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27 February 2022





The Presbytery Mission Planning Group are beginning to meet with Kirk Sessions to discuss their vision for their church including use of all their buildings.

It is hoped that the draft Mission Plan will be ready before Easter


Web: www.carnoustiepanbride.co.uk 

E-mail Church Secretary: secretarypanbride@hotmail.co.uk 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/carnoustiepanbridechurch 

Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 


Dear friends 

It has been a busy few months in the church. We have been “live streaming” our Sunday morning services to Facebook since November and although there are some problems still to be ironed out especially with the sound, it is wonderful to be able to reach members of our congregation and others who are not able or ready yet to come back to church. There have also been a few requests for funerals to be livestreamed and we have been able to offer this to families for the sake of those who are not able to attend the funeral. 

We have recently welcomed back the children of the FOG Squad and our young people of JAFFA and although numbers are low at the moment, we hope they will swell as time goes by and the Covid infection numbers slow down. Our halls are very busy almost every day of the week and it has been great in recent weeks to see the return of the Friendship Circle and the Alzheimer Carnoustie Drop-in Group. Of course, we can never be complacent. We remember full well how all our plans for Christmas services were scuppered with the rise of the highly infectious Omicron variant. 

However, we look forward to the Spring and Summer months with hope. Two weddings are planned for early summer and our prayer is that these weddings will be able to be the wonderful celebrations that the families have planned. We also hope to have our Men’s Breakfast and Coffee and Chat back in our church halls. And I hope that Lent and Easter will feel a bit more “normal” this year. We plan to have a Lent bible study, “From Now On”, based on the movie, “The Greatest Showman”, and all our usual Holy Week and Easter services in person this year. 

The Pandemic has come and has brought change. For some, maybe for all of us, life will never be the same again. However, as we begin to plan for Easter, we remember we are “children of the resurrection” (Luke 20:36). 

For every cross in our lives, there is a resurrection. 



New Communicants’ Classes

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey of faith? 

New Communicants’ Classes will start shortly for those considering membership of the Church of Scotland. 

Please do contact Annette if you require any further information. 

01241 854478 


Moment for Meditation

All shall be well, and all shall be well,

and all manner of things shall be well….

for there is a force of love moving through the universe

that holds us fastened will never let us go.

   Julian of Norwich



Out walking in the woods, a still sky is soporific after the latest storms. Apart from a few wood pigeons clattering, all is quiet. Yet, the trees collectively breathe and their regular pulse is silently beating. Leftover leaves twitch and rustle. Their staccato notes match the song of the whispering trees. Creaky branches bend in the now gentle breeze. All is well. 

There is a delicate beauty as the winter tree skeletons display their individual shapes. Their canopies etch their patterns against the sky like a monochrome kaleidoscope. The conifers provide a platform for old nests built on the flattened branches. Their canopies are dense and sombre. Either side of the paths the trees are lined up like sentinels. Giant trees are rooted to the spot, secure and steadfast. Grounded in the earth, they stand tall and proud. I relish their strength while acknowledging their gentle beauty. All is well. 

This was the scene before the winter storms struck. Then suddenly, frequent, ferocious winds blew in, leaving a trail of destruction. These woods once symbolic to me of strength and extraordinary grandeur are now devastated. The landscape of these familiar, friendly woods has been altered dramatically. Where once trees stretched ever skyward gaps have appeared waiting to be filled. Shafts of space exposed and vulnerable are newly opened. All has changed. 

Broken trees now bare and uprooted are strewn everywhere. Their fibrous roots once full of hidden, raw power are exposed for all the world to see. Root systems so cleverly woven to provide the support their tree needed are now untangled. This interior of hidden strength not readily or naturally shown is now exposed. The sight of these giant trees once rooted to the spot but now flattened is a sorry sight. Lying on their side, ancient trees, young saplings evergreen or deciduous, the storms did not differentiate. Broken branches are scattered far and wide. 

