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Update           29 April 2018 

 Web: www.carnoustiepanbride.co.uk 

E-mail Church Secretary: secretarypanbride@hotmail.co.uk 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/carnoustiepanbridechurch 

Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC004594 




The Gathering 

The Play 

Climbing the Hill 

About to take cover

Once You are Up there is only one way down !! 

Did You Know  

  • Christians In Sport are holding two events locally during the next two months. These are: 8th May – Sports Quiz at the Aboukir Hotel 7:30pm teams of 3 or more. 2nd June – Sportsmans Dinner at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel. Guest speaker is professional golfer Alison Nicholas. For more information please contact David Taylor
  • The Carnoustie Community Helpline is now to be called Carnoustie Medical Transport Helpline . While their name, charitable status registration and Charity Number have changed everything else stays the same. It continues to be run by volunteers for patients registered with Parkview Primary Care Centre who require transport to take them to medical appointments. 
  • The Dundee and Angus Battalion Boys’ Brigade are to hold a Queen’s badge Presentation Service in Newton church on 17th June at 2pm. The service will be led by Rev Catherine E E Collins Acting Chaplain to the Battalion and will be attended by the Lord Lieutenant for Angus Mrs Georgiana Osborne 
  • At their April meeting the Kirk Session agreed that Carnoustie Panbride Church should take part in a Ringing Out for Peace which is part of Battle’s Over which is organising a National Tribute to mark the commemoration of the end of the first world war. This will include events in UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and at scores of locations overseas.. There are various events during the day and along with many other Churches in Scotland the Newton Church Bell will be rung at 7.05pm on 11 November 2018 to mark the special occasion and pay a tribute to everyone who served on the battlefields, the high seas and the home front during WW1. 
  • The Church of Scotland Social Care Council operates under the title of CROSSREACH. They employ 2,000 staff in 70 care and support services in three main areas: Adult Care, Children and Family and Older People. They produce a Prayer Diary which contains weekly prayers about some of their services. The diary is produced 4 monthly and the next edition is due from the beginning of June, If you would like to follow the diary please let Phyllis Guild know and she will arrange to get a copy for you. 

Five Questions 

The questions in this issue have been answered by Andrew Sawers who was elected as a member of the Congregational Board at the Stated annual Meeting of the Congregation in March 2018 

What is your favourite hymn? 

Come All Ye Faithful, I love Christmas and I think this hymn embodies the joy and love felt at this time of year. 

Away from Carnoustie where have you enjoyed worshipping?

Iona, I went there a couple of times in my teenage years. It is a very spiritual place and also very beautiful. 

Who is your favourite biblical character? 

I couldn’t pick one, I had to pick the three. The wise men. I think it is one of the few occasions where science and faith meet. The wise men wanted to learn more about the world around them but this did not mean they could not have faith in God. 

What is your favourite Bible reading? 

The Parable of the Prodigal Son. To me this is about family and family is the most important thing in my life. It is also about forgiveness something my family have to do a lot with me. 

Which figure, living or dead do you most admire? 

Nelson Mandela. I thought he was a great leader. He brought a country together in peace at a time when many of his followers where so angry with the suffering that had been inflicted on them for so many years. 

Musings from the Manse

Dear People of God 

My first Easter in Carnoustie was wonderful and a time of deep blessing for me as it was, I hope, for all those who attended the morning reflections in Panbride Hall, the services each night in the different churches during Holy Week, and our Easter Sunday worship at Newton church. Early on Easter Sunday morning we celebrated the stone being rolled away from the tomb at our Egg-rolling Service at Knowes Loan with our young people. I must confess I did not make it all the way up the hill but took cover under the tree as an avalanche of beautifully decorated eggs suddenly filled the deep blue sky! I think we may have some future Olympic shot-putters or javelin throwers in the F.O.G. Squad! 

Later in our Easter Sunday service we heard the account of the Resurrection, which lies at the heart of our Christian faith. How the risen Lord Jesus conquered death and appeared to Mary Magdalene, and then to the frightened disciples huddled together in the upper room. Later he appeared to Thomas who wanted to see for himself, who wanted to have his own faith in Jesus. Then to two dejected disciples travelling to Emmaus who didn’t even recognise their Lord until he broke bread with them. And even to a Pharisee named Saul on the road to Damascus – a man who did everything he could to persecute the early church. 

