 

26th Mrs E. Watson 

October 2021 

3rd Mrs J. Sturrock / Mrs S. Devanay 

10th Mrs D. Booth 

17th Mrs K. Fulton 

24th Mrs M. Easton / Mrs J. Jones 

31st Mrs A. Clark / Mrs D. Smith 

November 2021 

7th Mrs P. Geekie 

14th Mrs M. Low / Mrs N. Reid 

21st Mrs A. Scott 

28th Mrs. G. Cook 

December 2021 

5th Mrs R. Clark 

12th Mrs A. McDonald 

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FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart

JAFFA Youth Group Leader Mrs Joanna Stout  

Creche Organiser Mrs June Black

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll


Update Newsletter

July 8th, 2021

Update  4 July 2021 



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Dear friends 

In the February edition of UPDATE, Gillian Cook told us a little of her involvement with “The Listening Project” *, an initiative from the Church of Scotland to allow people to share their experiences of faith during the pandemic. 

The full results of the Listening Project have now been published with members reflecting on a wide range of issues including the future of the Church as well as the challenges and opportunities that continuing to be Church through a pandemic brought. 

As I read the report I was encouraged and challenged in equal measure. 

Many people across all generations spoke of how their faith had been a source of strength for them as Covid restrictions changed life as we knew it. 

Most participants said that they valued the opportunity to be included using technology for worship services and to be able to share and study God’s word. 

One contributor said—“A Bible study on Zoom works – parents don’t need babysitters.” 

And although many churches say they reached more people with online worship, other people felt that they had been “cut off” or felt “detached” due to their church focussing too much on online worship and fellowship especially if they did not have access to the internet. 

In a bid to ensure that no one in our congregation or community feels “cut off” or “detached”, Carnoustie Panbride Church is continuing to provide “blended” worship. We have in person services in our church (where we can now sing!) and online services. It is also possible to get a printed transcript of the service. 

We did have a dedicated “Dial a Service” ‘phone number but it was never used despite being widely advertised. 

One of the most difficult things during the months of Lockdown was keeping in contact with people especially those who had no internet access, and this is where ministers, elders and pastoral care teams came in for most criticism in the Listening Project Report. People complained that elderly relatives had not received any contact at all during the pandemic. Although, I think much of the criticism in the Report is unfair, it has weighed heavily on my mind that there are people that we have not been in touch with – those that we do not have email addresses or ‘phone numbers for – so it has been good that we have been able to publish and distribute UPDATE during the last months. Members of our congregation also volunteered with Voluntary Action Angus delivering shopping or medicine to the housebound or just being available for a chat with those who were lonely. 

I hope soon to restart pastoral visits. The Church of Scotland guidance on pastoral visiting says that these visits should be by invitation so please do let me know if you would like a visit. 

Going forward, we hope to welcome more and more people back to church now that restrictions are being lifted and most people have received two vaccinations. However, I am aware that for various reasons, some might not be ready to come back to church. We hope to continue with the online services in some format and have a group looking at how we can do that in a way that is not as labour intensive as the current pre-recorded service which goes out on YouTube, Facebook, and our website. 

If you have any audio/visual skills and could help with the live streaming or recording of our church services, please do contact me. 

Please also contact me if you would like a printed transcript of the Sunday service. 

Love and Blessings, Annette

*The full report can be found here on the Church of Scotland website 

Key Decisions at the General Assembly 

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland was held online in May. Decisions were made which will affect every parish in the Church of Scotland. 

Rev Rosie Frew, Convenor of the Faith Nurture Forum speaking about the Church’s plan to reduce ministries to 600 said that the Church had shied away for years and years from making hard decisions but these decisions had now been made and she hoped that people would get behind them in prayer and action “so that we can go forward as a stronger, healthier church with a future instead of the dying institution that we are because people will not make hard decisions.” 

Very Rev Dr John Chalmers said, “There is no doubt that we are asking the Church to undertake the most far reaching and difficult planning task since 1929”. 

Here are some of the key decisions: 

Moratorium on increasing Ministry & Mission contributions lifted 

New Ministries & Mission allocation model – “Giving to Grow” 

National Gift Day around Harvest to support the work of the local church 

New Mission Plan Act 

Reduce ministries to 600 (480 Full time ministers of Word & Sacrament) 

Current Presbytery Plans suspended (vacant charges not given permission to call and for those currently vacant, the permission to call lapses on 31 December 2021 unless a sole nominee has preached) 

Disinvestment from fossil fuel companies 

Overture on Legislation to allow ministers to conduct same sex marriages 

Joint Declaration with Scottish Episcopal Church 


This article is an abridged version of the reflection presented at the morning service on 6th June by Walter Ruark a member of the Worship Team. 

If you were asked to come up with 5 things that make you thankful, what these would be? 

As we get nearer and nearer the end of this pandemic, there are perhaps more and more things that we should be thankful for – all our nurses and doctors who have fought long and hard in our hospitals, all the care-home staff, our very dedicated scientists who have developed the vaccines which will enable us to emerge from the Covid 19 nightmare, all those essential workers who have kept our country running from 23rd March 2020, and continue to do so – and perhaps too, our often maligned politicians, who have had to deal with a worldwide crisis, which they could not, in any realistic sense have been prepared for. 

Are we therefore now MORE thankful for some things, because of what we have experienced in the months and year just past? There would undoubtedly be a wide range in your five choices but I would suggest the answer would be YES. 

It is very likely that family, friends and love will feature in many choices. A family unit, irrespective of how it is made up, changes over time, and is a blessing to all those who are cared for in it. In Mark’s gospel Jesus reminds us that ‘ whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother. Our family is the Church, whether here in Panbride or Newton or wherever and whenever, we meet together. 

There is a short verse from Mark Twain which I think encapsulates the essence of friendship where he says ;- 

I cannot promise you a life of sunshine; 

I cannot promise riches, wealth or gold; 

I cannot promise you an easy pathway 

That leads away from change or growing old. 

But I can promise all my heart’s devotion; 

A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow; 

A love that’s ever true and ever growing; 

A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow. 

However, should we as Christians not always BE THANKFUL for all the good gifts that our bible tells us come from God. None of us know what tomorrow may bring, but with good friends and particularly with the FRIEND we have in Jesus, we will have the strength to carry on 

1st Corinthians Chapter 13 at verse 13, is one of the most well known and most Loved passages in the Bible. Human love is not a given, but God’s Love is. It is unconditional, unwavering, cannot be earned, but is there every second, every minute, every hour of every day. Our prayer of thanksgiving, our BE THANKFUL prayer, to our Father in Heaven, is not merely the acknowledgement of his gifts to us, but an acknowledgement of His Love for us. 

Walter’s other choices were music and nature. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR 5 CHOICES? 


“When is it coming?” “Where is it?” “Can you see it yet?” I’m waiting to cross the railway at the station. Gazing idly at the sea’s expanse stretching out before me. Above, on the bridge excitement is mounting. “It’s coming!” “It’s coming!”. Little feet stomp in excitement. The train approaches signalling its arrival with the familiar two note toot that can be heard everywhere. The driver takes time to wave making his bridge audience shriek. The train speeds by in a blur and the little feet charge down the steps. Shout so of laughter echo. I can remember Carnoustie in the 60s and the trains were a regular feature. Chugging their way up and down the line with steam clouds billowing in their wake. Long toots as they approached the station. Dashing up the steps of the bridge to be enveloped in a cloud of stinky smoke. Such excitement. 

Some things never change 

I went to Kinloch Primary as did both my parents. When the school was being demolished there were still ten people who had all started Primary 1 same time as my Mum still living locally and still in touch. One of the “classmates told a workman how sad they all were to see the building go. The workman went to the bother of splitting up bricks so each of them could have a part of “their” school. 

Some things have to change 

When I was at Kinloch our class had a day out- all the way to Aberdeen. It was a grand day out! Aberdeen! A whole day AND on the train! Such a novelty as we sat in our compartments with their sliding doors. Strict instructions, “No heads out of the window!” It was a mixture of educational and fun. 

We visited: 

The Fish Market -very smelly – still there; 

The Ice Factory – very cold-long gone; 

The Lighthouse – very tall- now unmanned; 

Rubislaw Quarry – very busy – now an empty hole. 

Later, it was down to the Beach. Aberdeen Beach was long and flat and it had a prom and a walkway! I remember being bemused because it was so different to “our” beach. Back then, our beach was an undulating mass of dunes and hollows and spikey marram grass. 

Some things change 

These past long months we have all been through changing times. Change was forced upon us. Sudden changes over which we had very little control. Our old familiar ways and routines were disrupted. Having to find a new way as a pandemic rose in waves around us. This was a virus which knew no boundaries yet out of necessity our horizons were narrowed. Yet we have adapted and changed our ways. Now, at the time of writing we are in Level 2 still with restrictions but no longer in lockdown. Change has been happening. More change is still to come. 

Change happens 

Gillian Cook 


This article is an abridged version of a prayer presented at the morning service on 13th June by Archie Leiper a member of the Worship Team. 

We have so much to be thankful for. The fact that we can come to worship you freely this day is a freedom and privilege that many do not have. 

We also give thanks, Lord, for our lives and health, we thank you for the honour and privilege of being called to be your ambassadors, your representatives, your Church, and members of the Kingdom of God on earth. 

Lord, we thank you for eyes to see the beauty of your creation, the changing colours of each season, the laughter of both children and adults, and the wonders of love. Help us also to see you in the eyes of not only all who are filled with your Spirit but also in the eyes and faces of those who are in need, crying to you for help. 

We thank you for ears to hear your voice in the music, laughter, and joy of our world. Help us also to hear your voice in the cries of the poor and needy, the sick and hurt, the lonely and depressed. Lord speak through us your words of comfort and hope. 

We thank you for the wonderful food you have supplied to us, even though we often take it for granted. Help us also to remember those mouths that cry for food for there is hunger in the world around us. There are those who cannot find food or afford to choose what to eat, and those whose appetite or illness does not allow them to eat. 

As we long to sing praises to you we give thanks for voices to speak, laugh, and pray. 

We ask your blessing on our members, especially those we may not have been able to be with in these past months. Grant that we may always remember each other. 

Be very near to any of our number who are facing anxiety and heartache and who feel they cannot cope. Loving Father, support them and grant them your strength and peace. 

We pray for the young families in our midst. The pressures at this time upon them are so great. Help them to know that you care for them, and help them to deal with all the demands placed upon them. 

We bring to you our minister and her family. We thank you for them and for all they do for us. Bless them and help us to encourage them in their work for you. 

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers and touch these situations with your grace and love, as we pray in Jesus’ name. 



You have to listen to the One who calls you Beloved, 

That has to be affirmed over and over again 

That is prayer – listening to the voice of the One who calls you “The Beloved” 

Henri Nouwen 


Was held virtually from Saturday 22nd May until Thursday 27th May 2021. Our Presbytery Elder Joyce Brown was one of the Angus commissioners to participate and the article below reflects on her experiences of the event. 

This year the General Assembly was once again held via zoom. The first day, Sat 22nd May ran from 10am until 16.10pm, with a break of about 45 min. After worship, which was conducted by the Right Rev Martin Fair, James R Wallace, of Tankerness was appointed Moderator. On this day we had read out to us a letter from Her Majesty the Queen. We also had Her Majesty’s Commission to H.R.H Duke of Cambridge, to be her representative, at the General Assembly. 

The Duke of Cambridge spoke to the Assembly; it was a very warm and passionate speech talking of his love of Scotland and what Scotland means to him. An address from the retiring Moderator, The Very Rev Dr Martin Fair, where he stated that the church still has a lot to do in Scotland and elsewhere. After a short break business started. I sat at my desk with three devices on, one to watch the proceedings and one to read the reports as they were being brought up for discussion and voting, and one to vote on. At the end of the day my head was buzzing but in a good way. 

There is no General Assembly on Sunday. 

On the Monday and until Thursday the time frame was 1pm until 6pm give or take an hour or so, with a wee break. The topics and discussions were great, although some days we did not finish until later than expected. It was interesting to get an insight into some of the things that the different committees deal with. 

Some of the topics were about how the church will survive the pandemic, and at what cost. There are no answers to these questions, yet. How many ministers the church can afford to have? How are presbyteries progressing with reorganisation? Our own presbytery is involved in change. And many more topics 

Not everything went smoothly, as on the Monday there were technical problems and we had to wait 45 minutes to have it sorted out, and the experts did just that. 

On the run up to the General Assembly, the reports started to come in, some were more like a mini book than a report. I have to admit, when I saw the length of some of them, I wondered what had I got myself involved in. It is a long time to sit on a zoom meeting, so I had to get up and move about in my work area, have plenty to drink and some little treats. Having someone in the house to keep me fed and watered was great. Each morning there was worship to start the day, and it seemed strange singing out loud a hymn with no one else there. (My neighbours are still talking to me.) 

When it comes down to it, I really enjoyed my time as a zoom commissioner. I gained a little insight to what goes on. I am so blessed that I had the opportunity to be a commissioner. 

Joyce Brown 


20202021MAY 2021
Weekly FWO Envelopes 4,637 3,845 2,209 1,636 
Standing Orders 43,774 41,830 20,370 21,460 
Plate # 3,126 4,000 410 3,590 
Gift Aid 11,365 11,000 5,334 5,666 
Use of Premises # 3,681 3,000 3,000 
Fundraising 722 400 99 301 
TOTAL 67,305 64,075 28,422 35,653 

The year 2021 is a difficult one in terms of managing the finances of the Church and trying to estimate what the final picture will be at the end of December. 

We agreed the budget for the year at a deficit of £1,500 which included a one- off reduction in Ministry & Mission costs of about £8,000 plus a provision of £2,000 to cover any reduction in income due to members of the congregation no longer being with us. 

However, items of concern include the plate and use of premises (see above marked #). The final figure at year end will depend on fully opening the Church and premises. Another item of concern is the fabric expenditure which is now facing a large bill in relation to the Manse which arose earlier this year and was not covered in the budget. It is a case of wait and see as the months pass; the outcome will become much clearer around September. 



I have nothing to report as we are still in the same position as far as restrictions are concerned. In the meantime, take care and stay safe HH. 


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Flower Rota 

July 2021 

4th Mrs L. Ross 

11th Mrs J. Stout 

18th Mrs A. Stewart 

25th Mrs E. Adams 

August 2021 

1st Mr A. Crozier 

8th Mrs M. Laird 

15th Mrs M. Bushnell 

22nd Mrs D. Harper 

29th Mrs J. Beattie 

September 2021 

5th Mrs M. Taylor / Mrs M. Cowan 

12th TBA 




Pauline Hamilton Hay and John Douglas Yeaman at Panbride Church on 18th June 2021 


Anne Stott* 17/05/2021 

Margaret Myles 18/05/2021 

Frank Johnstone 22/5/2021 

Gordon Easton* 30/05/2021 

Irene Knight* 9/06/2021 

Margaret Smith* 15/06/2021 

*Member of Congregation 

New members by Certificate of Transference: 

Gordon Sawers (District 16) 

Lynsey Sawers (District 16) 

Date of next issue of Update

This is scheduled for 29 August .As happened with this issue the date may be amended if an announcement or implementa-tion of significant change of Church of Scotland Covid-19 guidelines is expected or anticipated. 

Church Directory

Minister Rev Annette Gordon 8 Arbroath Road 01241 854478 

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross 32 Broadlands 01241 859905 

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark  

Treasurer Mr W John Winterton

Church Secretary & Rollkeeper Mrs Nicola Keen Contact via: 

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell  

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter  

Fund Raising & Social Convener

Flower Convener Mrs Eleanor Whamond  

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll  

Friendship Circle Mrs Cathie Connor

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart

JAFFA Youth Group Leader Mrs Joanna Stout

Creche Organiser Mrs June Black

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll

May 8th, 2021


9 May 2021



February 2021: The grip of winter and the pandemic was rife 

Annette wrote “Walk gently and faithfully through these winter days, the dark night of suffering is nearly over, joy will come in the morning 

May 2021: Winter has passed and now we enjoy spring sunshine 

The vaccination schedule is progressing as planned, 

the covid-19 restrictions are being relaxed, hopefully joy will be with us soon 


E-mail Church Secretary: 


Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 


“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12: 12 

Dear friends 

It has been truly wonderful to be back in church again and to see the restrictions being gradually lifted so that we can welcome even more people back in person to church. 

It is still a bit tricky trying to recognise people underneath the masks, but I am getting good at reading eyes! 

We plan to be back in Panbride as usual for the summer months of June, July, August. More details in article on In-person Services Return to Panbride.

Now that we can use the balcony space, we have capacity at Panbride for around 85 people depending on who comes. 

