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Sunday Sermon for 22 May 2022

‘Carnoustie Panbride’ is a single charge consisting of two churches – [intlink id=”newton-church” type=”page”]Newton Church[/intlink] and [intlink id=”panbride-church” type=”page”]Panbride Church[/intlink]. Each of the churches has a long and interesting history which goes as far back as 1147. There have been many changes over the centuries and eventually in 1956 the two congregations agreed to unite.

Newton Church

Newton Church

Panbride Church was the only church in the parish until the Disruption of 1843. In that year 186 members of it ‘came out’ to form a Free Presbyterian Church and erected a wooden church at Westhaven Farm. By 1855 they had built a stone church and by 1858 a manse. In 1900 they became a United Free congregation and in 1929 returned to the fold of the Church of Scotland as Newton Panbride Church.

The two congregations of Panbride Church and Newton Church agreed to link in July 1956 when the Panbride Church minister left. The minister in charge of Newton Panbride was in charge of two congregations, each with it’s own office bearers. After five years the congregations united as the present Carnoustie Panbride Church.

Panbride Church

Panbride Church

Now in 2009 our heritage is two church buildings, the property of one congregation, one minister, and only slightly different parish boundaries to be served.

We hope that you will be able to visit both churches, for both have plenty of historical items of interest. The stained glass windows, memorials, valuable silver communion cups of long ago, all give a feeling for the past life of the kirk.

Times of Worship

Worship is held every Sunday at 11 a.m.. From June to August (inclusive) services are held in the Country Church at Panbride, and from September to May in Newton Church on Arbroath Road at the east end of the town.

You can read more about the life of our church by reading ‘[intlink id=”update-newsletter” type=”page”]Update Newsletter[/intlink]’.

Come visit us!

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