The wind did this; unpredictable winds which arrived suddenly and are responsible for all these changes. I think the pandemic has been a bit like that. The winds of change blew in and our lives were uprooted. Old familiar ways were changed with little warning. We were no longer grounded in the comfort of familiarity. For a long time, very little felt static and steadfast. While the ease of restrictions is very welcome it brings with it the need for more change, more adjustments. It feels like a continual movement. We have had to learn to bend and sway in time with these changes. 

Yet while we may have had to face these winds of change during the pandemic we are still grounded. We can change and adapt to change because we have roots which are secure, steadfast and strong We are rooted in our faith. 

“At least there is hope for a tree: If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail. 

Its roots may grow old in the ground and its stump die in the soil, 

yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant.” 

Job 15:7-9 

Gillian Cook 

Flamingo Cards 

I now have the new Flamingo Card Brochure. There is a nice selection of good quality cards and paper. If anyone would like to see the new brochure, you can get me after the Sunday service or I can deliver a copy if you give me a phone on 853919. As usual, 10% of all sales go to Church funds. 

Pat Taylor 

Finance Report for year 31st December 2021

The year ended with a surplus of £ 8,226 compared to a deficit of £7,050 for the previous year. 

Gift Aid 

The recovery of tax on gift aid donations continues to be a valuable source of income and to maximise the amount recovered all those members who pay tax but have not signed a Gift Aid Certificate are urged to do so. 


Although the term “Income and Expenditure” is used in this report, the figures are, in fact, Receipts and Payments made during the year. It does not include any receipts collected or payments made in 2022 which relate to 2021. However, the amount due to the Church at the end of the year was £5,243 which has now been collected. 


Given 2021 was the second year in a row that church activities have been significantly curtailed by the Pandemic, the generation of a significant surplus is a great result. 

Looking forward I am anticipating church activities gradually returning to “normal” levels. For budgeting purposes I have assumed 50% of the average of 2018 and 2019 income and expenditure levels for items which are directly linked to church usage eg plate donation, hall usage income etc. 

As part of the “thinking ahead” project we are planning one off costs to upgrade the Church wifi and website totalling approx. £2,100. 

Church of Scotland Ministry & Mission contributions will increase to £46,117, a significant increase on 2021 when a reduction was applied, however still less that previous years. 

Overall I am budgeting a deficit of approx. £1,185 for 2022. 

John AC Gray 



On behalf of the Trustees of your Church I would like to record our appreciation and to say thank you to all those members of the congregation who make a regular donation to the finances of the Church by way of FWO envelopes, monthly standing orders and annual lump sums or via the open plate.

Thanks also goes to those members who support the various fundraising or other activities with gifts of various items, their time and attendance at the events and donations they give. Also, to the cleaning teams who save the Church expense and not forgetting those who give their time and expertise in other areas.

All of the above add up to a tremendous support of your Church which is of enormous value.

Finally I would like to thank Stan Beattie and Pat Hay for their assistance with the Treasurer duties.

Stated Annual Meeting 

Date for this has still to be set and will be announced in the Intimations in due course. 

The Five Marks of Mission 

Life and Work, the magazine of the Church of Scotland is currently featuring a series of articles about the five Marks of Mission. They are being written by Thomas Baldwin the Deputy Editor of the magazine 

Their use will be very prominent in all aspects of Church Life in the years ahead. As only a small number of members of the congregation subscribe to the Life and work Life this article, which is based on the first two instalments in the series, is an attempt to introduce the congregation to what The Five Marks of Mission as the Minister will be including this topic in her sermons during the Season of Lent. 

So what are The Five Marks of Mission? 

1. To promote the Good News of the Kingdom 

2. To teach, baptise and nurture new believers 

3. To respond to human need by loving service 

4. To transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind 

5 .To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth 

They could be further summarised as TELL,TEACH, TEND, TRANSORM, TREASURE 

The five Marks of Mission are not new as they have been is use for almost 40 years but the first reference to them in the Church of Scotland was in 2018. They are an attempt to define the elements of mission for the Church of the 21st century. 