And come September, who knows, maybe we will again welcome back our children, our young people, and many of those who have been patiently waiting until everyone has had their second vaccination. 

And, of course, there is the hope that our halls will be busy again with all the usual activities which give so many in our community the chance to meet up with others. 

For most churches, the quieter summer months are an opportunity to do all the things that we haven’t had time to do during the normally busy church year when our buildings are continually occupied. Tidying the church garden, seeing to repairs and getting the halls ready for the next year. 

And I am sure some of that will happen as we begin to emerge from the Pandemic. 

Like most people, I have not dared to look too far into the future for fear of disappointment but now there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we move gradually and gently with cautious optimism towards that light. 

I am so looking forward to doing all the things that I once took for granted – visiting the schools and the Scouts and the Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association. 

I can’t wait until our church echoes with the energy and beautiful noise of our young people once more. 

And hopefully I can again visit some of our housebound and elderly members. I have so missed hearing your stories and getting to know you more. 

Of course, we have to be patient.These things won’t happen all at once and perhaps not even once we reach Level 0. 

But in time our world will heal and as we heal so we will return to the things that give us life and joy. 

So, after what has been an incredibly long, difficult, and stressful time, we keep the faith and we look forward in time to being able to sing again and to have fellowship together and to plan events for our congregation. 

Love and Blessings, 



It took 5 minutes for the TV to warm up 

When you went to the garage for petrol it was put in the car for you, your windscreen was cleaned and oil checked without asking 

It was considered a real privilege to be taken out for a meal at a real restaurant with your parents 

When you opened a bag of crisps you looked for the small blue packet and once opened you sprinkled it in to the bag and then shook it 

When a Ford Zepher was the dream car for many people 

When spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for giggles 

45 RPM and 78 RPM records were much sought after 

Putting cigarette cards in the spokes of your bike transferred it into a motorcycle 

You got coal delivered and you only got gas from the Gas Board and Electricity from the Hydro Electric 

You could buy loose biscuits at the grocers and they cut butter and cheese as you were served 

Day time TV only started around midday and the National Anthem was played at the end of programmes around midnight 

Going to a red telephone box to make a phone call 

If you have answered YES to the above, are you like me now a senior citizen or is it a case that my memory is playing me tricks as to when some changes took place. 

Regardless, reminiscing is something most people enjoy doing!! 

David Taylor 


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing restrictions, there are still no events to report on. 

We will have a committee meeting to discuss what we are going to organise once the restrictions are lifted and hopefully this will be in the not too distant future, but who knows. 

In the meantime, take care and stay safe. Helen Harley 


Thousands of volumes of historical Church of Scotland records have been made available online for the first time. Images of more than a million pages from Kirk Session and other court records of the Church of Scotland containing details of key events in communities across the country between 1559 and 1900 have been added to ScotlandsPeiole, the National Records of Scotland’s (NRS) online research service. 

These records offer remarkable insights into the every day lives pf ordinary Scots, recording important moments such as births, marriages and deaths. The newly added records also include accounts of how people dealt with events such as wars, witchcraft trials, epidemics, crop failures and extreme weather. 

Paul Lowe, NRS Chief Executive and Keeper of the Records of Scotland said: ”We are delighted to make the kirk session records available on line for the very first time, bringing ScotlandsPeople users closer than ever to our past” 

To view the records visit 


1. What is the last word in the Old Testament? 

2. How many years did Noah live after the flood? 

3. The book of Esther is unique because it does not mention which word? 

4. The Bible was written in 3 languages – Hebrew, Koine Greek – What was the other Language

5. Who made the first translation of the Bible into English? 

6. What kind of wood was Noah’s ark made from? 

7. Who was the older brother of Moses?

8. Who following the death of Moses became the leader of the Children of Israel? 

9. What is also known as the Decalogue? 

10. In what book of the Bible is the parting of the Red Sea? 

Answers after item on Cleaning Teams


In an article entitled “I Love the Church” in April issue of Life & Work the Moderator Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair explained why Mission is a key priority in the church of Scotland moving forward. The full article can be found at 

This short article is a summary of his key point. 

Genuinely intrigued as to what the Church is going to look like in time to come he was recently asked “When will we see packed churches again?” 

Oh that may be some time away yet he started to reply but he stopped and returned to the question and asked “Was your church packed before the pandemic?” 

His questioner responded that it had not been, that it had been declining for longer than she could remember. That is the picture across much of the country. 

Dr Fair is pretty sure that whatever the church is going to look like, it can’t be the same as it was. What was wasn’t cutting the mustard. It’s not that we’re finished, more that we need new forms. And some new priorities. Actually just one – MISSION 

Let it be asked of every worship service is it being designed with younger people in mind? for those who have never been? or with a ‘we like it this way attitude?’ 

Let it be asked ‘ Is it being run with the express intention and hope of engaging with new people’ 

Of every pound spent Is the expenditure intended to keep the show on the road or the spread the good news to those who are not currently hearing the message? 

Dr Fair’s concludes his article by writing “I love the Church. Christ has called me into it-to share in its life and to serve God through it. Will you join me in praying for it, daily?.. 



A simplified report setting out the financial position, in terms of Income and Expenditure, of Carnoustie Panbride Church as at the 31st December 2020. is om pages 6-8 

The year ended with a deficit of £ 7,050 compared to a surplus of £4,804 for the previous year which is a excellent result given that we started the year expecting a deficit of around £10,000 mainly due to the reflooring of the Panbride Hall. The lockdown in March added the shortfalls in income in the Plate, Use of Premises, Fundraising and other headings which initially pointed to a significant deficit but thanks to the generosity of many members who gave extra donations, raised their donations or started new ones all resulting in the exceptional end to what was an unusual year to put it mildly. 


The recovery of tax on gift aid donations is a very valuable source of income and to maximise the amount recovered all those members who pay tax but have not signed a Gift Aid Certificate are urged to do so. 

From the 1 April 2021 the tax allowance is £12,570 which means a person who has signed a gift aid certificate will need to receive more than this in wages, pensions, interest, dividends etc. please inform us if you no longer pay tax and have signed a gift aid certificate in order that we will cease claiming gift aid in your name. 


Although the term “Income and Expenditure” is used in this report, the figures are, in fact, Receipts and Payments made during the year. It does not include any receipts collected or payments made in 2021 which relate to 2020. However, the amount due to the Church at the end of the year was £4,364 which has now been collected. 


This outcome (as mentioned above) was marvellous given the circumstances. It was very difficult to construct a budget for 2021 given all the uncertainties involved particularly when the Church would resume normal services. The budget for 2021 shows a deficit of about £1,400 but this will be subject to the full opening of the Church and when fundraising activities and the use of the halls restart. 


The ageing congregations and fall in numbers attending church services throughout Scotland is very evident and has led to congregations merging and the Church of Scotland reducing the number of Presbyteries among other things. Our Church is not immune to these financial pressures as many of our donators are elderly (including me) and when they are no longer with us and not being replaced by younger members their financial impact will be increasingly felt and we must prepare ourselves for that now and plan ahead or we will find ourselves in a very difficult financial position if we do not. 


Due to Covid-19 guidelines it has not been possible to hold an Annual Stated Meeting this year, therefore, any questions related to the 2020 Annual Accounts should be referred to the Clerk to the Congregational Board Mr Walter Ruark or to me. Contact details are in the Church Directory elsewhere in this report. 


On behalf of the Trustees of your Church I would like to record our appreciation and to say thank you to all those members of the congregation who make a regular donation to the finances of the Church by way of FWO envelopes, monthly standing orders, and annual lump sums or via the open plate. Through those who are able to gift aid their donation an additional £10,500 is added to the income in a normal year and another £2,000 is claimed from the amount of money placed in the plate by members. Clearly because of the pandemic this had been a very different year when we only able to claim about £800 instead of £2,000 for the money in the plate. 

Thanks also goes to those members who support the various fundraising or other activities with gifts of various items, their time and attendance at the events and the donations they give. Also, to the cleaning teams who save the church expense and not forgetting those who give their time and expertise in other areas. 

All of the above add up to a tremendous support of your Church which is of enormous value. 



Weekly F O Donations (4,637) (5,045) 
Monthly & Annual Donations (43,774) (40,780) 
Gift Aid Received (11,365) (12,505) 
Plate (3,126) (9,156) 
Other Donations (8,300) (3,110) 
Duncan Trust (980) (930) 
Wedding & Funeral Donations (2,203) (2,350) 
Fundraising (722) (2,816) 
Legacies (500) 
Use of Premises (3,681) (12,612) 
Fabric Fund (158) (509) 
Hall Refurbishment Fund (853) (2,583) 
Members Benevolent Fund (1,184) 
Bank Interest (912) (951) 
Dividends (199) (255) 
Retiring Collections for External Bodies (892) (1,271) 
Life & Work Magazine (376) (378) 
JAFFA (185) 
Defibrillator (600) (800) 
Specific Donation (175) (614) 
HMRC Job Retention Scheme Grant (2,179) 
Other Income (350) (590) 
TOTAL INCOME (85,482) (99,124) 
Church of Scotland-HIV Appeal 328 300 
Bangladesh Nurse 105 
FOG Squad 150 
Erskine Hospital 150 239 
Carnoustie Foodbank 414 
Crossreach 193 
Kevin Christie Fund 284 
Ministry and Mission (including Locum) 49,625 49,138 
Ministers Travel Expenses & Telephone 1,638 1,669 
Manse Council Tax 3,102 3,027 
Presbytery Dues 1,342 1,258 
Staff Costs 5,945 5,820 
Heating & Lighting 2,586 4,340 
Insurance 4,526 4,648 
Church Fabric Maintenance 5,703 9,642 
Printing & Stationery & Postage 560 690 
Photocopying 798 1,006 
Retiring Collections for External Bodies 892 1,271 
Members Outing 1,076 
Life & Work 367 428 
Gardening 710 548 
Christmas Trees 120 
Furniture & Equipment 3,226 
Panbride/Newton Hall Reflooring 10,783 3,681 
Specific Expenditure 176 614 
Window Cleaning 221 221 
Licences 392 222 
Defibrillator 2,152 
Other Expenditure 1,014 1,675 
TOTAL EXPENDITURE 92,532 94,320 
(SURPLUS)/DEFICIT 7,050 (4,804) 


The continual efforts to manage the virus will mean the arrangements we made for the collection of FWO envelopes etc and set out in June & August Update will continue to be in force until the Church services return to normal. 

The continual efforts to manage the virus will mean the arrangements we made for the collection of FWO envelopes etc will continue to be in force until the Church services return to normal. 

These are as follows: 

Put cash in an envelope or bag (or any suitable container) that you would normally put in the plate and pass these along with the FWO envelopes to me at 31 Newton Crescent (not Road) or you can drop them into the Manse if that is more suitable to you. Please use notes wherever possible when passing over for the plate as I will be able to collect 25% in gift aid. 

This can be done if you are out on a daily walk or a family member or friend can do it for you or post any cheques if that suits you. 

Those members who pay annually by cheque and are reminded by letter could you please remember that the staff are not in and reminders may not be sent out. Again, please send these to me at the above address. 

Those members considering making a donation to help the finances of the Church please send these to me as well. 

I am nearly always in even when there is no car on the drive so please knock on the door and step back to a safe distance while I answer the door or just put the items through the letterbox. 

YEAR TO 31 DECEMBER No. No. No. No. 
2015 158 24 60 242 
2016 171 18 63 252 
2017 175 13 55 243 
2018 169 10 44 223 
2019 168 10 33 211 
2020 164 28 200 


Recently, John Winterton, our hard-working treasurer tendered his resignation both as treasurer and as a member of the Congregational Board. 

Since I came to Carnoustie Panbride, John has been an absolute fount of knowledge for all things financial and as a new minister, I benefited from and really appreciated his wisdom and graciousness. 

As a congregation our heartfelt thanks go to John for all his diligence and hard work over the last ten years which has in no small way contributed to our finances being healthy and in good order. 

However, while we seek a successor, John has very kindly offered to continue to look after the financial affairs of our congregation in the short term. 

We wish John well and hope that we will quickly have a successor to allow him to relax and to pursue the things that bring him joy. 




At the time of writing, it is a beautiful spring morning and it’s time for a walk. The health benefits of walking are very well documented. A year in these unprecedented times has meant the now very familiar local routes have been frequented in all weathers and seasons. These routes are continually changing. The sea, the woods and countryside all on the doorstep, just waiting to be noticed. 

The sea and the beach are an endless source of pleasure changing daily and never the same. Over the bridge at Westhaven and down the wee path onto the beach and the sea stretches out. Some days it is calm and the sea air tantalises with a soft waft of freshness. The tangle of seaweed, sand and sea assaults the senses. It invigorates yet soothes at the same time. On other days the sea is moving swiftly with dancing waves flecked with white. A constant ebb and flow of blue water with its own momentum. Other times the sea is a flinty grey cauldron with huge waves swelling right to the horizon. The waves create a frothy spume as they batter against the sea wall. The waves surge in with a regularity, thundering as they roll. Regardless of the scene, the sea enthrals waiting to be noticed. 

In the woods the bare trees, on guard duty standing tall and still along the edge of the track. Ancient gnarled trees stand in perpetuity, these life givers providing shelter. Their skeletons lace the wintery pale blue sky. Weak sunlight shimmers through the trees glinting on icy puddle patches. Bracken fronds poke out from the soggy carpet of old beech leaves. Below the wall among the mulch there they are. – fragile flowers suspended daintily on slender stalks. Nestled down, a clump of snowdrops. Now, there is a gentle blossoming as buds and shoots appear and the old brown carpet will change to green and soon greenery will abound. Then green becomes greener as the trees arch over the path – a cathedral of trees. All there in the woods waiting to be noticed. 

In the wide, open countryside the fields undulate. A patchwork quilt of brown green and gold is spread out. Carnoustie is in the distance, cooried down in its sleepy hollow. The old church stands its ground proudly. The old beaten mellow stone is welcoming, The church sleeps. Behind the church is the graveyard. The church guards one side and the others are framed by the old wall. Its mossy rug draped on top softens its solidity. Well weathered stones, hewn by skilled hands and crumbled by time mark the boundary. Ancient memorials erected centuries ago, names obliterated by time, stand alongside modern pristine headstones. Tombstones mingle with Celtic crosses, other ornate slabs decorated by master craftsmen of old are dotted around. Tributes in stone for time immemorial. The air is redolent with the wistfulness of what once was. Yet this is a restful place. A place to remember and honour the past. All there waiting to be noticed. 

I have always enjoyed walking but during lockdown it has become more important. I have been so grateful that I live in this lovely wee town with all the walks available. It has been a joy to revisit routes long forgotten and discover new ones. Last time, when we were allowed to travel within Angus it was a revelation to discover just how much was on our doorstep. Once again, we can dust down the Ordnance Survey maps and explore hills, glens forests and beaches. All waiting to be noticed. 

Gillian Cook 


I have the new card brochure if anyone would like to see it. There is a nice selection of cards for all occasions and wrapping paper. 

As usual, 10% of all sales go to much needed Church funds. You can contact me by phone on 853919 and I will deliver a brochure to you. 

Pat Taylor

Date next issue of Update 

This is scheduled for 27th June but as happened with this issue the date may be amended if an an-nouncement or implementation of significant change of Church of Scotland Covid-19 guidelines is expected or anticipated.



Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with dementia or who has a memory problem? 

Do they enjoy golf, football friendly fun, banter and recalling players, matches, memorable moments of the past? 

Did they enjoy either game as a player, spectator or fireside critic? 

Then Golf and Football Memories can help with them feeling isolated, lonely by providing regular contact with others who enjoy the Memories Group. 

Carnoustie Memories Golf and Football have scope for new Members. 

Throughout ‘lockdown’ we have been meeting via ZOOM on a weekly basis, alternating between Golf and Football. 

Meetings are at 2.30 pm. on Thursday for Golf and Tuesday for Football and last for around 1 hour. 

We hope to get back to face to face meetings whenever the Covid Guidelines allow this to be done. 

For more information please contact:- 

GOLF David Taylor – 

FOOTBALL Craig Murray – 

Golf and Football – Lorraine Young – 

Look forward to hearing from you and sharing sporting memories, fun and friendly banter. 

David Taylor/Lorraine Young 


A big thank you to all those in the cleaning teams who have stepped up to the mark and cleaned our buildings to make them safe for us to use during this Covid outbreak. 

When we do properly open our buildings, we will require some new “Divine Dusters” so if anyone would like to join us or find out what’s involved, please contact me on 853919. Your help would be gratefully received. 