It is good for us to remember as part of our Easter journey that Jesus appears to all sorts of different people – confused, suspicious, incredulous, and also the sort of people we would not ever imagine would darken the door of a church. Jesus is still travelling with us along the road – sometimes when we least expect him. He journeys with us and speaks to us and shows us his face. And even if we don’t recognise him immediately, an encounter with the Risen Lord Jesus should always change us so that we too say with those on the Emmaus road, 

“Were not our hearts burning within us as he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:32) 

After a break away on holiday, I return to continue this exciting journey – walking with the people of Carnoustie Panbride. I am looking forward to starting regular sessions with the children at Carlogie Primary school and continuing to work with the Ministers’ Council working with the youth and sharing worship services in the various care homes. I will very shortly conduct my first wedding – the marriage of one of our members. Then immediately after the service on Pentecost Sunday I am off to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. 

Blessings ~ Annette

Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle members have enjoyed a varied programme of talks this year and we are all hoping for some sunny weather in our summer break. We have learnt a lot this session on diverse topics such as the farmer’s year, leprosy, local history and the gardeners amongst us have ideas for unusual plants to try.

Our traditional end of session outing this year was to Abernyte Antiques took place on April 17th and some of those present are included in the photographs below.

The Bus has arrived

All aboard

And after looking around and perhaps a purchase or two

It was time for a nice cup of tea

And a wee bit of cake!!

The group will now take a break over the summer and meetings will resume in October.        SW.

Fund Raising and Social Committee 

The Coffee morning which was due to be held in March was cancelled due to the bad weather. This was rescheduled for the 7th April and the sum of £388.27 was raised for Church funds. Thanks to all who supported this event in any way. 

A Family sponsored walk is to take place on Sunday 13th May 2018, walking from Newton Church to Easthaven and back along the cycle/footpath. If you would like to join us and raise some money for the Church, sponsor forms are at the door of the Church or perhaps you would like to sponsor either an individual or a family. Tea, coffee, juice and rolls with sausages are to be served after the walk but we need to know numbers for catering. 

A Strawberry Tea is to be held on Saturday 16th June 2018 from 2.30 until 4.00 pm with tickets costing £3.00.and there will be a Harvest Supper on Saturday 22nd September 2018. More details will be announced in the next issue of Update. 

We are planning a Christmas Evening on Friday 2nd November 2018. There is an article on page 6 with details of a new craft group which will make items for sale on that evening. We would also like to hear from any members of the con-gregation who do any craft work and would like to donate some items which we could sell for Church funds. If you can donate anything, please telephone Helen or speak to any of the Fundraising/Social Committee.       HH.

The F.O.G. Squad

As you will have observed from the photos on the cover we were very lucky with the weather for our Egg Rolling Service. The children performed a short play about the meaning of Easter. Thank you to Mr Graham for letting us use his field. 

We are nearly at the end of the F.O.G Squad session and we finish with our prize giving service on 27th May and then the Picnic on Saturday 9th June. 

Moment for Meditation 

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”. 

(Desmond Tutu)


Welcoming God

You welcome us with your open arms, inspire and guide us, that we never hinder your children from coming to you; and remember that we are all part of your family.

Bring us together as a loving community for all, that we may learn from each other as we walk side by side in faith.

Caring and Compassionate God

We pray and ask you to guide and protect children and young people from that which may restrict them on their journey in life and faith.

We pray for the day when all children in the world can be just that: children. Be with them as they experience the dangers and injustices that are ever present in our world today.

Calling God

You call on us to follow, to serve, to welcome and to share.

We come now to answer your call, to lift our minds and voices to you, and to thank and praise you for all the chil-dren and young people in our churches, communities, country, and world.

We ask that you would walk alongside them and give them courage, strength and wisdom as they face the challenges of life.

Guiding God

As we travel through the year of Young People and beyond, help us to come alongside children and young people to draw closer to you, to answer your call to follow, to serve, to welcome and to share together, through the Holy Spirit.

Creche Rota

May – Newton Church 

6th Marion Palmer, Gillian Sawers 

13th Tom Black, Annetta Anderson 

20th Joanna Stout, Beth Lee-Smith 

27th Joyce Brown, Margaret Easton  

June – Panbride Church 

3rd Dawn Barrowman, Gillian Sawers 

10th Tom Black, Marion Palmer 

17th Joanna Stout, Beth Lee-Smith 

24th Annetta Anderson, Margaret Easton

Dates for Your Diary


13 Sponsored Walk, 2pm, Newton Church 

13-19 Christian Aid Week 

17 Congregational Board, 7:30pm 

20 Holy Communion at 11am, Newton Church, and 3pm in Panbride Hall 

27 FOG Squad Prize Giving Service 



9 FOG Squad Picnic 

10 Strawberry Tea, 2:30-4pm, Manse Gardens 

21 Kirk Session, 7:30pm


John was a well loved and faithful servant to Carnoustie Panbride Church. He was ordained as an Elder in Wellwynd Church Airdrie in 1969 and admitted to the Kirk session of Carnoustie Panbride in 1974.