At last year’s General Assembly the then Moderator the Rev Dr Martin Fair said “ I’ve heard it said so many times that, for the church, it’s not about numbers. It absolutely will be about numbers if the numbers are so low that the church can no longer run the social care programmes (CrossReach) or local caring services because the local church isn’t there anymore.” 

He continued by saying “So I long for the Church to be about that Kingdom work but, oh boy,… how we need the Church to be refreshed, renewed, revitalised, remade and yes, reformed that it might do it more effectively…we better see to (Marks) one and two if we are going to be any good at three, four and five.” 

The first Mark of Mission is to Proclaim the Good News. How do we do this? We in the church need to rediscover how this is done. Our confidence in the gospel has been eroded. We live in a post modern world where to have faith is considered naïve and outdated. As a result we can be reluctant and even embarrassed to share the Good News. 

One of the barriers we currently face in proclaiming the Good News is that we are somewhat fixated with decline. Declining numbers, declining ministers, declining churches and declining income. 

What is actually happening in the world and in the Church of Scotland is no surprise to God. He knows and sees it all. He has also made sure that, whilst we many be a remnant in an increasingly secular Scotland and UK, that numbers in terms of people and finances have never been a barrier to God’s Kingdom coming and advancing . Christ’s Kingdom can survive in the midst of such a challenge. 

If you wish to get a copy of Life and Work on a regular basis please speak to Mary Bushnell or place an order on line at www.lifeandwork.org 


Two Prayers

I am Thankful For 

I am thankful for 

The mess to clean up after a party 

Because it means I have been surrounded by friends 

The taxes I pay 

Because it means that I am employed 

The clothes that fit a little too snug 

Because it means I have enough to eat 

My shadow who watches me work 

Because it means I am out in the sunshine 

The spot I find at the far end of the parking lot 

Because it means I am capable of walking 

All the complaining I hear about our government 

Because it means we have freedom of speech 

That lady behind me in church who sings slightly off key 

Because it means that I can hear 

The lawn that needs mowing, the windows that need cleaning 

And gutters that need fixing 

Because it means I have a home 

My huge heating bill 

Because it means that I am warm 

Weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day 

Because it means that I have been productive 

The alarm that goes off in the early morning 

Because it means that I am alive 

Nancy J Carmody 

That Time of Year Copied from Life and Work 

Lord we have sung of the bleak midwinter, 

And of how out of darkness we have light, 

The familiar words of the familiar carols, 

Words of joy, of peace, of love, of light, Of how you bring light and life to all 

We are in that time of year. 

The time of darkness, 

Of short days and long nights, 

When we are assaulted by darkness 

And we long for light. 

We are in that time of year. 

The time of looking back, 

When we thought of the year that had passed, 

Remembering all we have been through, 

Giving thanks for your presence with us 

In all the trials and anxiety, we have faced. 

Lord, at this time of year be light for our lives 

In these dark days, 

Bring us the hope of your inextinguishable light, 

May we go forward in faith, 

Supported by the joy, peace, love and light 

Which only you can bring us 

Be with us in all this year holds, 

The known and the unknown 

The planned and the unplanned 

The joy and the sorrow 

The hope and the anxiety 

And may we walk always with the ONE who is 

Light of the world 




JAFFA started back on 6th February! 

JESUS And FUN For ALL – S1 – S6 pupils 

Meeting in the Panbride Hall on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 11.00am. 

We plan to have a wide range of indoor activities including craft, discussions, 

music, films, games and in the warmer weather outdoor fun activities. 

Our aims are to enable our young people to participate in activities they enjoy with the underlying themes of 

Caring for others and ourselves and Caring for God’s World. 

We are hoping you will join us! 

Susan and Janie 

Fog Squad

Fog Squad are back as well

It has been lovely to have the children 

back after Christmas. 

We have continued to explore stories 

from the Old Testament using the 

Beginners Bible and 

The Lion’s Kids Bible Comic. 

This is an example of the 

art completed by the children 

after hearing the story of Joseph. 

Christmas Post 

The Boys’ Brigade and The Scouts wish to express their thanks to all those who used their delivery service for Christmas cards. The amounts raised by both was around £2,000 and will used by both. T to assist with ongoing costs. 