Pat Taylor 


1. Curse; 2. 350 years; 3. God; 4. Aramaic; 5. John Wycliffe; 

6. Gopher Wood; 7. Aaron; 8. Joshua; 9. The Ten Commandments; 10. Exodus 



Teresa Bell – 28/03/2021 

William (Kenny) Murray – 07/04/2021 

Bill Young* – 24/04/2021 

Chris Niven* – 27/04/2021 

*Member of Congregation 

In-person Services Return to Panbride 

While it was not possible last year, in-person Sunday morning services will take place in the Country Church at 11am from 6th June until 29th August this year. 

While seating will be in accordance with Church of Scotland covid-19 guidelines there will be scope for slightly more seats than have been possible at Newton Church since Sunday services resumed there. 

Social distancing, hand sanitising and one way systems will still be required unless there are any relaxations announced and implementation approved between the date of this Magazine and the start of services at the Country Church. 

When parking at the Country Church can you please park in the School car park and not on the road. 

Flower Rota 

May 2021 

2nd Mrs D. Blacklaws 

9th Mrs L. Nicoll 

16th Mrs D. McCallum 

23rd Mrs G. Manson 

30th Mrs K. Fulton 

June 2021 

6th Mrs S. Fleming 

13th Mrs J. Jackson 

Mrs S. Davison 

20th Mrs A. Howlett 

29th Mrs N. Dow 

July 2021 

4th Mrs L. Ross 

11th Mrs J. Stout 

Church Directory

Minister Rev Annette Gordon 8 Arbroath Road 01241 854478 

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross 32 Broadlands 01241 859905 

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark  

Treasurer Mr W John Winterton  

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie  

Church Secretary & Rollkeeper Mrs Nicola Keen

Contact via: 

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie  

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter  

Fund Raising & Social Convener Mrs Helen Harley

Flower Convener Mrs Eleanor Whamond  

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll

Friendship Circle Mrs Cathie Connor  

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart  

JAFFA Youth Group Leader Mrs Joanna Stout  

Creche Organiser Mrs June Black  

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll  

Update Newsletter

February 26th, 2021

Update  28 February 2021



Our normal life style has been disturbed 

At first a virus which grew into a pandemic 

The first signs of normality faded away 

As the autumn leaves fell from the trees 

The hopes of Christmas and services continuing in the Church faded 

And has been followed by severe frosts and then heavy snow 

The vaccine programme now carries our hopes 

So hold on just a little longer 

Walk gently through these remaining winter days 

Spring will come again and so will the joy of Easter 


E-mail Church Secretary: 


Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 


“Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” (Psalm 30:5) 

As I write this letter, we are in the grip of an icy winter with one of the heaviest snowfalls this part of the east coast has seen for many years. Indeed, it has already been a very long winter with many cold days and dark nights. Winter this year is especially dreary since we have been unable to enjoy the usual events which help us endure the long winters. It would seem also that we can forget that holiday abroad this year. And that will come as a disappointment to those who carefully count down the days to the summer holiday as soon as Christmas is over. 

As you read this, we will have already entered the season of Lent, the 6 week period leading to Easter. It is a time when many Christians give up certain things – chocolate or alcohol or abstain from watching tv or using social media. 

Of course, observing Lent in this way will be especially demanding this year when we have already been forced to give up so much during Lockdown. So, giving up all our little luxuries might just be a step too far even for the most faithful of us. 

Lent is also a time when we prepare for Easter. 

And as always, we have our Lenten Bible Study. 

This year we are studying “Entering the Passion of Jesus” by biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine which will take us through the events of Holy Week. The last week of Jesus’ earthly life was filled with much tension and danger. And usually our Holy Week Services are suitably solemn, reflecting the themes of betrayal, denial , rejection, desertion, and the final agony of the cross. 

Every year we journey through Holy Week together. From the heat and dust and carnival atmosphere of Palm Sunday to Easter Day. And it is a difficult week, it is a week full of sadness and gloom. There is always tension and darkness and grief. Because we know right from the minute that Jesus enters into the city of Jerusalem on the donkey that he is risking everything – his reputation; the loss of his friends; his life. 

We can use Lent to pray more or read our bibles more – to invest in our relationship with God. 

Or we can abstain from the chocs and the wine and ditch Facebook for 6 weeks – but no matter how pious we are; no matter how good we think we have been; no matter how much we have “sacrificed” – Holy Week will still come – and we will still watch incredulously as Jesus is betrayed and denied by friends; our hearts will ache as we see him rejected by the crowds who once welcomed him; and we will gasp in horror as we see Jesus’ battered and bruised body dragged all the way to Golgotha. 

No matter what kind of Lent we observe – Jesus will still go to the cross. 

But early on Easter morning while it is still dark, the joy of the Resurrection will come to us. 

Right now, it is still dark. Winter is cold and we are all so weary of all these restrictions. 

But spring will come again and so will the joy of Easter. 

We are people of the Resurrection. 

Hold on just a little longer. 

Walk gently and faithfully through these winter days, the dark night of suffering is nearly over, joy will come in the morning. 

Love and Blessings, 



We stand at that place, betwixt and between the old and the new. 

Looking back to a year now past, and forward to what is yet to be. 

But this is not a normal transition between old and new. 

We look back on a year in which 

the normal patterns of daily life have been disrupted; 

where so much has been put on hold, postponed, cancelled. 

We look to the new year with dread and anxiety 

with its continued uncertainty. 

Lives still on hold. 

So much we would want to do, would plan to do, 

need to do, but afraid to look too far forward for 

fear of disappointment. 

In all our uncertainty 

we come to you, Lord, for you are constant. 

In the midst of uncertainty your love is sure. 

In the darkness of disappointment you never fail. 

In heartbreak and anguish your loving arms enfold us. 

We see your constancy and love not only in our lives 

but in the world around us. 

As year succeeds to year, 

as day follows night, 

as the seasons change, 

from the new life of spring, 

to summer’s rosy glow, 

then autumn’s harvest hew 

to winter’s sleepy rest. 

Lord, we long for the world to awaken 

not only from winter’s rest 

but also from the shutdown we have endured 

for so many months. 

As we wait expectantly for the brighter days of spring, 

and for the world to live again 

so we turn to you. 

Continue to walk with us through these dark days, 

assure us of your light which 

no darkness can ever overcome 

and of your love 

by which we are constantly surrounded. 



The current guidance from the Church of Scotland states 

A number of congregations are issuing materials such as newsletters, service transcripts and DVD’s. 

However as with the previous period of lockdown it is important every care and precaution is made in preparing materials. This means 

  • One person, or as few as possible, copies or prepares mailings and adheres to all proper hand hygiene guidelines; 
  • Congregation in level 4 areas should not be asking volunteers to break the legal duty ‘stay at home’; 
  • Congregations in level 4 areas should utilizes Royal Mail * (or other delivery company) to deliver the materials to members.’ 

In view of this guidance the Congregation Board agreed that unless there was any change to this guidance before the scheduled publication date for this issue of UPDATE on 28th February they would be unable to deliver printed copies to members. E-mail copies will continue as normal and a copy will be available on the church web page and appropriate extracts on social media. 

If any members who normally get a copy delivered to their home would like to receive an e-mail copy they should send an e-mail request to Pat Hay at 

David Taylor Magazine Convener 

[* for information the cost of posting a copy second class assuming it does not exceed the Post Office weight restrictions would be in excess of £250 plus the cost of the envelopes of around £40] 


As the magazine will only be available to read on line and will not reach all the members of the congregation this report will not be as detailed as the one that I normally produce. I will leave that until the next printed version. 

I reported in the last magazine that thanks to the generous response from those members giving one-off donations, setting up new standing orders or increasing their giving we were looking at a deficit of about £11,000 (hopefully less). We ended the year with a deficit of £7,054; a tremendous result in the circumstances. 

The current year 2021 will also be a difficult one financially and it is early days to guess what the position will be at the end of December; much will depend on when the Church reopens for normal worship. I am hoping for a break-even position and we will just have to monitor the situation as the year progresses and the position becomes a bit clearer than now. 

On behalf of the Trustees, I would like to record our thanks and appreciation for all those who gave so generously and not forgetting all those who took part in the activities in the early part of the year. Your support in these circumstances was very welcome and we would not be where we are without it. 



Dear friends 

As you will see from the Annual Accounts and the Report from our Treasurer, John Winterton, we ended 2020 with a deficit of £7,050. 

Considering our buildings were closed for most of the year with the loss of almost all of the additional streams of income such as our hall lets and our regular fundraising, this is a tremendous result. 

We are very blessed indeed to have such a generous congregation who have continued to support the church financially in these difficult times. A heartfelt thanks to those who continue regular giving via stand-ing order or FWO envelopes, and to those who have been able to increase their giving. We also thank those who have gifted generous one-off donations. 

We hope that with the vaccine rolling out, we will be able to all be back in church in the months to come worshiping together and able to return to all the usual events we enjoy as a church family. 

May I take this opportunity on behalf of the congregation to thank John Winterton and Stan Beattie for all their work over the year and to David Sawers for his work auditing our accounts. 



Holy Week and Easter Services 


Sunday 28th March @ 11 a.m. 


Mon 29th March – Fri 2nd April @ 10 a.m. 


Friday 2nd April @ 7 p.m. 


Sunday 4th April 


Sunday 4th April @ 11 a.m. 

All services online until further notice 


Annette mentioned “The Listening Project” during one of the January services. It is an initiative from The Church of Scotland to allow people to share their experiences of faith and Church during the pandemic. 

Steve Aisthorpe, one of the Kirk’s mission developers said: 

Gathering experiences and insights from people throughout the Church will enable us to identify recurring themes and discern what we are learning. “We can then share these themes and some of the stories behind them with all concerned for the wellbeing and future of the Church.” 

I was intrigued so I went online and completed the initial survey form. I wonder what will happen next? This form did make me consider the importance of being listened to. It made me think about listening. 

During lockdown, listening and talking have become more obviously significant. I know how much everyone misses that actual face to face time with friends and family. The blethers over a coffee whether it be in the house, the garden, a café or the church hall. It is that time when we can share with each other all that has been going on, safe in the knowledge that as we talk someone is listening. In these new times I have found other ways to do this, “Zoom” or WhatsApp being my preference. However, despite this I have found the actual phone to be more of a friend these days. There is something very heart-warming about the phone ringing and seeing a familiar number flash up. Sitting in a comfy chair, feet up, coffee in hand and the ensuing lengthy, sometimes very lengthy, conversation can make my day. The listening part, I think, is the part which is uplifting whether I am doing the listening or being listened to. 

Then there are the other kinds of listening. Listening to music, listening to the radio and all the other daily sounds and activities which give me pleasure. Being outside and listening to the sounds all around me also helps give me comfort in these uncertain times. The sound of the sea for example. Today it was a greenish bluish cold, flinty sea pounding on the beach but not with a crash or a rage infused din. Today It was heaving in and out with a gentle sooch like the breath of life beating a steady rhythm. Above, the seagulls whauped and wheeled in the wind screeching in unison. On the shore, the sanderlings were scuttling across the sand emitting their tiny cries in perpetual conversation. 

Walking through the Shanwell Woods I listen to the soft whispers of the old leaves clinging on desperately as the trees rustle and sway. Creaky branches move in time with the trees as they perform their songs orchestrated by some unseen hand. Beneath my feet the fallen beech leaves crunch. Up by Panbride the wind whistles faintly through the grass singing a soft plaintive song. The sparrows chatter and gossip endlessly in the hedges and are friendly companions. A skein of geese flies overhead their haunting cries signalling their familiar flight path. 

At night when I look into the ebony darkness all is quiet but never silent for the sound of the sea often echoes through the night air. Gentle sounds from an unknown source can be heard whispering softly in the darkness. 

As someone wisely said to me, “God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.” I try and remember that. 

Gillian Cook 


  • As part of the move towards an institutionally smaller but practically more vibrant and influential church discussions are ongoing to reduce the number of presbyteries. Currently there are 40+ and the plan is to reduce them to 12. This will entail amalgamations and for churches in Angus this is likely to mean becoming part of a presbytery including the current presbyteries of Dundee, Perth and part of Stirling. More information will be announced in coming months 
  • Church Action on Poverty Sunday will take place on 28th February. The Charity are encouraging Christians to give, act and pray to ensure people on the margins are fully involved in the world we build as we emerge from the pandemic. The last few months have highlighted the inequalities that have swept too many people into poverty 

Church Directory 

Minister Rev Annette Gordon 8 Arbroath Road 01241 854478 

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross  

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark  

Treasurer Mr W John Winterton

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie  

Church Secretary & Rollkeeper Mrs Nicola Keen  

Contact via: 

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie  

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell  

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter  

Fund Raising & Social Convener Mrs Helen Harley

Flower Convener Mrs Eleanor Whamond

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor  

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll  

Friendship Circle Mrs Cathie Connor  

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart

JAFFA Youth Group Leader Mrs Joanna Stout  

Creche Organiser Mrs June Black

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll 


Unfortunately, there still has not been any events to report on. We will have a committee meeting to discuss what we are going to organise once the restrictions are lifted. 

In the meantime, take care and stay safe. Helen Harley 

 XMAS POST 2020 

Boys Brigade and Girls Association 

Captain Neil Russel has been in touch to express the organisations appreciation to all those who contributed in any way in the organising or making use of this long established community project. The total raised for the organisations funds was £2,800 and will be utilized in the coming year when it is hoped activities will be able to return to a more familiar pattern. 


All the complaining I hear every day – because it means we have freedom of speech 

All the jobs that need doing around the house – because it means I have a home 

All the laundry and ironing I have to do – because it means I have a choice of clothes to wear 

All the e-mails, texts and social media items I receive — because I know that people are thinking of me 

Flower Rota 

(subject to re-opening of Newton Church) 

March 2021 

7th Mrs E Simpson / Mrs J Granger 

14th Mrs M Palmer / Mrs D Grant 

21st Mrs K Penrose / Mr J Weir 

28th Mrs P Sawers 

April 2021 

4th Mrs L Thomson 

11th Mrs J Davidson 

18th Mrs B.Lee Smith 

25th Mrs J Black / Mrs M Hamilton 

May 2021 

2nd Mrs R Porter 



Laurie Ruglen 28th November 2020 

Catriona Evans 29th November 2020 

Linda Glen 6th December 2020 

Olive Watson* 7th December 2020 

William Craig* 27th December 2020 

Sheila Milne* 7th January 2021 

George Stott* 22nd January 2021 

Craig Gardiner* 24th January 2021 

Margaret Micrander 27th January 2021 

*Member of Congregation 


Nobody escapes being wounded. We are all wounded people, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. The main question is not, ‘How can we hide our wounds?’ so we don’t have to be embarrassed, but “How can we put our woundedness in the service of others?’ When our wounds cease to be a source of shame, and become a source of healing, we have become wounded healers. 

Henri Nouwen 


The next issue is scheduled for 25th April 2021 

Thanks to all involved in providing articles, layout of this issue of Update. 


Update Newsletter

December 1st, 2020

Update 6 December 2020 






E-mail Church Secretary: 


Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 

Christmas Message – 2020 

Christmas will be different this year – but we cannot, we must not cancel Christmas. 

Recently in a bid to relax Covid 19 restrictions for Christmas, a decision was made to permit people to meet up in “bubbles” for five days over the festive period. However, the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said the “default advice” and “safest position” was still that people should avoid contact, “Just because you can mix with others….. that doesn’t mean you have to.” She added, “The virus will not have gone away by Christmas”. Christmas will be different this year. 

Depending on the decisions we make perhaps there will be no inter-generational gatherings around the Christmas dinner table with granny and grandad and an assortment of relatives. If we want to stay safe, no Christmas knees-up with the neighbours. Our turkeys and our celebrations will be smaller than usual………..Quieter. 

I am really going to miss the busyness of the Christmas services this year. The Christingle Service when we are joined by the children of Carlogie Primary School. It’s a relaxed service filled with fun and laughter and noise and yet there is still a hush that descends as we light our Christingles and sing quietly, “Away in a Manger” and the “Watchnight Service” when our church is filled not only with our faithful members and friends but also with those who perhaps haven’t been in church since last Christmas Eve. They come too with eyes wide with excitement (or maybe it’s the sherry!!) and together we watch as Christmas Eve slips silently into Christmas Day with all the hope and joy that the coming of the Christ child brings. Even our worship will be different this year………Quieter. 

Most of our extra services will be online. We still hope to have our 9 Lessons and Carols and our Nativity. I will be recording a Christingle Service for our children in the FOG Squad and for the children at Carlogie Primary. We may have our Christmas Eve service a little earlier in the evening but with the restrictions for worship still likely to be in place, only 24 or so will be able to attend the in-person service. 

