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                    Local Congregational Review          Carnoustie Panbride       29 March 2016

The visiting team of Rev Linda Stevens, Dr Ian D Duncan and Mrs Celia Gray met initially with Rev Matthew Bicket followed by representatives of the office-bearers and congregation of Carnoustie Panbride on 29 March 2016. The tone of the evening was to focus on the positive and the challenges facing the Congregation. This report supplements the review completed by the Congregation and which is available from the Presbytery Office on request.

The strengths of the Congregation were identified as: The Congregation

  • fully appreciates their minister who has been in post since 1989, his multiple skills and talents and the variety in worship he encourages supported by an enthusiastic worship group ? uses their premises both churches and halls which are all in good repair widely and to their best advantage and economy for a wide variety of activities involving both members and the wider community.
  • enjoys the services of numerous willing and enthusiastic volunteers. This extends to voluntary cleaning teams saving Carnoustie Panbride some £10,000 over the past 10 years.
  • involves the younger generation with a Friends of God “FOG Squad” and school children running a monthly FairTrade cafe
  • produces every two months or so an extensive Church magazine, “Update”, largely and imaginatively funded by a local firm
  • enjoys an enthusiastic and accomplished organist and choir

The challenges of the congregation were identified as: The Congregation

  • faces the planned retirement of their long-serving minister in a little over one year’s time and attracting a new minister to the charge
  • presently is not quite meeting the cost of ministry but is hoping to rectify that soon despite the very common problems of an ageing membership, falling congregational roll, reduced church attendance and the “missing generation” in church life
  • needs to spend money up-grading the piping for the heating system in the Manse which otherwise has been well maintained and decorated



1. notes that the charge of Carnoustie Panbride was visited, in terms of Act 9 2011 in March 2016

2. congratulates the congregation on its optimistic and enthusiastic attitude

3. congratulates the office bearers on their ecumenical liaison with the other churches and their encouragement of school children in the FairTrade concept

4. encourages the congregation to explore the possible involvement of newcomers in the event that new houses are built in the parish

5. encourages the continuing development of a Worship Team

6. encourages the office bearers to timeously prepare for the replacement of their retiring minister

7. instructs the Superintendence Committee to contact the Congregation of Carnoustie Panbride in 12 months to monitor and offer continued support from the Presbytery


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