The scheduled date for the next issue of UPDATE is 24th April 2022 

Large print copies are printed for each issue. If this would be helpful to you please let me know and arrangements will be made to deliver a copy to you. 

If you would like to change to an e-mail copy please send me an e-mail (dmct1@btinternet.com) and arrange-ments will be made to send future issues by e-mail 


As restrictions are slowly being lifted and seating in the Panbride Hall is limited to 38 at the present, it has been decided to wait a few months before we organise a Coffee Morning.

This might be a last-minute event so any intimation about it will have to be done via the pulpit if there is not an issue of Update due.

Helen Harley

Friendship Circle are also back

Mrs Susan Hamill has agreed to organise meetings and she chaired the first meeting on 1st February when those present enjoyed a tine of singing, quizzing and tea. On the 15th February the meeting consisted of a very informative talk on cycling Without Age Carnoustie when Mrs Lorraine Young told the ladies and gentlemen present of her Committee’s efforts ro set up and raise funds for the very worthy enterprise whereby elderly and infirm passengers can enjoy a tour of Carnoustie in the recently purchased trishaws. On 1st march we will be hearing about Monifieth Men’s Shed. and that will be followed by a meeting on 15th March but the topic for that date has still to be confirmed. 

Please come along and join in — we meet every 2nd Tuesday at 2pm in Panbride Hall 

Dorothy Fyffe 


When the Peter Pan Playgroup closed they left all the toys they had accumulated over the years in Newton Hall and said they could be taken by anyone/group interested and suggested those who took some of the toys could make a donation to the church.

There are however still a considerable number of toys left. If anyone or any group would like to see what remains they should get in touch with Mary Bushnell (whose contact details are in the church Directory on the back page) and she will arrange access to the cupboard where toys are stored.

Tea and Coffee after Morning service 

 Tea’s and Coffee’s are now being served after the Sunday service. I was planning to start a rota again and would be grateful if anyone who was on the previous rotawould let me knowif they are available to help. If anyone is interested in joining the team could they could they also please let me know on 852088. 

May I take this opportunity who has helped with the tea’s and coffee’s at any time past or present 


Flower Rota 

March 2022 

6th Marion Palmer / Dougal Grant 

13th Karen Penrose 

20th Pat Sawyers 

27th Lesley Thomson 

April 2022 

3rd Joan Davidson 

10th Beth Lee Smith 

17th June Black / Susan Hamill 

24th Rosanne Porter 

May 2022 

1st Dorothy Blacklaws 

8th Val Nicoll 

Congregational Register


Ava Catriona Gray 21/11/2021

Oliver James Grant Turnbull 21/11/2021

Scott Ringsell 28/11/2021

Isla Elizabeth Allen 06/02/2022


Cathie Craigie* 09/11/2021

Isabel Liness 14/11/2021

Alexander Edwards 16/12/2021

Mary Taylor* 16/12/2021

James Lindsay 16/12/2021

Sandy Wallace 25/12/2021

Ellen Fulton* 28/12/2021

*Member of congregation

New members by Public Profession of Faith:

Elaine Ramsey 28/11/2021

Scott Ringsell 28/11/2021

Church Directory

Minister Rev Annette Gordon 8 Arbroath Road 01241 854478 

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross 32 Broadlands 01241 859905 

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark  

Treasurer Mr John Gray  

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie  

Church Secretary & Rollkeeper Mrs Nicola Keen Contact via: secretarypanbride@hotmail.co.uk 

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie  

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell 

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter  

Fund Raising & Social Convener Mrs Helen Harley  

Flower Convener Mrs Dorothy Booth  

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor  

Friendship Circle Mrs Susan Hamill  

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll  

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart  

JAFFA Youth Group Leader Mrs Susan Hamill  

Creche Organiser Mrs June Black  

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs Linda Nicoll  

 A Reminder

If you change your address please let either the Minister, your Elder or the Church Secretary know so that the Congregational Roll can be kept up to date. Telling us of any change to landline or mobile phone number or e-mail address is just as important.

Thank you. 



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