Christmas will be………………. quieter. 

Of course, some might be looking forward to a quieter, simpler Christmas this year. A Christmas without the endless demands to be jolly despite the stress and the expense that Christmas usually brings. But for others, this might be the toughest of all the things we have had to cope with this year – to think that we may have to spend Christmas alone without our loved ones around us. And paradoxically, some who have no family to celebrate with may even feel some sense of togetherness that because of this Pandemic they are not alone in their isolation. 

And so, we cannot, we must not cancel Christmas. More than ever people need the hope that Christmas brings. And we can see that all around us. Shops have all but sold out of Christmas decorations and lights. Trees have been up since mid-November. 

Our community like most communities is pulling out all the stops to make sure Christmas is not cancelled. The Christmas lights are up; a beautiful Christmas tree already adorns the High St; and the shop windows are aglow with Christmas scenes.  

In towns all over Scotland and beyond, people are being encouraged to have Nativity Scenes in the win-dows of their homes; some churches are planning to ring the bells on Christmas Eve, and there are also plans afoot for “Doorstep Carol Singing” (you can find more information on this in this edition of UP-DATE under “Christmas Services”). People are desperate to have some sense of hope. 

Christmas is not cancelled – even in the middle of a Pandemic – the Christmas message resounds with hope. 

And the Church more than ever must take this message of hope out into the community. Due to the re-strictions, people cannot come to us even if they normally only come once a year for that “Christmassy feeling”. So, we must help people hear the Christmas story across all sorts of digital platforms and so-cial media. It demands that we be even more bold and creative in our telling of the Gospel than ever. 

Tell them that, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5) 

Christmas is not cancelled. 

Love and Blessings,


Christmas Services 2020 


2nd Sunday in Advent – 6th December 11am – Morning Worship 

3rd Sunday in Advent – 13th December 11am – Morning Worship 

4th Sunday in Advent – 20th December 11am – Morning Worship 

Christmas Eve Service – 24th December 7pm – tbc 

(Seats for all in-person services have to be booked in advance by ‘phoning Lyn Ross on 859905 Tues- Thurs between 6pm and 8pm). Covid guidelines restrict Maximum number of seats to 24. 

Online Services (Facebook , YouTube and website) 

Advent Reflections – 1st – 24th December – Facebook only 

2nd Sunday in Advent – 6th December 11am – Morning Worship 

3rd Sunday in Advent – 13th December 11am – Morning Worship – The Lockdown Nativity 

Service of Quiet Reflection – Sunday 13th December – 4pm (Facebook and YouTube only) 

4th Sunday in Advent – 20th December 11am – 9 Lessons and Carols 

Christmas Eve Service – 24th December 7pm (Facebook and YouTube only) 

Sunday 27th December – 11am – Morning Worship (Facebook and YouTube only) 

Sunday 3rd January – 11am – Morning Worship (Facebook and YouTube only) 

Doorstep Carol Service 

Sunday 20th December at 6pm. We are invited to stand on our doorsteps and sing carols “together”. Hosted by Radio North Angus. (look out for more details nearer the time on Facebook and local press) 

“With the Children” including “Christingle” and “The Nativity” will be on YouTube and Facebook each Sunday at 10 am except 27th December and 3rd January. 


I will begin this report (on behalf of the Trustees) in thanking all those who gave generous (some very) donations, increased their standing orders or FWO donations and set up new standing orders all of which had a significant impact on our year-end financial position which I will come to shortly. This brilliant and fantastic response is very much appreciated particularly in these uncertain times when our financial position came under intense pressure in the loss of income from the plate and use of premises which alone came to about £14,400. 

When taking into account the other elements of income lost, the deficit as a result of the new flooring in the Panbride Hall together with the savings arising from heat and light, reduced maintenance and the job retention scheme we were estimating a potential deficit of about £22,000 for the year. 

Thanks to the generous response we are looking at a deficit of about £11,000 (hopefully less) a tremendous result. Thanks once again for your support without which we would be in a difficult position to put it mildly. 


The wording under this heading in the last issue gave rise to a misunderstanding in relation to cheques and gift aid which I will now clarify. If I have a gift aid form signed by you then I will claim gift aid on whatever payment method you choose, ie cash, cheques or standing order donations. 

There is a HMRC scheme in respect of small cash (not cheque) donations on which I can claim gift aid of 25%. There is a limit on the amount on which gift aid can be £8,000. This means that each year I can claim 25% on the cash in the plate up to £8,000 ie £2,000. Small cash donations on which I can claim gift aid means no more than a £20 note so if you are feeling flush please do not give us a £50 note as I will not be able to claim gift aid on it. An oddity I know but these are HMRC rules. 

The continual efforts to manage the virus may mean the arrangements we made for the collection of FWO envelopes etc will continue to be in force until the middle of next year (depending on the availability of a vaccine which is looking hopeful) therefore, I will confirm these as follows: 

  • Put cash in an envelope or bag (or any suitable container) that you would normally put in the plate and pass these along with the FWO envelopes to me at 31 Newton Crescent (not Road) or you can drop them into the Manse if that is more suitable to you. 
  • Wherever possible for the cash please use notes as it will make it easier for me when banking with RBS. This is not essential but would help. It has to be cash because I claim 25% gift aid on the cash normally put in the plate as I have said above. 
  • This can be done if you are out on a daily walk or a family member or friend can do it for you or post any cheques if that suits you. 
  • FWO envelopes should contain, wherever possible, notes or cheques but again not essential. 
  • Those members who pay annually by cheque and are reminded by letter could you please remember that the staff are not in and reminders may not be sent out. Again, please send these to me at the above address. 
  • Those members considering making a donation to help the finances of the Church please send these to me as well. 
  • I am nearly always in even when there is no car on the drive so please knock on the door and step back to a safe distance while I answer the door or just put the items through the letterbox. 



I’m very grateful to all the people who volunteered to clean our buildings during this uncertain time of Covid 19. Without their help we wouldn’t have been able to have worship in the Panbride Hall. Once we open up Newton Church for services, we will require more help so if you can spare an hour or so once a month, I would be delighted to add you on to one of our 5 teams. Thank you to all my loyal “Divine Dusters”! 

You can contact me on 853919. Pat Taylor 

Gillian’s September Blessings 

The Blessings came about after a post on Facebook on1st September encouraged some of our members to “Count their Blessings” – Gillian decided that she would write her blessings down as well as count them. Original post below: 

“At the moment we are not sure where or when our Harvest Thanksgiving Service will take place. However, some members of our congregation have come up with a wonderful idea to thank God for all His provision for us and the beauty of His creation, something that we would normally do at Harvest. They plan to “Count their Blessings” – reflecting on all their personal blessings each day throughout the month of September and putting aside £1 for each blessing. Blessings will include simple things like family and friends; good health; faith, food, and giving thanks for all the beauty around us. At the end of September, the money collected will be donated to the church. Whether or not you want to donate to the church, it is always good for us to take time to “Count our Blessings”. 

I feel blessed that: 

1st September- 

tonight, while walking along the beach, we watched a crimson moon shine over the sea. The waves and the rock pools turned a rosy pink before our eyes. Such beauty! 

2nd September- 

I went to the hairdresser today. While not a “normal” experience it felt like a bit of normality returned. 

3rd September- 

I met my friend in person and we gossiped and giggled over a glass of wine. I miss seeing my friends but am so glad of all the friendship around me. 

4th September- 

R+J arrived to spend a few days with us before they go back to Uni. It’s lovely to have them here. We sat and chatted late. 

5th September 

We went to a restaurant for a belated birthday celebration. It felt extra special to be “out”. However, we didn’t linger and came home and just sat and chatted again in the comfort of home. I am so glad we have a safe roof over our heads. We are indeed lucky. 

6th September 

We went walking up Glen Prosen. We hardly saw another soul. The beauty and majesty and solitude was calming. 

7th September 

The beach tonight was glorious in the setting sun. The sea rolled in gently singing its soft song. It was a lovely walk. 

8th September 

I watched a robin this morning flitting in and out of the bushes. It perched proudly on the bird bath. Later I heard the wild geese. Autumn is here. I love the changing seasons. 

9th September 

We walked in the park tonight. It was a starry sky. Lovely! 

10th September 

I went to Dundee. I met up with a lady from my writing class who I have only recently got to know. It was good to learn more about her. I like meeting new people. 

11th September 

I was able to give away some apples and plums from the garden. 

12th September 

Although the news of more restrictions “got to me” I was able to quell my fears and anxieties before they became overwhelming. 

13th September 

I heard the wind in the trees play like an orchestra and create a beautiful noise. 

14th September 

The beach tonight was still and calm. The lighthouses blinked – like beacons of hope in the darkening skies. 

15th September 

I had a lovely blether on the phone with my friend in Orkney. My friends are very important to me. 

16th September 

After a day aggravated by technology which soured my mood I went to bed in a good frame of mind. I was content. 

17th September 

Tonight the stars were twinkling in the vastness of the night sky. Down below the woody, earthy tang of autumn filled the air. I felt part of something bigger. 

18th September 

We went back to help in the garden. It feels good to be doing something for other people. 

19th September 

We travelled back to Aberdeen very briefly. The old familiar road layout into the city had changed, just as so much has changed for me since I last made that journey.. I feel so very grateful for all the good that has come into my life despite these uncertain times. 

20th September 

We were able to worship together. For now, I am of the mind set to embrace change but I know that attitude may change! 

21st September 

After a difficult day I walked along by the sea in the darkness. As the waves shimmered on the shoreline, I was aware there is always a light. 

22nd September 

As we walked through the trees in the fading light I felt the darkness envelope me in what felt like a comforting blanket. 

23rd September 

As I listened to the news of ever- changing restrictions my heart sank. I felt grateful however for all I have in my life. I went to bed knowing I am secure and safe. 

24th September 

Tonight, the half moon was shining on the sea as we walked along. The moonbeams created a ribbon of shimmering silver over the waves – a pathway to….?????. It was magical. 

25th September 

I was able to meet one my friends from Aberdeen in person. I was glad. 

26th September 

It was a simple, gentle kind of easy oasy day. Everything seemed to fall into place. 

27th September 

We had a lovely long walk along the sands at St Andrews. We looked over to Carnoustie – home! We are glad we live where we do. 

28th September 

I have such lovely friends. I phoned one of them and we had a good long chat and giggle. 

29th September 

Tonight, we sat and watched our new tv in our cosy house. We are very fortunate. 

30th September 

We watched a pair of collared doves in the garden. They are such gentle looking creatures. 

Gillian Cook 


  • Due to covid-19 the 2020 General assembly originally scheduled for May was held on line on the 2nd & 3rd Octo-ber. It was made possible through a new Assembly Hub on the church of Scotland website. Commissioners, who included our Minister, Youth representatives and corresponding members took part remotely. More details of reports submitted and discussions can be found at 
  • A Christian Aid survey found that 49% of Scots were feeling more connected to their neighbours as we ap-proached 6 months since the start of lockdown. The corresponding figure was 44% for England and 41% for Wales. 
  • The Nominations Committee announced on 27 October that Jim Wallace will be the next Moderator of the Church of Scotland. He is a former Liberal/Democratic MP for Orkney and Shetland and now sits in the Lords as Baron Wallace of Tankerness. He will be only the second elder in modern times to become Moderator. He was ordained as an Elder at St Bernard’s Church, Stockbridge, Edinburgh in 1981 and is now an Elder at St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall. He will suspend his Lib/Dem membership for his year as Moderator and will not be cam-paigning in the period leading up to the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary election. 


Dear friends 

As you will see from the Report from our Treasurer, John Winterton, we are forecasting a deficit this year. Our usual streams of generating additional income such as our hall lets, and our regular fundraising have all but dried up because of the Pandemic. 

Almost all churches are seeing a marked decrease in income with some churches still having just about the same level of expenditure as before now that they have returned to church buildings but with a severely reduced capacity. 

The buildings still must be heated and maintained. 

Although we cannot be complacent, we are in a better financial position than expected. 

This is due in no small way to the generosity of our congregation and friends of our congregation. 

A heartfelt thanks to those who continue to support the church financially with regular giving via standing order or FWO envelopes, and to those who have been able to increase their giving. We also thank those who have gifted generous one-off donations. Thank you to those who place their envelopes or cash in the open plate on a Sunday, and to those who continue to deliver envelopes to our Treasurer. 

These are difficult times for everyone. Even if we ourselves are not directly affected by a change in circumstances, we may be financially supporting members of our families who have been impacted by shorter working hours or who have sadly been made redundant as a result of Coronavirus. 

Thank you also to those who have given to our recent collections for the local Foodbank, Malawi Fruits, and Erskine Hospital. Although, many churches are feeling rightly concerned about their own financial position, it is a Gospel imperative that we feed the hungry; defend the poor, and care for the sick. It is important we continue to be a mission-shaped church. 

We have a little glimmer of hope now that a day is coming when we can all be back together and everyone who wants to come to church will be able to. 

I am so looking forward to that day and to seeing our church and our church halls noisy and busy with all the joyful occasions we enjoy as a church family and as a community. 





29 August 2020 – Fiona Anne Lucas and Shaun Terrence Margery – Manse Garden (photo below) 

17 October 2020 – Rosemine Isabella Jules Andrews and Christopher Brian Spiers – Manse Garden 


Ron McKee – 24 September 

Margaret Anderson* – 6 October 

Duncan Geekie – 9 October 

Helen Dalgety * – 23 November 

*Member of Congregation 


Rhys McConnachie – 29 November 

Church Directory 

Minister  Rev Annette Gordon 
Session Clerk  Mrs Lyn Ross 
Clerk to Board  Mr Walter Ruark 
Treasurer  Mr W John Winterton 
Gift Aid  Mr Stan Beattie 
Church Officer  Mrs Mary Bushnell 
Magazine Convener  Mr David Taylor 
Flower Convener  Mrs Eleanor Whamond 
FOG Squad—Team Leader  Mrs Alison Stuart 
Youth Group JAFFA  Mrs Joanna Stout 
Creche  Mrs June Black 


A very happy Treasurer took delivery of £100 for Church funds, the proceeds from this year’s Flamingo Card sales. A big “Thank You” to all my customers for their continued support. Because we were unable to have any fund raising this year, it’s good to know that we’ve helped the Church finances in a small way. Pat Taylor 


Due to the ongoing restrictions there has not been and will not be any Fundraising events since the report in the last issue of Update. 

If you feel you can help by making a small donation to the Church, then this would be greatly appreciated and would help to replace any fundraising events which would have been held. Please put any donation in an envelope marked “Fundraising” and pop it through either the Manse door or through John Winterton’s door. 

We hope all members of the Congregation are keeping well and staying safe in this difficult time and we hope to see you all at any fundraising events next year, all being well. Helen Harley 


It will not be possible to provide Creche facilities until approval for these is given. When that is received the facility will be provided on an as and when required basis. At that stage it would be helpful if parents who would like to make use of this facility contact June Black (Tel 410196) no later than the day before the service.  June Black


Although we have nothing new to report, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. 

Looking forward to the time when we can all meet again.  Alison Stuart 


This issue of UPDATE has again been printed by DWK and we are very appreciative of the help we have received from them during the pandemic. Thanks also to all involved in providing articles, layout, assembly, delivery of paper copies and sending the e-mail copies. David Taylor 


God of wild places 

daisies, ditches 

rowans, raspberries 

rugged cliffs, rumbustious seas 

breezy meadows, bright beaches 

nature’s grandeur displayed 

sun rises and sets 

misted moonlight 

caresses clouded hills 

we are blessed in your love 

God of rolling farmland 

fields ripening food 

congregations of cattle 

shearings of sheep 

bubbling brews, bursting barns. 

nature’s bounty displayed 

sun rises and sets 

misted moonlight 

caresses clouded hills 

we are blessed in your love 

God of city streets 

cafés, countless cultures 

bustling buses, stravaigin’ shoppers 

high-living, humble homes 

silent streets, solitary strollers. 

humankind’s ingenuity displayed 

sun rises and sets 

misted moonlight 

caresses clouded hills 

we are blessed in your love 

God of the lockdown life 

closed, closeted 

contained, covered 

shielded, sheltered 

darkness, danger. 

humanity’s fears and failings hidden away 

sun rises and sets 

misted moonlight 

caresses clouded hills 

we are blessed by your promise 

Uncover our shame and our shambles. 

Uncover our sadness and our sorrows. 

Uncover our fears and our foibles. 

Expose us to the scrutiny of your light. 

Wrap us in the warmth of your embrace, 

that we might be un-Locked by Love 

re-created, re-shaped, re-born 

into the wholeness of your Passion. 