John’s faith was important to him from his early days of the Youth Fellowship in West Parish church in Airdrie where he formed a group called ‘’the in-betweens’ for youngsters arranging worship services, outings and discos for the group all of which were well attended.

When he came to Carnoustie Panbride John arranged the Egg Rolling service which took place at the Fairy Steps and that continued for many years until the farmer decided the field was to be the permanent location for his bull. He was a member of the Social Committee from its inception and was involved with arranging Car Treasure Hunts and Church BBQs.

After John lost his sight he would still attend church with his faithful dog Yates. John’s faith was a quiet faith but being an elder of the church meant a lot to him and he served his Lord faithfully and diligently.

And it wasn’t only the church which benefited from John’s diligence and resourcefulness—His love of books led to a career in Librarianship. He was chief Librarian of Dundee District Libraries and was described by his colleagues as a truly visionary, creative and innovative chief librarian.

John’s family was also important to him. He was married to Dorothy for over 50 years and they had a daughter Natalie, and only recently a much longed-for grandson Harrison.

Sadly, John’s health deteriorated and he passed away on 17th March. It was apparent by the attendance at both church and crematorium just how fond people were of John and how much respect they had for him and how much he will be missed.

And as a Kirk Session we will miss John too and the part he played within this session. We remain grateful for all the blessing that was in his life and all the many years’ service he gave to his church and to his Lord. And as we mourn his passing, our deepest sympathy goes to Dorothy and to Natalie and we ask God’s comfort upon them.

Needles and Pins Craft Group

A new craft group is starting on Tuesday, 10th April at 2pm in the Session Room at Newton Church. The idea is to make goods for a Christmas Gift Evening being organised for later in the year by the Social and Fundraising Committee. Anyone interested in coming along will be made very welcome. The group hopes to meet up every fortnight until the summer and then restart in the Autumn. If you prefer, you are welcome to make crafts at home for the event. Anyone requiring more information contact Pat Taylor.

Flamingo Cards

Phoenix Cards have risen from the ashes!! They are now trading as Flamingo Cards, many of the same designers and same quality. As in the past, Church funds will get 10% of all sales. I will have Brochures with me at Church or I can deliver a book if that’s easier. You can contact me, Pat Taylor.


This will take place on 30th June. A number of venues are under consideration and more information will be available shortly. The cost will remain the same as last year at £20. Names will be taken in the coming weeks.  

Congregational Register 

Mr Roy Milne 11/2/201

Mrs Anne Sneddon 23/2/2018*

Mrs Janet Borrie 27/2/2018*

Mr John Roberts 26/2/2018

Mr Kenneth Soutar 14/3/2018

Mr John B Ramage 17/3/2018*

Mr Jack Redfern 22/3/2018

Mrs Nan Mackenzie 6/4/2018*

*member of congregation

Panbride Hall

“The Panbride Hall is available to members of the congregation for one off special events or celebrations (subject to certain conditions associated with use) at a discount of 25% against the normal price. There are groups who use the hall regularly so it will be available when not in use which is normally certain days (not nights) during the week and at the weekend. Details and booking form available from the Church Secretary (see Church Directory for contact details).

Flower Calendar


6th Mrs D Blacklaws,

13th Mrs V Nicoll,

20th Mrs D McCallum,

27th Mrs G Manson,


3rd Mrs K Fulton,

10th Mrs S Fleming,

17th Mrs J Jackson,

Mrs S Davison,

24th Mrs M Palmer,


1st TBA

8th Mrs L Ross,

Church Directory

Minister Rev Annette Gordon

Session Clerk Mrs Lyn Ross  

Clerk to Board Mr Walter Ruark

Treasurer Mr W John Winterton  

Gift Aid Mr Stan Beattie

Church Secretary & Rollkeeper Mrs Nicola Keen

(Contact via: secretarypanbride@hotmail.co.uk )

Organist Mrs Marjorie Rennie

Church Officer Mrs Mary Bushnell  

Fabric Convener Mr John Porter

Fund Raising & Social Convener   Mrs Helen Harley

Flower Convener Mrs Eleanor Whamond  

Magazine Convener Mr David Taylor 

Health & Safety Mrs Linda Nicoll

Friendship Circle Mrs Cathie Connor

FOG Squad Team Leader Mrs Alison Stuart

Youth Group JAFFA Mrs Joanna Stout  

Creche Mrs June Black

Safeguarding Co-ordinator   Mrs Linda Nicoll  





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