Our God. 


Flower Rota (subject to re-opening of Newton Church) 

December 2020 

6th Mrs R. Clark 

13th Mrs A. McDonald 

20th Mrs E. Whamond 

27th Mrs M. Gordon / Mr Crozier 

January 2021 

3rd Mrs K. Porter 

10th Mrs L. Miller 

17th Mrs M. Rennie 

24th Mrs D. Taylor 

31st To be confirmed 

February 2021 

7th Mrs C. McWhirter / Mrs M. Jamieson 

14th Mrs C. Kerr / Mrs B. Ruark 

21st Mrs J. Brown 

28th Mr and Rev. A. Gordon 

March 2021 

7th Mrs E. Simpson / Mrs J. Granger 


Boys Brigade and Girls Association 

This year we are not having boxes in the churches. We will still have boxes in the following shops both Co-ops, Belles gift shop, MacDougall’s Newsagents, Haven Charity shop, For Carnoustie, J’s Hair Design, A & A hairdresser and Spar Barry Road. 

Cost is 20p per card. Should anyone at the church have cards they can give them to Marion Palmer or Mary Bushnell or delivered to Mary’s address. Cards will be delivered on 6th, 13th and 20th December. 

Procedures to be followed for this community project are compliant with the requirements of covid guidelines 

Mary Bushnell 

Carnoustie Scout Group 

Carnoustie Scout Group will be running their Christmas card delivery service this year, covering Carnoustie and Barry. The cost is 25p per card. 

Our procedures have been risk assessed and are Covid safe with all cards being quarantined for 72 hours before sorting and delivery, as advised by the local Public Health Team. 

Post boxes will be available between the afternoon of Friday 27th November and Monday 14th December, at the following locations: 

Co-op, High Street; Co-op, Dundee Street; Boots, Dundee Street; 

Boots, Parkview Health Centre; Ravensby News, Ravensby Park Gardens 

There will be no deliveries prior to the 18th of December. 

Lindsay Burns, Scout Post Co-ordinator 

Update Newsletter

August 23rd, 2020

Update  23 August 2020

This is edition has information about the impact of Covid 19


The impact of Covid-19 has resulted in Church closure 

The photographs below are not our Church but a church which re-opened recently. They are included to give an example of what to expect when Newton re-opens


Solitude and silence are ways to get to the heart because the heart is the place where God speaks to us, where we hear the voice which calls us Beloved.  (Henri Nouwen) 


E-mail Church Secretary: 


Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 

Musings from the Manse 

Here we are almost at the end of the August – how did that happen? 

What happened to spring and summer? 

I hope that with the easing of Lockdown and the pause in shielding that you have been able to get out more and see friends and family. 

Perhaps you have even been able to have a staycation. Although I am sure it was a different kind of holiday from usual. 

Of course, living in such a beautiful part of the world we don’t need to go far to enjoy lovely scenery – it’s right here on our doorstep. 

We begin to look forward cautiously to autumn. This is usually such an exciting time for us as a congregation and for me as a minister. 

Usually, I would be thinking about visiting the children and teachers at Carlogie Primary. We would be welcoming our own children and young people back from the FOG Squad and JAFFA, and we would be planning all sorts of events such as our Harvest Thanksgiving Service and Remembrance Sunday and beginning to forward plan for all the Advent and Christmas Services. 

Our halls would be busy with all the organisations restarting for their autumn sessions. 

And, oh, how I miss the sound of the pipe band and the brass band as they rehearse in our halls. 

Life is not normal. 

And this might be as good as it gets for a while. 

Phase 4 of the Route Map might still be a way off and we should all be treading carefully afraid of a spike or a second wave. 

And maybe you long for the things that give you life. The things that energize you and bring you joy. 

For nights out at the theatre; mornings at the gym; afternoons at the football or the rugby; returning to all your clubs and looking forward to social events. 

Maybe you miss your work – being part of something; doing something constructive; using your God-given gifts. 

Or perhaps you are drained of all energy and enthusiasm for anything right now. 

Like most of us, I look forward to the day when we can all be back in church together. Our online worship is well supported, and I am so grateful for all the encouragement that kept me going while I struggled with the technology that make these services possible. I intend to continue these services in some format even when we return to church so that those in the most vulnerable categories who may choose not to return to church for the time being are provided for and that they are still able to participate in church life. 

But I do miss coming to church on a Sunday morning. I miss singing the hymns and listening to the music; having a wee laugh with the choir; the excitement and giggles of the children; I miss hearing everyone’s stories; I miss the handshakes and hugs at the door. 

I miss you! 

Yes, we can still be the Body of Christ wherever we are and we can love and care for one another from a distance (and by keeping our distance) but I can’t pretend that recording the service in an empty church is something that gives me life and fills me with joy. 

I miss the eye contact; the warmth; the humour; the spontaneity. 

I miss the move of the Spirit among us when the Word stirs our hearts and the music reaches our souls. 

And no matter how much I try – it is difficult to replicate that sense of spiritual connection alone in an empty church. 

But I have learned not to trust my feelings or even circumstances where God’s power is concerned. God is present with us in our worship wherever we are worshiping. In the empty church; in our homes in front of the iPad or tv; through the ‘phone line, despite our feelings, despite our circumstances, as Paul the Apostle tells us, “God does not live in temples built by human hands. He is never far from anyone of us …reach out for Him and find Him” (Acts 17: 24 – 27). 



It will not be possible to provide Creche facilities until approval for these is given. When that is received the facility will be provided on an as and when required basis. At that stage it would be helpful if parents who would like to make use of this facility contact June Black (Tel 410196) no later than the day before the service.

June Black 


We hope you have had a lovely Summer and we are looking forward to meeting with the children again when guidance states that it is safe to do so. 

At the end of the last FOG Squad session we did not get the opportunity to thank Fiona Gray and Helen Waggott for their hard work and dedication. Both ladies are retiring from FOG Squad after many years and we wish them all the best. 

Until we can meet again, we are offering a Virtual FOG Squad starting on 6th September. If your child is interested in this experience contact me on with your email details. It is planned to email a link to a bible story, song and suggested activities that your child could take part in at home, older children will also have links to a passage in the Good News Bible. 

Alison Stuart 


A New Year for JAFFA! 

JAFFA look forward to restarting meetings, in some way, in the Autumn and welcoming our new members as they move from FOG and primary into S1. 

We also welcome Mrs Fiona Gray who is joining Mrs Susan Hamill and myself in delivering our fun sessions. 

We hope to begin a block of New Communicant classes for those young people who wish to take part. 

Joanna Stout 

TREASURERS REPORT as at 31 July 2020 

Year End2019202020202020
Items of Concern££££
Weekly FWO Envelopes5045447934301049
Gift Aid1250512400112001200
Use of Premises **126121200036818319
Fundraising **28161500552948
Tea/Coffee/Soup Donations **258324006271773
Panbride Hall ##00010700
Job Retention Scheme(2400)
Other Donations(1700)
Standing Orders(1400)
Other Fabric Heat & Light etc(2400)

## The reflooring of the Panbride Hall and the Hallway had resulted in a deficit for the year of £10,700. 

This report will focus on what the result on the Church’s finances will be at the end of the year given that the Church may reopen sometime in September and trying to estimate the impact this will have on the finances, no easy task with restricted numbers due to guidelines in relation to social distancing. Allied to that is the talk of a second wave of Covid -19 infections as well as seasonal flu. Therefore, the best estimate at this moment in time is about £21,000 loss. 

Since the last update there has been some changes in the anticipated shortfall and these are as follows: 

FWO Envelopes 

I have now received a number of envelopes and these are reflected in the figure of £3,430 above. The budget of £4,479 is based on what was received in 2019 and since shutdown there are about 8 who have envelopes and have not managed to get them to me so it is difficult to predict the outcome at year end. If you are one of these 8 and intend to pass these envelopes at some point before year end could you please contact me and let me know. I would appreciate it as it would allow me to gauge the year end in relation to the envelopes a lot better. 


This heading continues to be a concern; I have received about £325 in cash on which I can claim gift aid and another £450 in cheques (included in Savings- Other Donations figure of £1,500) that would normally go in the plate as cash (Gift Aid cannot be claimed on cheques). 

As a rough guide of the sum uncollected this year (end of March to end of July) the sum placed in the plate during this time last year was about £3,200. 

Gift Aid 

The shortfall of £1,200 is mainly due to the shortfall in the plate. 

The items marked ** 

Difficult to see anything changing in the remainder of this year in relation to Fundraising & Tea/Coffee/Soup donations but perhaps the Use of Premises may in which case the shortfall will be less on this heading. 

To confirm the current arrangements in force for the collection of income: 

Put cash in an envelope or bag (or any suitable container) that you would normally put in the plate and pass these along with the FWO envelopes to me at 31 Newton Crescent

This can be done if you are out on a daily walk or a family member or friend can do it for you or post any cheques if that suits you. 

Wherever possible for the cash please use notes as it will make it easier for me when banking with RBS. This is not essential but would help. It has to be cash because I claim 25% gift aid on the cash normally put in the plate. 

FWO envelopes should contain, wherever possible, notes or cheques but again not essential. 

Those members who pay annually by cheque and are reminded by letter could you please remember that the staff are not in and no reminders will be sent out. Again please send these to me at the above address. 

Those members considering making a donation to help the finances of the Church please send these to me as well. 

I am nearly always in even when there is no car on the drive so please knock on the door and step back to a safe distance while I answer the door or just put the items through the letterbox. 

W J Winterton 




This will take place between the 

From Monifieth to Montrose 

18-20 September 2020 

To find out how you can get involved 

visit local social media sites 


Look up 


Before we re-open our buildings much work has to be done to ensure that we properly implement the published guidelines which at the time of writing are in their 4th edition and run to 58 pages. 

There are all sorts of questions to be answered and systems to be put in place so that we can keep all the people who enter our buildings as safe as we possibly can. 

The virus has not gone away. It is still here and still as easily transmitted. 

So here is what you can expect our church services to look like when we do open our buildings: 

With current physical distancing measurements only 24 people will be able to attend a service of worship 

Protect and Trace – we are required to keep a temporary register of those who attend worship as such you will be asked to provide your name and a contact number on entering the building 

You will be expected to sanitize your hands on entering and leaving the building 

Face mask or face covering must be worn (mandatory from 7 August) 

You will be directed to a seat 

There will be a one-way system in place 

The doors of the church will remain open during the service 

Physical distancing of 2metres must be observed at all times and in all areas of the church buildings 

Bibles and hymn books will be removed 

All soft furnishings including cushions; pulpit falls; lectern falls will be removed 

No singing – to avoid the spreading of aerosol particles 

No shaking hands or offering any other form of a physical welcome or farewell to other members of the congregation 

No tea/coffee or fellowship after the service 

No doubt, going to church will be strange for a while but all these things are necessary to keep us safe. So please do bear with us as we work through all these challenges. 

Blessings  Annette 

Congregational Register


Gillian Bennett and Lindsay Cook on 4th July in Manse Garden of Newton Church 


Mrs Violet Agnes Elizabeth MacNaughton* 6 August 2020  * Member of congregation

Church Directory

Minister  Rev Annette Gordon 
Session Clerk  Mrs Lyn Ross 
Clerk to Board  Mr Walter Ruark 
Treasurer  Mr W John Winterton 
Gift Aid  Mr Stan Beattie 
Magazine Convener  Mr David Taylor 
Flower Convener  Mrs Eleanor Whamond 
FOG Squad—Team Leader  Mrs Alison Stuart 
Youth Group JAFFA  Mrs Joanna Stout 
Creche  Mrs June Black 


Everyday, everywhere are glimpses of Your glory, Lord. Creation basks in the warmth of the sun’s rays and I know that You hold me. Clouds throw their cover over the earth and I know that You enfold me. 

Today, Lord God, scatter Your grace around me that I might haul it in and marvel at its beauty. And may I be ready to let it go so others may catch sight of You. Amen. 

(Pray Now – Word of Life – The Church of Scotland Mission and Discipleship Council) 


(subject to KS and Presbytery approval of re-opening ) 

September 2020 

20th Mrs A. Brown 

27th Mrs E. Watson 

October 2020 

4th Mrs J. Sturrock / Mrs S. Devanay 

11th Mrs D. Booth 

18th Mrs K. Fulton 

25th Mrs M. Easton / Mrs J. Jones 

November 2020 

1st Mrs A. Clark / Mrs D. Smith 

8th Mrs P. Geekie 

15th Mrs M. Low / Mrs N. Reid 

22nd Mrs A. Scott 

29th Mrs G. Cook 


In one article in the August issue of Life and Work the Moderator the Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair has made an appeal for Christians to play their part in the Black Lives Matter campaign. 

In another article entitled “Our Wake up moment?” he says that while all congregations have sung the hymn ‘The church is not a building’ but in 2020 we’ve been forced to work out what this actually means. After mentioning many of the changes and initiatives that have taken place during lockdown he asks have the circumstances caused us to hear the cry ‘Wake up, O sleeper?’ Are we being roused from our slumbers, being caused to embrace the radical change required of us? 

Is this our wake up moment? 


Unfortunately due to the current situation the Friendship Circle has been cancelled for the next few months at least. We hope to meet again after Christmas and any news will be published in the magazine. 

Susan Wilson 


I will be placing another order for cards within the next few weeks if anyone would like to place an order. So far approx £20 has been raised. 10% of all sales go towards much needed church funds. If you would like a brochure, please phone me on 853919, and I can deliver one to you. Thank you to all those who continue to support this. The Christmas brochure should be available late September. 

Pat Taylor 


Unfortunately there have been no fundraising or social events held due to the Covid restrictions but hopefully the coffee morning and concert which were planned for later in the year will be able to go ahead, but who knows. There are still bills to be paid by the Church so we hope we can raise some money this year. 

Helen Harley 

Update Newsletter

June 10th, 2020

Update 14 June 2020

This is a special condensed edition due to Covid-19 



The impact of Covid-19 has resulted in Church closure apart from the recording of the weekly service 

In all films there is always a camera man, sound technician and producer keeping a watchful eye on proceedings 

Moment for Meditation 

Let me seek then, the gift of silence, and poverty, and solitude, where everything I touch is turned into prayer: where the sky is my prayer, the birds are my prayer, the wind in the trees is my prayer, for God is all in all. 

Web: E-mail Church Secretary: Facebook: Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 

Did You Know 

More than a quarter of million people have tuned in to the reflective services on TV ’Reflection at the Quay’ broadcast by the BBC on Sunday mornings during the first four weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown. In addition to those watching live there were more than 11,000 requests through the IPlayer on demand service. The BBC is committed to an initial 12 week run of the programme which will run to at least mid June. 

Both locally and nationally Churches have been embracing new technology to provide services and to hold meetings. At Panbride like other Churches our Minister has used her mobile phone and then YouTube to deliver a service on Sunday mornings as well as a separate service for the children of the FOG Squad and Carlogie Primary School. There have also been many Zoom conference calls about the ongoing COVID-19 developments throughout the Church of Scotland, and also presbytery meeting and Induction services for new Ministers. 

Crossreach, the church of Scotland Social Care Council, has launched an emergency appeal to enable it to continue its services during the COVID_19 outbreak. In common with many other charities Crossreach has seen income suffer as fund raising activities and major events are cancelled. In March the then Moderator of the General Assembly the Rt Rev Colin Sinclair encouraged people to take part in the 2.6 challenge for Crossreach. The fund raising took its theme from the cancelled London Marathon and encourages people to complete any activity suiting their skills and abilities and featuring the number 2 and 6 in any way.  You can still get involved and funds raised will make a direct input on the essential care Crossreach provides so that help to the most vulnerablepeople can be continued during these unprecedented times.  See for more information. 

Access to the church office is not allowed at this time and it is thanks to DWK, the firm who we have dealt with for over 30 years to supply and service our copiers, that this issue of UPDATE has been feasible. When approached they agreed to print this issue of UPDATE. Our sincere thanks to them and we look forward to continuing business with them once covid-19 restriction are ended. Thanks also to all those who have agreed to distribute the printed copies to members’ homes. Pat Hay our systems administrator has also been able to ensure that an e-mail copy has been sent to those who opted for that format. 

We now have a “Dial a Service” option available for members, parishioners, and friends to dial in and listen to the Sunday service. Although this is updated every Sunday, it can be dialled up at any time during the week. As the number is a local number, it is charged at a local call rate. Please spread the word to those who cannot access the online video services. To listen to the service dial: – 01241 467717 

All our services are now online and can be accessed on the sites below 

Sunday Worship; Children’s Address; Sunday Evening Call to Prayer; Mid week Reflection can all be found on our Facebook page: 

Sunday Worship and Children’s Address are also on our YouTube channel: 

Sunday Worship is also on this website.

Can I ask that you consider subscribing to the YouTube channel. There is no charge and once we have 100 subscribers we can have a more user friendly link. 

Congregational Register 


Margaret Coupar 18 April 2020* 

Anna Merchant 29 April 2020* 

Rodger Lyon 30 April 2020* 

Vera Crichton 3 May 2020* 

Christine Beckett 12 May 2020* 

Brian Carr 17 May 2020

 *Member of congregation

New Members by Certificate of Transference 

Mairi Brown Dis 6 

Joan Henderson Dis 17 

Andy Martin Dis 28 

Iain Stewart Dis 2 

Musings from the Manse U

Dear friends 

So, we are now halfway through the month of June and into our 12th week on Lockdown as our June UPDATE goes to print. I ask myself the question, “Where has the time gone?” It seems that one minute it was early Spring, and we were planning all sorts of services and events – Holy Week; Easter; Strawberry Tea; Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association Service; FOG Picnic and Prizegiving. There were also baptisms and summer weddings all of which much to our great disappointment have had to be rescheduled. 

And here we are in June and although the Lockdown is easing, we have a long way to go – life doesn’t and shouldn’t feel normal just yet. I have been attending Presbytery meetings and other church meetings online and by Zoom. At a recent webinar by the Assembly Trustees, the question was asked: “Can a virus renew the church?” 

That might seem a strange question to ask when our buildings are closed and all our activities as a church both locally and nationally would seem to have ceased. However, ask any minister or church leader how they have spent the last three months. You can be sure that they have not had time to learn a new language or take up a new hobby – unless that new hobby is video editing or hosting zoom meetings. Church is still open, and all sorts of things are still happening. Churches are offering Messy Church on Zoom; CafeChurch by Teams; New Communicants classes online, and many more virtual events as well as online worship. 

Without doubt, Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the lives of individuals, our community, and the church. But Covid-19 has also been a catalyst for change. 

In the last 12 weeks we have seen changes in the church which would have taken years to bring about. Covid-19 and the closure of our buildings has forced us all out of our comfort zones and even congregations who had for whatever reason resisted new ways of doing things such as streaming services and online meetings have had to embrace these in order to facilitate worship, pastoral care, and to serve our community. There have been challenges for congregations whose worship has moved online and pastoral care provided by phone but for the most part churches are seeing a rise in “attendance”. 

More people are watching online worship than would attend a church service on a Sunday morning at 11am. The tv is offering more worship services on a Sunday than I can ever remember being the case before. On our own Facebook page and YouTube channel, the number of people “viewing” online is far more than we get people physically coming to the church building on a Sunday morning. Some churches are reporting viewers both from within their community and from all over the world to their different online services – people with no connection to the church and people who were perhaps members or adherents at one time. I know from the statistics on our own Facebook page that we have people joining us from Bangladesh, Spain, USA, Canada, and Bosnia Herzegovina, as well as Scotland and England. 

Of course, we must be cautious about statistics as far as online worship services are concerned, we can’t be sure how long people are tuning in for. But isn’t it wonderful that even in our own context we are witnessing “to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) 

Over the years our national church has spent so much energy and resources, not to mention money, encouraging change with different ventures such as “Church without Walls” and “Fresh Expressions of Church”, and the more recent call to “radical action” Despite the great challenges, it has been so refreshing to see people grasp at these serendipitous opportunities presented by Covid-19 to bring the gospel to places we might not be able to go physically. 

“Can a virus renew the church?” 

I don’t think we should give this horrible virus any credit where the renewal or revival of the church is concerned. What I do know that instead of being fearful about the problems this virus would bring to the church, most church leaders have looked to the God we serve for new ways to continue feeding the flock and to spread the Good news of Jesus Christ, the one who promises “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it.” (Matthew 16:18). 

Despite this terrible virus and the pain and suffering it has brought, we must have faith and confidence in God 

As Scripture tells us: 

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) 

Blessings to you all, Annette 

A Prayer 

Since the start of Lockdown, Christians across the country have been continuing to answer the call to prayer at 7pm on Sundays.  Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland said this:  “I’m delighted to have read that in the last couple of months online searches for ‘prayer’ have increased dramatically.” “But reading about what prayer is and how to do it is the only the start of it. After that it’s time to actually pray.” 

The prayer below is taken from “A Liturgy for Worship in a Time of Pandemic” by Thom Shuman. 

In these days we ask, ‘can our hopes live?”  And you whisper to us,  ‘look to the buds on the trees eager to burst;  notice the flowers poking their heads out of the dirt;  watch the children chalking spring on the sidewalks.’  And we see how you love us, God of steadfast love.  In these moments we wonder, ‘can our compassion live?”  And you tell us,  ‘wipe the tears of a worried father over his son’s illness;  ease the weariness of a mother facing a long shift at work;  shop for the neighbour who has not family.’  And we see how you love us, our Resurrection and our Life.  In the shadows of each night, we cry out, ‘can our love live?”  And you sing to us,  ‘witness the touch of a wife on her husband’s papery skin;  pay attention to the birds which rush into the sky before spiraling down; share the words you are given to offer to the empty-hearted.  And we see how you love us, Breath of our souls.  Silence is kept 

Creator of life: bring us hope, we pray. Mourner of the dead: take away our fears, we pray.  Refresher of dry lives: bind us to God forever, we pray,


New Moderator’s Installation 

A special ceremony was held in the General Assembly Hall on the 15th May to install Arbroath St Andrew’s minister Rev Dr Martin Fair as the new Moderator of the Church of Scotland. The ceremony was held on the day the General Assembly should have opened but it had been cancelled for the first time in 330 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the only people in the Hall were the retiring Moderator and his wife, the Moderator designate, the Principal Clerk to the General Assembly the Rev Dr George Whyte and the audio/visual technicians  (see for video of the entire service). 

This year marks the 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath and as Dr Fair is the first Moderator from Arbroath it was appropriate that the Bible reading used was from the Gospel of Mark and referred to the words of Jesus to his first disciples “Come with me, I will make you fishers of men” 

At the start of his address Dr Fair said “What a year to be Moderator – here I am 6 months of planning behind me and yet precious little before me….an almost empty diary… so much for planning”. There is a verse in Proverbs 16 which says “we may make our plans but God has the last word”. “Many of those across the church have seen the plans they were working on now debris at the bottom of the shredder. COVID-19 you have achieved in a few short months what this old, somewhat tired institution has been struggling to do for years”. 

“You have created a blank slate for the Moderator – but more importantly for the church as a whole. Yes, even in the middle of all this you are causing us to look again at that which really matters and at the possibilities that lie before us if we have the courage to embrace them”. 

“We may not have a blueprint but this calling has always been about a willingness to venture beyond the familiar and comfortable. Jesus did not give much away when he called those fishermen. He called them and sent them with no terms and conditions, no detailed plan, radical or otherwise”. 

“Though every circumstance change, God’s love remains. And from love flows peace. The storms of life may come and go but the peace of God you will know. I was called to serve the ‘same as always God’.” 

Fundraising/Social Committee 

The Committee managed to hold a Coffee/Pancake Morning on Saturday 7th March, just before lockdown. The event raised £552.40 for Church funds and a big thank you to everyone who supported this in any way.  The Soup and Filled Roll lunch which was to be held in May and the Strawberry Tea to be held in June have obviously had to be cancelled.  At this moment in time, a Coffee Morning and a Concert to be held later in the year hopefully will manage to go ahead.

Stay safe and keep well. 

Helen Harley 

Church Directory

Minister  Rev Annette Gordon  8 Arbroath Road 
Session Clerk  Mrs Lyn Ross  32 Broadlands 
Clerk to Board  Mr Walter Ruark  42 Ireland Street 
Treasurer  Mr W John Winterton  31 Newton Crescent 
Gift Aid  Mr Stan Beattie  11 Long Row E’haven   
Magazine Convener  Mr David Taylor  29 Newton Crescent 

Thank you for your Support

Our buildings may be closed but the church is still open, and our work does not stop. We still have bills to be paid and our contribution to Ministries and Mission to be met. 

Although we had planned many events, both social and fundraising, for the spring and summer months, none of these will be able to go ahead. 

As you know, our church is usually a hub of activity almost every day of the week with different community groups hiring our halls, as well as our Coffee and Chat, Men’s Breakfast and fellowship teas and coffees after the service. All of these have had to stop and so has the much-needed income generated from them. 

We are very blessed indeed to have a generous congregation who have continued to support the church financially in these difficult times with standing orders and one-off donations in place of giving to the open plate, and I want to say thank you for your support and your faithfulness. 

We understand of course that some people may be experiencing a change in their circumstances and are not in a position right now to help financially. 

We hope that in the months to come as well as being able to come together again for worship, we will also be able to return to all our social and fundraising events, and I look forward to one day welcoming you again to our Sunday services and to seeing our church halls busy with many happy occasions for us to enjoy once more. 



Needles & Pins 

We had a very successful stall at the Coffee Morning in early March. 

Since then we have been in lockdown so we haven’t been meeting. This is not to say that our ladies haven’t been busy. 

One, that I know of one, has been making scrub bags and others are now making some face masks to have at the door of the church once we are able to go back into the building. It is likely that we will all have to wear face masks when we do return so we are making some spares in case anyone comes without one. Designers ones, of course! 

We hope to start back in the Autumn, when we are given the go ahead to meet again. We are always delighted to have new members. 

Pat Taylor 

Flamingo Cards 

I had just received the new brochures when we went into lockdown. I have the catalogues here if anyone would like to order cards. I know I have found them very useful during this last few months of self- isolation. 10% of all sales go to Church funds. 

If you would like a brochure, I can pop one through your letter box and then pick up your order at a suitable time. You can contact me by phone on 853919. 

Pat Taylor 

Treasurer’s Report—May 2020 

  2019  2020  2020 
ITEMS OF CONCERN  £  £  £  £ 
Weekly FWO Envelopes  5,045  4,479  2,600  1,879 
Plate  9,156  9,100  1,670  7,430 
Gift Aid  12,505  12,400  10,400  2,000 
Use of Premises **  12,612  12,000  3,681  8,319 
Fundraising**  2,816  1,500  552  948 
Tea/Coffee/Soup Donations**  2,583  2,400  565  1,835 
TOTAL  44,717  41,879  19,468  22,411 

This report will focus on what the result on the Church’s finances will be at the end of the year if the closure of the church continues, which at the time of writing looks likely. The last 3 items marked ** will happen (it might be possible to set up an outdoor fundraising event in which case this anticipated shortfall will be less) the first 3 items will depend on collecting the envelopes and the cash that would normally go in the plate. 

As a rough guide of the sum uncollected this year (end of March to end of May) the sum placed in the plate during this time last year was about £2,000. 

With all the rules in place on personal safety in relation to this virus it is difficult to set up any form of collection point which does not involve some risks to those manning and visiting such points. 

Therefore, there is one option which has been agreed and this is as follows: 

Put cash in an envelope or bag (or any suitable container) that you would normally put in the plate and pass these along with the FWO envelopes to me at 31 Newton Crescent

This can be done if you are out on a daily walk or a family member or friend can do it for you. 

Wherever possible for the cash please use notes as it will make it easier for me when banking with RBS. This is not essential but would help. It has to be cash because I claim 25% gift aid on the cash normally put in the plate. 

FWO envelopes should contain, wherever possible, notes or cheques but again not essential. 

Those members who pay annually by cheque and are reminded by letter could you please remember that the staff are not in and no reminders will be sent out. Again please send these to me at the above address. 

Those members considering making a donation to help the finances of the Church please send these to me as well. 

I am nearly always in even when there is no car on the drive so please knock on the door and step back to a safe distance while I answer the door or just put the items through the letterbox. 

With the upgrading of the floors in the Panbride and Newton Halls we were anticipating a deficit of about £10,500 during the current year and with items marked ** in the above analysis the deficit could be over £21,000. 

Any shortfall in the first three items would add to this figure which will be offset by savings elsewhere (ie Heat and Light/Job Retention Scheme/Fabric etc) and some members who pay by standing order have increased their giving which will help to lessen the potential deficit for the year.


Update Newsletter

April 15th, 2020

April 2020 

Update  19 April 2020 

This is a special condensed edition due to Covid-19 



E-mail Church Secretary: 

Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 



The impact of Covid-19 has resulted in Church closure 

But rainbows of hope soon appeared on Newton Church door 

Social distancing brought about many a change of plan for Mother’s Day visit — bring your own lunch and eat outside

while mother sits at the open back door and definitely no hugs. 

Did You Know 

If you want to help during the ongoing restrictions Voluntary Action Angus would be pleased to hear from you. Their web address is Contact telephone numbers are 01241 875525 and 01307466113.

It is possible to continue or start supporting the Carnoustie Food Bank project. Mary Bushnell is continuing to receive donations and they can be left at her door. 

Useful contact telephone numbers/web pages/e-mail addresses are:              

HMRC Tax helpline for businesses and self employed is 08000159559 

Citizens Advice web page is 

Coronavirus information at 


How do you pray?

In each issue of “Life and Work” there is a regular article “The Big Question” and in the February issue the question was “How do you pray?” 

Below are some of the comments offered by the people who were asked to provide a response to this question. 

God does not need our prayers to be fancy or long – or even grammatically correct. A lot of my prayers are very short — but I pray regularly in short arrows aimed at heaven. Doing that has become as natural as breathing. 

A Reader in the church of Scotland found it difficult to follow what she had been taught as a young Christian to have a quiet time, preferably before breakfast for prayer. She eventually gave up altogether feeling a failure. However, she came to realise that prayer is a very individual thing and there as many ways of praying as there are ways of relating to God.

A Minister who is a Faith Services Leader in Justice Services has a regular daily practice of prayer. Initially as he walks the dog in the morning and finally when he is in bed at night. A few years ago he shared with a congregation that he was most annoyed with himself because sometimes he would fall asleep while praying. A retired Minister in the congregation that day commented as he left the church “What a beautiful way to fall asleep – talking to God” 

Prayer is such an important part of the life of a Christian. 

It is like the oxygen for the soul. We get the chance to communicate with the creator of the heavens and earth — the great I AM HIMSELF 

Prayer can take place anywhere and any time. 

Find your own rhythms with God – without guilt or pressure from anyone else. 

Never underestimate the power of prayer. Thankfully God hears them all. 

Prayer from Lyn Ross a member of the Worship Team 


In these strange times when we can’t be with family and friends, 

Hear our prayers. 

Listen to our worries 

Hear our prayers 

When we need strength and comfort 

Hear our prayers 

Give us courage to keep going and hope for the future 

Hear our prayers. 


Musings from the Manse 

As I write this letter it is Thursday of Holy Week, the day we remember the Last Supper and Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

This will be an Easter completely different from anything we have ever experienced before. 

We are getting used to hearing the words “we are living in unprecedented times.” 

We were unable this year to come together to meditate and reflect on the journey with Jesus through Holy Week. However, as usual our Worship Team led us in reflection through the power of Facebook. And instead of coming together to celebrate the glory of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, we will have to do that in our own homes. 

However, the church buildings may be closed but the church is not closed. As a popular meme reads: 

“The Church Isn’t Empty. The Church Has Been Deployed!” 

Although we can’t be together on a Sunday, short services of worship are available from a link on our website: 

and on our YouTube channel:

and our Facebook page:

I have also been recording our usual “With the children” slot on video which goes out to the children of The F.O.G. Squad as well as Carlogie Primary School. 

During this time when we must observe the social distancing guidelines, pastoral work is being done by ‘phone; email, and Facebook messenger where I have people’s details. And I have also had some delightful conversations through the study window at the manse. 

My heartfelt thanks go out to you and those in our community for being church right where you are. Thank you for your committed witness by continuing to look after one another by ‘phone calls; cooking meals; getting shopping; waiting in line for prescriptions and driving people to and from hospital. Our grateful thanks should go also to those in Carlogie Primary and Burnside Primary who are providing an educational hub for children of key workers and children who might be vulnerable at home. 

Thank you also to those who are willing and able to continue supporting our church financially. 

As a recognised volunteer with Voluntary Action Angus, I am permitted to go out to deliver emergency groceries; prescriptions etc while keeping to the social distancing guidelines. So, if you need that kind of support please do contact me. 

Accordingly, your Elder’s details are on the communion invitation you received at the beginning of the year and I am sure they would be delighted to hear from you. As I think today about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, how desperately alone and how terribly afraid he must have felt knowing what was about to come and that there was no escaping the suffering he would endure, I am reminded also that “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5). Gethsemane has come to our community, the darkness of Golgotha pervades our world, and so more than ever, we pray for God to lead us to the light and love of Easter Joy and Resurrection Glory. 

Thine be the Glory, risen, conquering Son, endless is the victory Thou o’er death hast won 

Love and blessings 


Moment for Meditation 

And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently. And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal. And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully as they had been healed. 

(Kitty O’Meara, 2020) 

Congregational Register 


Phoebe Clara Lamb 15 March 2020 


Jean Glen – 21 February 2020 

Helen Weir – 23 February 2020 

Bill Coffin – 14 March 2020 * 

*Member of congregation 

Prayer from Walter Ruark a member of the Worship Team 

Lord God, we praise and thank you for being with us in this Easter Season. 

We come to you in the confidence that despite the vastness of our world, you know each of us, all those we love and all our needs. 

We thank and praise you that in the strange times, in which we are living, your love endures forever. 

Holy Father, we pray that you will teach us not only to provide for ourselves, but also to provide for others whose needs are greater than ours. 

We give thanks that we are all precious to you, and thank you for being with us in our journey through this life – a journey we find difficult to understand let alone cope with at present. 

Help us to strengthen and empower our sometimes fragile faith – remind us that when we are in need or lonely YOU are there. 

May your peace enfold us, your love uphold us, your love be with us. 


Prayer from Allan Brown a member of the Worship Team 

A moment’s peace, a time of quiet, 

A window in a busy life. An opportunity to calmly engage with God. 

A chance to share the troubles we have with a guaranteed listener. 

Dear Lord I ask your presence with me, your comforting arm around me. 

You are the constant in all that is around me and I depend on your presence in my daily life. 

Sit with me today and hold my hand in support of whatever I will face today. 

In todays unusual circumstances your constant presence is even more in need and I ask for a little of your comfort for myself. 

But I also ask it for those in my family, those I count as friends and those whom I know in the passing. 

Even though we are currently physically distanced we remain close to you 

I, and others like me, are blessed with your constant presence in our lives and I am certain we all offer our thanks for all your help. 

Stay close to us as we look forward in faith. 


Cover – 19 Update – Givings

One of the consequences of not being able to gather for worship is that those who give to the church weekly through Free Will Offering envelopes or by open plate will be unable to do so. The church will also lose funds through the suspension of all hall lets and fundraising. 

While our first concern is that you are well and coping in these strange times, the church still needs money coming in to pay for all that needs to be paid for. 

In our own parish, ministry and mission continues to be delivered even in these times of challenge and restrictions. However, this is only sustainable through the ongoing generosity of those who support the church. 

We would like to suggest the following options for those who give weekly through FWO envelopes or through the open plate if you are able to and would like to continue making financial offerings: 

You could put your offerings aside during the suspension of worship and bring them along when services resume. Perhaps continue to fill your FWO envelope on a weekly basis. 

– You could set up a standing order with your bank. This is particularly easy if you have internet already set up. Please make sure you put your name in the Reference field. 

– You could send a cheque to our Treasurer – John Winterton – either as a one-off donation or on an occasional basis over the coming weeks and months. 

John’s contact details are available in the Church Directory section of this UPDATE. Please contact him if you need our bank account details; need a bank standing order sent to you or if you would like any further information. 

Thank You, Annette 

Church Directory

Minister  Rev Annette Gordon  8 Arbroath Road  854478 
Session Clerk  Mrs Lyn Ross  32 Broadlands  859905 
Clerk to Board  Mr Walter Ruark  42 Ireland Street  410785 
Treasurer  Mr W John Winterton  31 Newton Crescent  855230 
Gift Aid  Mr Stan Beattie  11 Long Row E’haven  853090 
Magazine Convener  Mr David Taylor  29 Newton Crescent  853919 

Prayer from Archie Leiper a member of the Worship Team 

A Prayer for these Difficult Times 

Most Merciful God, We come to You in our weakness. We come to You in our fear. We come to You with trust. For You alone are our hope. 

We come to You with the disease 

present in our world. We turn to You in our time of need. 

Bring wisdom to doctors. Give understanding to scientists. Endow caregivers with compassion 

and generosity. 

Bring healing to those who are ill. Protect those who are most at risk. Give comfort to those who have lost 

a loved one. Welcome those who have died into 

Your Eternal Home. 

Stabilize our communities. Unite us in our compassion. Remove all fear from our hearts. Fill us with confidence in Your care. 

Jesus, we trust in You. 


A friend sent this poem to me recently and a little light hearted humour can often help to ease the tension being currently experienced. 

It certainly put a smile on my face. DMT. 

A Poem

Tae a virus 

Twa months ago, we didna ken,

yer name or ocht aboot ye

But lots of things have changed since then,

I really must salute ye

Yer spreading rate is quite intense,

yer feeding like a gannet

Disruption caused, is so immense,

ye’ve shaken oor wee planet.

Corona used tae be a beer,

they garnished it wae limes

But noo it’s filled us awe wae fear

These days, are scary times.

Nae shakin hawns, or peckin lips,

it’s whit they awe advise

But scrub them weel, richt tae the tips,

that’s how we’ll awe survive

Just stay inside , the hoose, ye bide

Nae sneakin oot for strolls

Just check the lavvy every hoor

And stock-take, your loo rolls

Our holidays have been pit aff

Noo that’s the Jet2 patter

Pit oan yer thermals, have a laugh And paddle ‘ doon the waater ‘

Canary isles, no for a while

Nae need for suntan cream

And awe because o this wee bug

We ken tae be..19

The boredom surely will set in,

But have a read, or doodle

Or plan yer menu for the month

Wi 95 pot noodles.

When these run oot, just look about

A change, it would be nice

We’ve beans and pasta By the ton

and twenty stane o rice.

So dinny think yell wipe us oot

Aye true, a few have died

Bubonic, bird flu, and Tb

They came, they left, they tried

Ye might be gallus noo ma freen

As ye jump fae cup tae cup

But when we get oor vaccine

Yer number will be up 


Update Newsletter

February 18th, 2020


   February 2020                             Update














E-mail Church Secretary:


Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594

Did You Know 

  • A summary of the accounts of 2019 are included in this issue of Update. A letter from the minister and trustees is also included and members are asked to read and give it their careful consideration. 
  • There is reference in this UPDATE for a need to constantly improve the halls. Work to upgrade the floor in the Panbride Hall (the carpeting was 30+ years old) and the link has now been completed. 
  • The patient representative group (PRG) is a patient lead group of volunteers. Their purpose is to promote co-operation between medical practice staff and patients to the benefit of both. The PRG is NOT a forum for complaints which should be referred to the medical group business manager. The PRG annual meeting is scheduled for the 30th March 2020 at 6:15pm at Parkview Primary Care Centre, Barry Road. A warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to find out more about the group.

New Style Communion Card

 Communion Dates for 2020 “Do this in remembrance of me” 

You are warmly invited to share in the Sacrament of Holy Communion on 

Sunday 16 February 11 am Newton Church, 3pm Panbride Hall 

Retiring Offering for FABRIC 

Sunday 17 May 11am Newton Church, 3pm Panbride Hall 

Retiring Offering for BENEVOLENT FUND 

Sunday 30 August 11am Panbride Church, 3pm Panbride Hall 

Retiring offering for F.O.G. SQUAD 

Sunday 15 November 11am Newton Church, 3pm Panbride Hall 

Retiring offering for JAFFA 

If you are no longer able to attend worship but would like to receive home communion please speak to your elder or contact the minister. 

Carnoustie Panbride church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 



Phone number: 




Rev Annette Gordon 

Phone number: 01241 854478 


Musings from the Manse 

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another”. John 13:34 

By now you should have received your “new look” Communion Invitation which gives the dates and times for each Communion of 2020. You will see also on the reverse the different ways that you can keep in touch with your Elder. 

It is important as Christians that we continue to care for one another and, of course, the office of Eldership, a spiritual office of the Church of Scotland, is concerned with the oversight and pastoral work of the whole congregation not only its members. 

There are many tasks undertaken by elders – attending meetings; visiting; praying; serving the Sacrament of Communion; leading worship and serving on committees both within our own church and at presbytery. And, indeed, our own presbytery is looking to see how we can best release members of the Kirk Session for mission. 

However, we live in a time when the rhythms of life have changed and there are many different pressures on our time. 

We are hoping to find a way of pastoral contact that is more flexible and effective. 

It could be that a different method of communication would be more convenient for you. You may prefer your elder to contact you by ‘phone or email or text or even Twitter or Facebook! You may be happy just to speak to your elder when they deliver your copy of UPDATE. 

Of course, you may value your regular visits from your elder and want to keep that treasured relationship the way it is. 

We are conscious also that some people might need more frequent visits at different times in their life when they face difficult situations such as illness or bereavement. 

Therefore, we are hoping to set up a Pastoral Care Team. This will be open to anyone in the congregation who may feel they are called to pastoral care in Christ’s name. 

If this is something you are interested in, please let me know. There will be full training given for this important ministry. 

And, indeed, if you would like to benefit from Pastoral Care Ministry, please let your elder know or contact me on the ‘phone number or email on the back of the Communion Invitation. 

It is also our desire as elders that the Body of Christ is not broken by exclusion so if at you are not receiving any kind of contact out with Sunday worship and would like a visit or a ‘phone call etc, please do contact me. 

Blessings, Annette 


Loving Father you have made us your people, richly provided us with good gifts and called us to live for you; may gratitude be in our hearts; may generosity be in our hands; may justice and righteousness guide our feet and may the life of your kingdom and the joy of heaven be found among us. Amen ( 

Friendship Circle 

Friendship Circle members have been informed and entertained in recent months. We enjoyed Christmas songs from the Monifieth Singers and a personal appearance from Sir Walter Scott! We found out about Radio Lollipop which provides care, comfort, play and entertainment for sick children in hospital. A very useful talk was information on Self Directed Support. The S.D.S. team work across Dundee and Angus to provide advice and guidance to disabled people and carers who are deciding which is the right kind of support to meet their needs. A comprehensive report on another two of our talks will be found below this article. 

Future meetings are as follows 

February 25- John Knox and the Scottish Reformation. 

March 10- Sailors’ Society. 

March 24- Angus Glens. 

April 7- Outing. 

All welcome at 2pm in church hall. 

Silver Line

Silver Line was founded by Esther Rantzen in November 2013. It provides a confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK who are lonely. The helpline is open 24 hours and 365 days of the year. Most weeks they receive between 800 to 1,000 calls. 

The specially trained helpline teams can offer information, friendship, and advice . 

They also offer weekly calls to people age 55 and over, who would like to receive regular weekly telephone friendship. The calls last approximately 30 minutes, and take place on the same day, at the same time, each week. Older people and volunteers are matched carefully, to ensure they have some common interests and compatible personalities . 

The Telephone Friendship Service is not a counselling service, and no specialist advice or support is provided, The service is free and our older people and Volunteers never meet. This helps to ensure that the safety of older people and volunteers which is paramount. 

Silver Line has now joined forces with Age Concern and hope to extend the service Silver Line has relied entirely on voluntary donations to cover the cost of all Silver Line services, and has received funding from various organisations including the Lottery. Another way they raise funds is by asking people to use Amazon Smile. 

Leaflets are available at Health Centres and the Library. The Silver Line Helpline – 0800 4 70 80 90 and the web address is PH. 

 Carnoustie Golf Links Community Benefits Fund 

Donald Archibald, gave a very interesting and enlightening talk about his job as Administrato r of the Carnoustie Golf Links Community Benefits Fund. He explained that the programme has provided almost £185,000 in funding to local community groups and organisations in and around Carnoustie since CGLMC was granted charitable status in 2014. 

As part of his job he is keen to improve awareness of the potential funding available and help promote the availability of funding through local media. 

Some of the Groups/Organisations that have received funding are; Carnoustie Theatre Club, Carnoustie Memories, 

Colourful Carnoustie, Church of the Holy Rood, Carnoustie & District Horticultural Society, Carnoustie & Monifieth’s Men’s Shed, Carnoustie Coastguard Association Carnoustie Ladies Golf Club, Carnoustie Community Development Trust. 

The Charity also helps support the Xmas Lights and Bonfire Night and in 2019 they helped the British Legion provide Christmas Hampers to people through the local Food Bank. 

He explained the criteria for applications and applications are welcomed from all community groups and organisations within the electoral ward of Carnoustie and District; encompassing Carnoustie itself and the villages of Barry, Easthaven, Monikie, Muirdrum and Newbigging. 

The majority of funds will be destined for distribution to local groups annually, but they do intend to ring fence a sum each year in order to build a sizeable capital fund which will, at some time in the future, be used to support significant town projects. 

You can find further details of how to apply on the Carnoustie Golf Links website: PH.

Moment for Mediation

“Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle … a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl. And the anticipation nurtures our dream.”

~~Barbara Winkler~~

FOG Squad

The children and their families are invited to an Early Morning Family Service on Easter Sunday in the manse garden at 9am. Remember to bring your hard boiled eggs to roll. 

We look forward to seeing you there! AS.  


JAFFA have started the new year with new plans! We welcome Susan as a leader and her support is very much appreciated. Our S3 are taking it in turns to plan Cafe Church and there has already been much discussion on the merits of various local cafes! We have started our new venture – JAFFA Explore – where we are taking our sessions out and about. Our first choice is ice skating in Dundee on Saturday the 8th February. We will continue to meet on the last Sunday of the month, to coincide with Soup and Sweet. All young people S1 to S4 very welcome to join the fun! JS. 

Men’s Breakfast

This has now taken place on 3 occasions and there are around 10 regulars. They meet from 10am for around an hour. Breakfast consists of juice, bacon//sausage butties, croissants and any amount of tea or coffee and blessed banter for blokes which nearly resolves many of the issues of the day. Cost is a voluntary contribution. The regulars would be pleased to welcome any male who wishes to come and see what is on offer. Non church members are welcome. GG.

Needles and Pins 

The group started back in early January meeting fortnightly in the Session Room at 2pm. The ladies are busy making items for our stall at the next Pancake Coffee Morning on 7th March. We hope to have a selection of Easter gifts available then. Our next meeting will be on 3rd March and we would welcome any new members who like to be creative. If anyone has any spare double knitting wool we would be very happy to accept it. One of our members is making snuggle muffs and can use up odd bits of wool. PJT. 

Coffee & Chat 

We meet on a Wednesday morning in the Panbride Hall at 10am -11am for coffee and pancakes and of course a chat! Usually the Fairlogie Café is on the 3rd Wednesday of the month so you have an alternative to go to that day. All are welcome. PJT.

Dates for your Diary

Condor Court Services 

Sunday 8th March ; Sunday 3rd May at 2pm 

Stated Annual Meeting 

Sunday 1st March after worship 

Coffee and Pancake Morning 

Saturday 7th March in Panbride Hall 10 -11.30am 

Holy Week Short Services of Reflection 

Monday 6th – Friday 10th April 10.15 in Panbride Hall 

Early Morning Family Service in Manse Garden 

Sunday 12th April at 9am 

Men’s Breakfast 

Saturday 21st March, 18th April at 10am Panbride Hall

Creche Rota


1st Annetta Anderson / Gillian Sawers

8th Dawn Barrowman / Joyce Brown

15th Tom Black / Marion Palmer

22nd Joanna Stout /Beth Lee-Smith

29th Gillian Sawers / Dawn Barrowman


5th No Creche

12th No Creche

19th Annetta Anderson / Marion Palmer

26th Tom Black / Joyce Brown


3rd Beth Lee-Smith / Joanna Stout

Cycling without Age

Cycling Without Age was formally launched in Carnoustie recently at an event in the Kinloch Care Centre. The concept first started in Denmark in 2012 and has now spread to over 40 countries. The first Scottish Chapter was established in Falkirk in 2016 and there are now 53 Chapters in Scotland. Carnoustie is the first community based initiative in Angus and Dundee.

Trained volunteers – the Trishaw pilots take up to 2 people, who have limited mobility, out for rides in the local area in the specially designed trishaws. Volunteer training is ongoing and there will be a managed roll out programme over the next few months and soon you will see many passengers in the trishaws again enjoying the experience of “the wind in their hair and experiencing nature close up”.

For further information about volunteering to help as a pilot please contact Lorraine Young at Further information will appear in future issues of UPDATE as to how passengers can book a trip in a Trishaw

Fundraising & Social Committee 

The first event for 2020 will be a Coffee/Pancake Morning to be held on Saturday 7th March from 10.00 until 11.30 am in Panbride Hall. Tickets will be £2.00 and donations of cake and candy would be greatly appreciated. The hall will be open on Friday 6th March from 4.15 until 5.30 pm to receive any donations. 

A Soup and Filled Roll Lunch is being organised for Saturday 9th May in Panbride Hall from 12.00 until 2.00 pm. This is a new venture for the Fundraising Committee based on the success of the monthly soup and sweet lunches and we hope that priced at £5.00, this will be well supported. 

A Strawberry Tea is planned for Saturday 13th June and more details of this and other events will be intimated in the next issue of Update. 

The use of bottle and gift bags at the Coffee Morning held in November was a great success and it is proposed to repeat a bottle/gift stall at a Coffee Morning later in the year so please save all your old bags until then. HH.

Flamingo Cards

The new Spring Catalogue should be available soon. If you would like a catalogue, you can see me after the Sunday service or by telephoning 853919. 10% of all sales goes to church funds. PJT.

Congregational Register


Rex Robertson 1 December 2019


Graeme Charles Fyffe and Fiona Morven Ross

at Panbride Church on 3rd January 2020


Mrs Fiona Wallace 2/11/2019

Mrs Olwen Clark 15/11/2019

Mrs Renee Taylor 23/12/2019

Mrs Margaret Sturrock 24/12/2019*

Mrs Gladys Ramsay 19/1/2020*

*Member of congregation

Flower Calendar


1st Mrs Eleanor Simpson Mrs Jean Granger

8th Mrs Marion Palmer

15th Mrs Karen Primrose Mr J Weir

22nd Mrs Pat Sawers

29th Mrs Lesley Thomson


5th Mrs Joan Davidson

12th Mrs Beth Lee-Smith

19th Mrs June Black Mrs Susan Hamill

26th Mrs Rosanne Porter


3rd Mrs Dorothy Blacklaws

If you would like to have your name added to the list of volunteers who donate the flowers please contact our Flower Convener whose contact details are in Church Directory.

Church Directory

 Minister Rev Annette Gordon  

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark

Treasurer Mr W John Winterton  

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie  

Church Secretary Mrs Nicola Keen & Rollkeeper Contact via: 

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell  

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter  

Fund Raising & Social Convener Mrs Helen Harley

Flower Convener Mrs Eleanor Whamond 

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor  

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll  

Friendship Circle Mrs Cathie Connor  

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart

Youth Group JAFFA Mrs Joanna Stout  

Creche Mrs June Black  

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll  








Update Newsletter

November 17th, 2019


 November 2019 






E-mail Church Secretary: 


Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 

Did You Know 

  • That Rev Dr Martin Fair minister at St Andrew Arbroath has been announced as the Moderator Designate of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland for 2020-2021. 
  • This year is the 30th anniversary of Panbride Church delivering a Christmas leaflet to every house in their Parish. This year we will be joined by Carnoustie and Barry Churches. Every house in Carnoustie , Barry, Muirdrum and Easthaven as well as Shops and Hotels are included and in region of 6,000 leaflets will be delivered between 23rd and 30th of November. Volunteers are being sought by all 3 churches to help to complete this task.. If you could provide 1 hour of your time to help please contact David Taylor Tel 853919 or e-mail 
  • Dave Kendal an elder at West Kirk East Kilbride has been appointed as the first chief officer of the Church of Scotland. He will be responsible for the overall management of the day-to-day running of the church at a national level on behalf of the new Assembly Trustees. This will include delivering the instructions of the General Assembly for slimmed down central administration. 

A Prayer For Radical Change 

As the Church of Scotland continues its challenging work on the three-year radical action plan which was approved by this year’s General Assembly, we call on those from across the Church to join together in pray 

This prayer was written by Rev Dr Martin Fair, Moderator Designate of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland for 2020-21 and minister at St Andrews Church, Arbroath. 

Living God,

You are the same yesterday, today and forever.

You are constant, reliable, unchanging.

And yet You come to make all things new. 

As we give thanks for all that has been, and still is, we pray that You would put within us a spirit of adventure, that we might be open to what You are going to do in the days that are coming. 

By Your Spirit, give wisdom to the Joint Emerging Church Group as they pray and plan for the renewal of existing congregations and for the birthing of brand new communities of faith. 

Set before us a new vision and open the eyes of our hearts to see that even ‘these dry bones shall live again.’ 

Living God, We give ourselves to what You intend.

Living God, We give ourselves for the renewing of Your church.

Living God, We give ourselves for Your glory.

Living God, We give ourselves in Jesus’ name Amen 

Musings from the Manse 

As I write this letter, a General Election has been called for December 12th. 

Like many people I have watched with increasing discomfort over the last months as our politicians debate with each other all beamed live into our living rooms from the House of Commons. 

There has been such passion and anger and vitriol across the political spectrum tossed back and forth over the floor with the Speaker sometimes shouting himself hoarse as he calls people to “order” and rebukes their bad behaviour calling for dignified debate. 

There have been well documented accusations of bullying and harassment from some MPs. 

All this from people we are supposed to hold in high regard; all this from people who are supposed to set an example to us, the people they lead and govern. 

Of course, sometimes the debate has been witty as well as vigorous but when it becomes rude and demeans other people then that is not okay. 

Some members of parliament have themselves become targets of online hate campaigns. 

Scripture encourages us to pray for those in authority over us so “that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (1 Timothy 2:2). 

In his life on earth, Jesus mixed with all kinds of people. He had encounters with lepers and tax collectors and prostitutes. He had time for them all, treating each as a person deserving of dignity and compassion. He spoke words of encouragement and grace to them, he brought his healing touch, and a word of challenge. 

Of course, Jesus was also known to rebuke people usually the teachers of the law and the Pharisees, whom he called “You snakes! You brood of vipers!” 

But unlike some of our politicians, Jesus never used such language to score points or to intimidate or demean people. Indeed, he rebuked the pharisees because of their hypocrisy and self-indulgence. He criticised them because even though they were the experts in the letter of the law they still managed to neglect the spirit of the law – justice, mercy and faithfulness, and so they made life absolutely miserable for those they had authority over. 

Shortly, we will enter the season of Advent, a time of waiting and preparation for the one the prophet Isaiah told us about: 

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9: 6) 

Let us then prepare ourselves for Christmas and all that will happen in the days leading up to the General Election by taking Jesus’ teaching to heart, remembering that every person is made in the image of God and is a beloved child of God. If we truly took this to heart then I think we would treat each other differently – our words would be gentle and encouraging and we would hold each other up in prayer and that, of course, includes our politicians and all “those in authority over us”. 

And when we treat each other as a valued, cherished human being we don’t do it to score one more vote in the heavenly ballot box but because Jesus commands us “to love one another as I have loved you”        (John 13: 34). 

Blessings, Annette 

Update by E-mail 

You can get your copy by e-mail if you prefer that form of communication. To request this please send an e-mail to giving your name and e-mail address. Your e-mail will only be used for this purpose. Please confirm your agreement for your e-mail address to be held by the church. Please remember if you ever change your e-mail address you have to tell the church secretary the new address to ensure no disruption to receiving your copy. 

Moment for Mediation 

“I pray because I can’t help myself. I pray because I’m helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time – waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God – it changes me.” 

~ C. S. Lewis, Shadowlands

Could Somebody Please…?

One vey hot summer when I was about ten, we had lots of relatives visiting. Every afternoon, we would settle comfortably on the lawn for tea, and there would inevitably be something that needed fetching from the house. My mother would look brightly around my family and say “Could somebody please refill the teapot/bring some more milk/find my sunglasses/set a wasp trap …? 

Maybe it was because I was the youngest, but the Somebody who ran the errands always seemed to be me. I thought I was the only one who noticed this, but at the end of one teatime Uncle Hugh winked at me and said, “I don’t know where this family would be without somebody” It was nice to be appreciated. 

In adult life, there are often situations where things need to be done but it isn’t clear who is going to do them. There may well be a person whose job description covers the area in question, but that person is often so overloaded that they just cant manage. 

In the Church of Scotland, we are facing a serious shortage of ministers – where once there might have been six ministers, now there are three. They just cannot carry out the workload of their predecessors. Members of all our congregations have a wide range of skills. The obvious next step is to use our skills to be the Somebody who helps fill the gaps where the ministers can’t. 

You don’t need to be a minister to visit people at home or in hospital; organise events for children and young people; do Bible readings and lead prayers in church; and even plan and lead an entire church service. You don’t even need to be an Elder. What you probably do need, if you aren’t already involved in these things, is support and confidence-building that you can do it! That’s where the Presbytery Training Team comes in. If you are willing to be Somebody in the church family, please consider joining one of the training sessions on offer. These sessions provide guidance on the role to be carried out and an opportunity to share experiences with colleagues from churches around Presbytery. I can tell you from experience that the confidence-building really works. 

Please also consider inviting people you know, who you think would be good at some of the many tasks that need doing. Details about the programme have been circulated to Session Clerks but if you’d like to know more, please contact Alex Rae: 

Alison Andrews, Presbytery Training Team 

 Could this be a New Year Resolution for You ? 

In his article in November issue of Life & Work the Very Rev Dr James Simpson wrote ”Life begins, not at 40 as some thought, but every morning when we wake up. On an expensive reclining chair in a furniture show room I once saw the sign ‘Enjoy your reclining years’. 

I personally hope my later years will not be characterised by reclining but by keeping as fit as I can by continuing to be as busy as my health allows (he is aged 85 and has 8 stents in his heart). I would much prefer to wear out than rust out. 

Far more important than what we expect from life is, what life expects from us. I hope I will go smiling and laughing. I hope I will also try most days to do something kind for people who do not expect it, for life has taught me that those who do this, those most concerned about giving than getting, get most back often in mysterious ways.” 

Treasurers Report 





Weekly  4,198  4,063 
Monthly  35,165  34,585 
Plate  7,479  7,605 
Gift Aid  11,033  10,311 
TOTAL  57,875  56,564 

These headings represent approximately 75% of our regular income. Since the last report the financial position has improved significantly due to one – off donations, legacies, and savings and is looking like a small surplus at year end except that there is a potential large repair bill that may arise shortly. 

The outlook for the future continues to give cause for concern as the Church’s finances reach a break-even point over the next couple of years and efforts will need to concentrate on increasing income by encouraging members to either start giving financially to support the church financially or to review what they already give to see if they can afford a little more. WJW 

FOG Squad 

The children are looking forward to preforming their No Room! play on Sunday 15th December to the congregation. We hope you can join us! AS 


JAFFA are back to a new year and new ideas. 

We have been exploring TRUST. 

It is a lot if fun playing games to find out how challenging it is to fully trust. Especially if we are expecting our friends to catch us as we fall back or guide us past obstacles when we are blindfolded! JS 

Friendship Circle 

This year’s Friendship Circle began with an interesting talk from Ron Scrimgeour on the women weavers of the Dundee jute mills. Many of our members have links with Dundee so we especially enjoyed identifying the different mills and streets from Ron’s presentation. 

At our next meeting we discovered the many problems of HIV orphans in Nairobi in Kenya and the help given over many years by the Nyumbani Project. The project is funded by various Rotary Clubs in Scotland. 

Our November meetings are the Silver Line on the 5th and the Carnoustie Golf Links Community Benefits Fund on the 19th. 

In December we welcome the Monifieth Singers on the 3rd and Dr Eric Yeaman speaking on Sir Walter Scott on the 17th. 

Everyone welcome at 2 pm in the church hall. SW 

Needles and Pins 

The group have been busy making items for the recent Coffee Morning. We have made Christmas tree decorations, Christmas toys and small items suitable for Christmas gifts. A big thank you to all the ladies who have worked so hard to create them.  PJT

Dates for your Diary 

Condor Court Services 

Sunday 8th December at 2pm 

Sunday 2nd February at 2pm 

Kirk Session 

Thursday 12th December at 7.30pm in Panbride Hall 

Christmas Services 

Sunday 1st December 

1st in Advent Morning Worship 11am Newton Church 

Service of Quiet Reflection 4pm Newton Church 

Sunday 8th December 

2nd in Advent Morning Worship 11am Newton Church 

Sunday 15th December 

3rd in Advent Morning Worship 11am Newton Church 

The F.O.G Squad presents The Nativity 

Thursday 19th December 

Christingle 6.30pm Newton Church 

Saturday 21st December 

Carols by Candlelight 7pm Newton Church 

Sunday 22nd December 

4th in Advent Morning Worship 11am Newton Church 

Service of 9 Lessons and Carols 

Tuesday 24th December 

Watchnight Service 11.30pm Panbride Church 

Wednesday 25th December 

Christmas Day Service of Worship 

11am Newton Church Short Family Service 

Sunday 29th December

Morning Worship for the end of the year 11am Newton Church

Creche Rota


24th Tom Black / Beth Lee Smith 


1st Dawn Barrowman / Joyce Brown 

8th Tom Black / Annetta Anderson 

15th Marion Palmer / Joanna Stout 

22nd No Creche

29th No Creche

January 2020 

5th No Crèche 

12th Gillian Sawers / Dawn Barrowman 

19th Joyce Brown / Tom Black 

26th Marion Palmer / Beth Lee Smith 


2nd Joanna Stout / Gillian Sawers 

9th Annetta Anderson / Dawn Barrowman 

16th Joyce Brown / Tom Black 

23rd Marion Palmer / Joanna Stout 


1st Beth Lee Smith / Gillian Sawers 

Men’s Breakfast 

The first Men’s breakfast was held on Saturday 9th November and was enjoyed by those who attended. Juice, bacon or sausage in rolls prepared by George and Graeme plus croissants along with plentiful tea and coffee. Lively topical conversation. Nice way to start the weekend. 

Will be repeated at 10 am Saturday 7th December in Panbride Hall. Members and non members welcome. 

Fundraising & Social Committee 

The Congregational Supper held on Saturday 14th September 2019 was a great success and thanks to Archie Leiper for organising the photo quiz which was a super way of getting people chatting at the start of the evening. 

The performance by Arbroath Instrumental and Youth Bands on Thursday 26th September 2019 was enjoyed by all who attended and raised £392.00 for Church funds. 

The Coffee morning on Saturday 2nd November 2019 was very busy and raised £832.85, again for Church funds. A special thanks to the ladies of the Needles and Pins group who work hard all year to boost the amount we raise at coffee mornings. 

Thanks to everyone who supported these events in any way. 

Donations of mince pies and shortbread will be gratefully received for serving refreshments after the Christingle Service on Thursday 19th December 2019. HH 

Flamingo Cards

Thank you to all my loyal customers who have bought cards and paper over the last year. We have made over £90 for Church funds. There will be a new brochure in the Spring so will announce in a future magazine when they are available. PJT 

Congregational Register


Mrs Margaret McNaughton 13/08/2019*

Mrs Julia Smart 23/08/2019*

Mr David Dalgety 26/08/2019*

Mr George Graham 14/09/2019*

Mrs Helen Chalmers 29/10/2019*

*Member of congregation


Shaun Norton and Karen Allan 21September at Apex Hotel, Dundee

Large Print Update 

If a large print copy of UPDATE would help you please let your Elder, Minister or David Taylor know and this can be arranged. 

If you would like to have your name added to the list of volunteers who donate the flowers please contact our Flower Convener whose contact details are in Church Directory. 

Christmas Post 

The BB and Scouts Christmas Post collection boxes will be in the usual shops around 25th November. The BB box at the church starts Sunday 1st December and delivery will start on 8th December. BB charge 20p per card. Scouts N/K at time of going to print. 

Flower Calendar  

December 2019 

1st Mrs Gillian Bennet 

8th Mrs Rita Clark 

15th Mrs A. Merchant 

22nd Mrs Eleanor Whamond 

29th Mrs Muriel Gordon / Mr Alan Crozier 

January 2020 

5th Mrs Kathleen Porter 

12th Mrs Linda Miller 

19th Mrs Marjory Rennie 

26th Mrs Pat Taylor / Mrs Pauline Johnson 

February 2020 

2nd Mrs Charlotte McWhirter / Mrs Margaret Jamieson 

9th Mrs Chris Kerr / Mrs Sheena Ruark 

 16th Mrs Christine Beckett/ Mrs Joyce Brown 

23rd Rev Annette Gordon / Mr George Gordon 

March 2020 

1st Mrs Eleanor Simpson / Mrs Jean Grainger 

8th Mrs Marion Palmer 

Church Directory

Minister Rev Annette Gordon  

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross  

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark

Treasurer Mr W John Winterton  

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie  

Church Secretary Mrs Nicola Keen  & Rollkeeper Contact via: 

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie  

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell  

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter  

Fund Raising & Social Convener Mrs Helen Harley  

Flower Convener Mrs Eleanor Whamond  

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor 

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll

Friendship Circle Mrs Cathie Connor

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart  

Youth Group JAFFA Mrs Joanna Stout  

Creche Mrs June Black  

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll